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  1. dpbuddha

    Yahoo PPR 12 team Keeper (Pick 3 keepers)

    Without the info provided, I would go Mixon, Chubb, Javonte. Thanks for answering mine earlier.
  2. 12-team PPR - 4 keepers...so lots of quality guys will be off the board from the start. Option A - Giving up my first 3 round picks but having absolute studs Pick 1.08 - McCaffrey Pick 2.08 - Ekeler Pick 3.08 - Josh Allen Pick 17.08 - Akers Option B - Great value and consensus top 2 RB in PPR. Pick 1.08 - McCaffrey Pick 6.08 - Deebo Pick 11.08 - Etienne Pick 17.08 - Akers
  3. PPR - 12-team - Keep 4...I'm debating a trade that will determine whether I keep: Deebo Samuel in the 6th OR Brandin Cooks in the 9th.
  4. dpbuddha

    Who to keep - PPR

    12-team, each team keeps 4. McCaffrey and Taylor will be kept Keep Ekeler at 1.08 OR Etienne at 11.08
  5. dpbuddha

    who to keep?

    It seems Swift is the better value for a 2nd rounder vs Dobbins for a 4th. ADP for Swift in PPR is 13 vs 49 for Dobbins (according to fantasypros.com)
  6. This league was formed last year and we did a snake draft for the initial draft. We keep 4 players each for a 1-round penalty. The draft order is based on the end-of-year tournaments. Top 6 play in champ bracket, bottom 6 are in "lottery" bracket. Team that wins lottery bracket gets 1st pick, etc. Team who wins Champ is last. I had determined that subsequent drafts would be done in a repeating 1-12 order to further incentivize the lower bracket teams to fight it out in the post-season and to give lower-performing teams a boost. I'm not sure having the 1st pick in a snake draft for the 2nd season is very enticing. But now I'm wondering if going 1-12 every round is a bit too much? I have seen where some leagues do 1-12, 1-12, then reverse in round 3 and snake from there on out. My team ended up in the 8 slot, so it's not a big deal to me either way, but the guys who are in the 1-2-3 or 10-11-12 slots have a lot at stake (yes, it's just Fantasy, but you know what I mean). I don't feel that I can leave it up to the league to vote because at this point everyone will have a bias toward whatever benefits their team most. I'm hoping for impartial opinions here to let me know what is the most reasonable/fair route for draft order from here on out.
  7. I will always chose wrong when given two tasty options...so rather than it fall on me, I'll just blame the FFToday community when it all goes to shite. Who do you start in 6-pt TD league this week? No negative points for turnovers. Bonus for long TDs. Herbert @ Kansas CIty. This seems to be the "experts" pick based on projections...but going into Arrowhead makes me super nervous. KC will put up points, Herbert will have to chuck it. But.... Stafford vs Tampa Bay. Stafford too will need to chuck the ball to keep up. Starting RB is likely out, going to need to throw. At least he's at home.
  8. dpbuddha

    First pick overall

    Thread title says "First Overall Pick" In PPR I wouldn't take Henry...stat I heard was that even with his monster season last year he was 4th in PPR...so he would have to duplicate last year's huge stats to get there again and if he's a bit worse...? I would take a pass-catcher and go with CMC.
  9. I've got a new 12-team league starting up this weekend and we are allowed to trade our draft position if we have one that we prefer. In past years, I've really liked being in the 3 or 10 position as I feel I can confidently predict what will happen during the "turn" to help guide my pick approaching the turn and feel good about who is likely to come back 4 picks later. I've never played with most of these guys, so there's no telling what kind of personal preferences are going to cause players to fall into great value picks, which I'm sure there will be some, but I don't have a good grasp on what position in this year's draft would be considered better than the others. This is also my first big PPR league, so I need to keep in mind how that pushes certain players up the board and others down the board. Guy who has #1 spot is open to a trade, but watching 22 guys go between my picks is excruciating. Where do you guys like to draft in general and where do you see the best value this season, if any?
  10. Got a deep bench and an IR spot. I'm sure I'm not the only one in my league thinking about it, but I'd love to grab all 3 of these guys as late-round keepers for next season. Who do you guys think has the most potential for the next few years? I'm leaning Dobbins, but could use some opinions.
  11. I definitely like the "winner's medal" thing and bringing your bling to the next draft. I like setting a cap on keepers...I love draft day and want it to still be fun. Do/have you had any success in keeping people involved when they're doing poorly? Is that just part of being in a dynasty/large keeper league? People will stay involved and plan for the future?
  12. Hey guys...been playing forever, but never started/ran/commish'd a league before. I'm curious what you guys have learned from running leagues or just playing in them that you wish you had implemented from the start (or adjusted at some point to include) in your league. - Best website to host a new league? - 10 team teams are too loaded. I like 12-team leagues. Any arguments? - I'm a strong believer in FAAB, so I think that's going to be included no matter what. $0 bids allowed? re-up your FAAB account for $$? - I have never done a dynasty league but I like the sound of it...I feel like that would really keep people engaged year-round...is this just a big headache? - Trade player for draft picks ok (if we do snake draft)? Trade player for future year auction $ (if we do auction league)? - I also very much like the auction style draft, but not sure how you go about running a dynasty or multi-keeper league in that format...keepers retain their cost? Go up $x? Don't do dynasty and auction? - If I do dynasty, can people retain their entire roster or is there a cap? Does that just become an x-player keeper league? - I feel like dynasty drafts starting in year 2 may be a little lackluster...does this make dynasty leagues less fun/desirable? If dynasty is snake draft, how do you determine order in year 2? Reverse standings? - Keep or get rid of Def/ST? K? I prefer not to use IDP. How many at each position? 2 WR? 3 WR? Flex? Bench Size? - Any punishment or way to ensure participation/enjoyment for the teams that start 0-6 so they don't give up? Weekly payouts? (in my dreams the league picks a tattoo for the loser, loser picks the location...$ for tattoo comes from entry fees) - Any fun payout ideas? Bonus for total points @ year's end? Just based on playoff results? Weekly contests? - Anything else I didn't mention here? Please let me know. Unlikely to get this together for this season, but for some reason I got a wild hair up my a$$ and want to see if this can happen.
  13. I normally wouldn't want multiple passing weapons on one team, but I'm going to be keeping Tyreek as my only keeper for my main league and if I can pull off Mahomes and Kelce without blowing my entire budget, I'm feeling that would be a pretty safe base and very explosive for my fantasy team. Yes, the bye week would suck, but other than that I'd be looking pretty good I feel. Is Kelce a bad move here? Do you guys think a 3 player stack is too much or is this a possible exception?
  14. I’m in a spot. Down some points right now in the ‘ship and not sure what to do here. Have Gaskin and Ahmed. Also have Pollard and Bell. Need one of these to go with Miles Sanders. Any need as to what Miami may look like? I’m leaning toward benching them both and just going with Bell. Stressing!
  15. dpbuddha

    Final All Out Blitz of the season ...

    While I was able to light up the scoreboard this week thanks to my WRs, TE, and QB, my RBs are limping badly and I'm going to need to roll with 1 or two waiver wire guys. Luckily for me, there are a few tasty options out there. What do you recommend? Currently Rostered (Start 2 - limit 4 RBs + 1 IR slot): Miles Sanders, Lynn Bowden, Mixon (IR), Ronald Jones (IR), Myles Gaskin (IR). I'm not sure who will still be on IR come game-day, but I'm assuming Mixon is being held out for the rest of the year. Waivers run tomorrow, so I'm thinking that I need to drop Bowden and Mixon and pick up 2 of these guys and make final starting choices come gametime. Would love to see how you have them ranked. Here's how I rank them for pickup priority: Le'Veon Bell (Pretty sure Edwards-Helaire is out, so it's the Bell show?) Tony Pollard (Would have him higher, but I'm feeling like Zeke has a good chance of playing?) Salvon Ahmed (Wow...kid went off, but does Gaskin come back in time to make it a muddled mess?) Benny Snell Thank you, The Buddha