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  1. My wife just dialed into a national zoom meeting from the NEA. 

    For the few minutes I was within earshot I heard the head union lady b1tching about Trump.  She was then starting to b1tch about federal funding and how Shake Shack received money, yada yada yada.  At that point my wife (who hates Trump, btw) left the meeting when she realized it was going to be nothing but complaints and no real info. 


  2. Just now, Meglamaniac said:

    I'm not sure how those services get away with that, I can only tell you that FL has laws/fines for scalping tickets.

    If I'm not mistaken tickets offered on sites like those have to within a certain % of what the original costs is.

    Perhaps it is different in FL, but I can ensure you that prices I've seen for concerts and games definitely don't appear to be capped. 

  3. 1 hour ago, IGotWorms said:

    Is it possible that not every teacher sucks just because you had some bad ones?

    This. Maybe it's my white privilege talking, but I'd say 90% of the teachers I had growing up were top notch.  Same goes with the teachers that our kids had.  Granted the school district was the #1 priority when my wife and I bought our house so maybe we got what we paid for. 

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  4. 8 minutes ago, MDC said:

    Other than dragging the level of discourse into the gutter he’s basically been Mitt Romney. Tax cuts, deregulation, drone strikes, deficit spending, etc.


    You mention "drone strikes" like it's a bad thing.  Did you have a problem with Obama using drones to take out our enemies?  I certainly didn't have a problem with Obama bombing the sh1t out of folks, but that's probably my white privilege talking.