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  1. Me neither, but he is 0-6 and has Hall and Kelce and I want them. You think he is unattainable?
  2. 12-team PPR. The owner of Kelce and Breece Hall is going to find himself at 0-6 at the end of the day tomorrow. We keep 4 players at a 1-round penalty up to 3 times before they are thrown back in the draft pool. What is reasonable 2024 draft compensation to try and get that owner to give up Hall and Kelce? They would cost him his first and 2nd round picks to keep both next season so they aren’t screaming keeper values. Was thinking I’d offer him my 4th and 5th in exchange for his 13th and 14th plus the two players. Is that too weak an offer? This is a newish league and draft pick trading is still being sorted out.
  3. dpbuddha

    Trading draft picks

    I'm trying to figure out how to value draft picks and if there's a good rule or website that any of you trust out there. I have 3x round 4 picks due to trades and I'm trying to package a couple of them for a round 2 pick. There are keepers that are already cluttering up the draft board so it's not a simple calculation, but basically I'm looking to jump up to a place where I could draft the #16 player and #100 player (by ADP) in exchange for giving up ADP #40 and 47. Any resources out there or do I just look at #16 and #100 and see if I like them better than #40 and #47?
  4. dpbuddha

    Blockbuster trade…why am I hesitating?

    As it currently stands in this league, once a guy hits a round 1 value, you can continue to keep him as a round 1 value. I do believe that will change in the next season or two, but my primary concern is giving up Kelce, who is just so far beyond any other TE. Before the trade, my first two picks would be Kelce and then someone like Breece Hall. After the trade my first two picks would be something like Saquon/Lamb and Kupp. Then I just have to resign myself to someone like Waller in the 5th or Njoku in the 7th (based off many mocks with the keepers plugged in for all teams)
  5. With Kelce having such a monster season last year I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger. Talk me into just clicking “accept.” PPR keep 4: My potential keepers: Kelce (1st), Marquis Brown (9th), Etienne (10th), Fields (11th), Pacheco (12th), Akers (16th). I am not really considering Pacheco. I was offered Kupp (2nd round) for Kelce and Pacheco. This is a slam dunk accept, right?
  6. dpbuddha

    pre-draft trading for pics...thoughts?

    Because 48 players can be kept (including Jefferson, Chase, Kupp, Hill, Ekeler), if I were to throw Kelce back in, he would likely go at 1.2...currently the first 5 teams don't have a round 1 keeper and the top available players come draft day look like McCaffrey, Bijan, Diggs, Barkley, Lamb. I would probably be in line for someone like Saquon or Ceedee Lamb if I send Kelce back. I know those guys don't seem super sexy, but everyone gets pushed up due to so many keepers being retained at good values. Not sure if Mahomes will be kept or not in late Round 1...would be nice to figure out how to pair him up with Kelce.
  7. I'm in a PPR league that keeps 4 players with 1-round penalty each year, kept up to 3 years. Lots of guys off the board to start the draft, so currently planning on keeping: (non-snake) 1.6 Kelce 10.6 Etienne 11.6 Fields 16.6 Akers There are 2-3 teams that have 0-1 options for players to keep with any kind of value. I think I can try to entice them to give up draft capital in exchange for these guys: 9.6 Marquis Brown (4 round savings) 12.6 Pacheco (6 round savings...currently) 17.6 Njoku (9 round savings) The teams with slot 3 and 4 both have terrible options. I'm thinking I offer all 3 of these guys and maybe my 8th round pick in exchange for his 2nd round pick. I expect that pick to be Derick Henry, Josh Allen, Jonathan Taylor (if things are still weird), Breece Hall, DK Metcalf. Do you think this is fair? I have basically no experience trading keepers and draft picks.
  8. I’m tempted to drop Brady, but it’s slim pickings. Stick with him this week @ CLE or pivot to either: Pickett at Indy Tannehill vs Cincy Ryan vs Pitt
  9. dpbuddha

    Make this trade with keepers in mind?

    What if I could get Burrows in stead? He could be kept as a round 10 value.
  10. 12-team PPR - Keep 4 - Start QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 2 FLEX, TE. My intended keepers for next season: Marquis Brown in round 9 Etienne in round 10 Njoku in round 17, Pacheco in round 12, or Rondale Moore in round 12 (depends how the rest of this season plays out for these guys) + 1 more guy... I am 3-7. My division leader is only 5-5, but I'm in last in the division so I'd have to do some serious turn-around to get back into this thing. My QBs suck pretty badly and there is a manager who has both Burrow and Fields. I have a 1st round Kelce that this other owner could use. Do I trade away Kelce for Fields (a round 11 keeper and immediate improvement for my QB)?
  11. I feel really good about this trade, but I’ve felt that way before and gotten burned. Non-PPR 1 keeper. I no longer have an amazing keeper value for next year. I gave: Kyler, Etienne ($4 keeper for 1 more year…this is a great value in this league), Pittman, Likely. I get: Mahomes, Jefferson, Njoku, Hubbard. my team now: Mahomes, Fields (start 1) McCaffrey, Mixon, B. Robinson, Hubbard (Start 2) Jefferson, Davis, Cooks, M. Brown, J. Williams(IR) (start 2) Ertz, Njoku (start 1)
  12. TD heavy league. Pittman has been blah, Davis is boom/bust, Cooks is not a TD guy, Brown is out for a while and will have to compete with Hopkins on his return. The Jefferson owner is 2-6. Etienne is a $4 keeper for next season...this would leave me without a great value keeper (only keep 1). Would it be crazy for me to trade Etienne for Jefferson straight up? Would it be crazy NOT to? Last 4 weeks points for Etienne vs Jefferson in our league's scoring format Etienne: 5, 6, 17, 19 Jefferson: 24, 14, 8, 7 My roster: (NO FLEX) Murray, Fields (start 1) McCaffrey, Etienne, Mixon, Robinson Jr (start 2) Pittman, Davis, Cooks, M Brown (IR), Jameson Williams (IR) (start 2) Ertz, Likely (start 1)
  13. dpbuddha

    If CMC gets dealt

    It's working out pretty well for the New York Giants and New York Jets so far this season.
  14. dpbuddha

    If CMC gets dealt

    Buffalo is on bye this week...get this trade done after this weekend and CMC managers don't need to worry about a bye week.
  15. dpbuddha

    Drop Wilson or Goff?

    I can’t believe it’s come to this. I picked up Brady in trade but now roster 3 QBs. I have lost Marquis Brown but he isn’t officially on IR yet so to get a top WW WR I need to drop something. Wilson has been tragic and Goff is about to get St Brown and Jameson Williams. Leaning toward keeping Goff. Thoughts?