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  1. TD Ryan2

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    Hey look, it’s all teh same rubbas arguing about all teh same here in this lightly trafficked low rent dumpsta- When we storm in’ teh gates of FBG? Oh and you were right back in ‘09 RLLD, the Dynasty is ova’.
  2. doesn't if fock up his whole argument when the poster boy for white rage marries a Brazillian girl?
  3. TD Ryan2

    Magic kingdom

    Have a Magical Day!
  4. wow Lizzy ... this has been going on for a Looooooong time. It's gotta be fockin demoralizing. win the SB again? Go undefeated again? Brady MVP again? maybe undefeated and lose superbowl again? that one's really about the best outcome for non pats fans... but then the history books just keep filling up... it's kinda like they either win a SB or win every focking game of the year but the SB.
  5. TD Ryan2

    Antonio Brown signs with Patriots

    I ain't been here in a while... new look, new bored, new icons... wow... but The Patriots talk is still the same. Nice.
  6. TD Ryan2

    401k Balance by Age

    The problem with 401k's... there are two outcomes: 1. Most people do save enough and 1.5 million dollars just isn't worth what you thought it would be b/c/ everyone has that laying around. 2. Most people don't save enough and with 1.5 million dollars, those who saved are considered "rich" and the tax/income laws are changed to take a much larger portion of that savings for the betterment of society.
  7. TD Ryan2

    Religious guys... How fervent are you?

    not fervent at all... in fact, fervent makes me uncomfortable. as I get older, I ponder "religion" more... I try to understand it, want to understand it because it impacts our world so much... but, like politicians, there isn't really one religion that fits me perfectly - I'm Irish Catholic but respect/appreciate a lot of Buddhist concepts. I guess overall I do believe that there is a shared connectedness or consciousness that all people (and maybe living thins share)... that goodness and good deeds and kindness can easily spread to lift up the larger community and affect people mentally and physically - is that "The Holy Spirit"? I don't know... I'm not even really comfortable typing/saying "The Holy Spirit" because I'm so skeptical of organized religions, and the corruption/manipulation that can come from them. This whole topic reminded me of a video from a youtuber I follow - I admire this guys camera work and story telling - I'm guessing he's Mormon and from Utah and pretty deeply religious - but none of his other videos are religious. I'm guessing this imagery does a pretty good job of depicting a lot of what you're talking about TTBOM.
  8. TD Ryan2

    Happy Football Day- Super Bowl Edition

    wait. wait... so... they're so well trained at committing penalties that the refs don't even know they're committing penalties? that's what you're going with here?
  9. TD Ryan2

    Happy Football Day- Super Bowl Edition

    This was pretty much the same group of NE Defensive Players that couldn't stop anyone last year including Foles. Except Matt Patricia is gone to DET and Hightower was healthy for the SB. Is Hightower that good? Was Patricia that bad? how does essentially the same group of players go from being swiss cheese to the defensive juggernaut that stopped KC and demolished LA?
  10. TD Ryan2

    Happy Football Day- Super Bowl Edition

    Flacco > Brady
  11. TD Ryan2

    Brady has lost IT

    How do you write women so well? I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.
  12. TD Ryan2

    NFL Conference Championships Thread

    4th round RBs. 6th round QBs. not sure why anyone needs a first rounder really.
  13. TD Ryan2

    Brady has lost IT

    I can only imagine the haidsplode if that non-call was for the Pats instead of Rams... that woulda' been fun!