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  1. I’m tempted to drop Brady, but it’s slim pickings. Stick with him this week @ CLE or pivot to either: Pickett at Indy Tannehill vs Cincy Ryan vs Pitt
  2. dpbuddha

    Make this trade with keepers in mind?

    What if I could get Burrows in stead? He could be kept as a round 10 value.
  3. 12-team PPR - Keep 4 - Start QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 2 FLEX, TE. My intended keepers for next season: Marquis Brown in round 9 Etienne in round 10 Njoku in round 17, Pacheco in round 12, or Rondale Moore in round 12 (depends how the rest of this season plays out for these guys) + 1 more guy... I am 3-7. My division leader is only 5-5, but I'm in last in the division so I'd have to do some serious turn-around to get back into this thing. My QBs suck pretty badly and there is a manager who has both Burrow and Fields. I have a 1st round Kelce that this other owner could use. Do I trade away Kelce for Fields (a round 11 keeper and immediate improvement for my QB)?
  4. I feel really good about this trade, but I’ve felt that way before and gotten burned. Non-PPR 1 keeper. I no longer have an amazing keeper value for next year. I gave: Kyler, Etienne ($4 keeper for 1 more year…this is a great value in this league), Pittman, Likely. I get: Mahomes, Jefferson, Njoku, Hubbard. my team now: Mahomes, Fields (start 1) McCaffrey, Mixon, B. Robinson, Hubbard (Start 2) Jefferson, Davis, Cooks, M. Brown, J. Williams(IR) (start 2) Ertz, Njoku (start 1)
  5. TD heavy league. Pittman has been blah, Davis is boom/bust, Cooks is not a TD guy, Brown is out for a while and will have to compete with Hopkins on his return. The Jefferson owner is 2-6. Etienne is a $4 keeper for next season...this would leave me without a great value keeper (only keep 1). Would it be crazy for me to trade Etienne for Jefferson straight up? Would it be crazy NOT to? Last 4 weeks points for Etienne vs Jefferson in our league's scoring format Etienne: 5, 6, 17, 19 Jefferson: 24, 14, 8, 7 My roster: (NO FLEX) Murray, Fields (start 1) McCaffrey, Etienne, Mixon, Robinson Jr (start 2) Pittman, Davis, Cooks, M Brown (IR), Jameson Williams (IR) (start 2) Ertz, Likely (start 1)
  6. dpbuddha

    If CMC gets dealt

    It's working out pretty well for the New York Giants and New York Jets so far this season.
  7. dpbuddha

    If CMC gets dealt

    Buffalo is on bye this week...get this trade done after this weekend and CMC managers don't need to worry about a bye week.
  8. dpbuddha

    Drop Wilson or Goff?

    I can’t believe it’s come to this. I picked up Brady in trade but now roster 3 QBs. I have lost Marquis Brown but he isn’t officially on IR yet so to get a top WW WR I need to drop something. Wilson has been tragic and Goff is about to get St Brown and Jameson Williams. Leaning toward keeping Goff. Thoughts?
  9. I traded for Brady…and then he dropped a deuce this week.
  10. I am notorious (in my mind) for picking the wrong players in my starting lineup and watching my bench guys out-play them. So help me out guys with this last spot. PPR scoring, bonus at 100 yards. Who do you start? Etienne @ Indy DJ Moore @ LAR Njoku vs NE (I can't believe I'm considering a TE in flex, but it's a good matchup, he's been good lately and I have Kelce) Edmonds vs Minn (would ONLY consider if Mostert is out...and even then, not likely)
  11. PPR - start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX. QB- Brady (just acquired by trade), R Wilson, Goff RB - Najee, Etienne, Akers, Eno, Edmonds, R. White WR - M Brown, Godwin, Meyers, DJ Moore, Cooks, Palmer TE - Kelce, Njoku I was high on Palmer, that hasn't panned out even with Keenan Allen missing time, so I'm leaning toward ditching him, but in a PPR league where you can start 4 WRs, having only 5 rostered makes me uncomfortable for some reason. I really like Rashaad White and his potential if Fournette goes down, and I intend to start Eno this week, so not really keen on dropping him. Is Edmonds just a lost cause? Yeah, I won the TE lottery with Kelce, but Njoku has been great and may even be flex worthy. Bye week's coming for Kelce in week 8, and someone will pick up Njoku if I drop him. And QB...I drafted Wilson and really thought he was going to be great. Goff had a few big games so I picked him up. Now Goff on bye after a terrible game in week 5, Russ sucking, picked up Brady. Kinda like having all 3. Sigh. Help.
  12. Looking around the league, I just don't think people are going to be willing to part with anything better. I guess my goal here isn't just to improve my RB but also my QB. So is Najee a starter on my team every week? Is Brady a solid upgrade over Wilson and Goff? Can I absorb the loss of AJ Brown with my current WR depth? Other options...trade Kelce (gulp!) for a top end RB? Njoku is looking pretty good right now as my backup.
  13. I have gone back and forth with another owner on some ideas. He wants my AJ Brown...hard to give him up, but Russell Wilson is making me feel like I need to make a change. WW is stripped and I have Goff as my backup (on bye this week anyway). Do we think Najee has anything left? Is Brady a big enough upgrade to justify letting AJ Brown go? PPR league, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 flex, 1 TE. Bonus at 300 pass, 100 rush, 100 receiving thresholds. My next idea to propose to my league mate: I give AJ Brown, I get Brady and Najee. (He has proposed 1: AJ Brown for Cousins & Najee....or 2: Godwin & M. Brown for Cousins & Najee) Current Roster Wilson, Goff Akers, Etienne, Edmonds, R. White, E. Benjamin AJ Brown, M. Brown, Cooks, Meyers, Godwin, DJ Moore, Palmer Kelce, Njoku
  14. dpbuddha

    Gotta drop an RB or make a trade. Help!

    Ok here's where I'm at. I have been shopping trades and may have a guy who would Give me Mixon for Pierce and Stevenson. He's going to get back to me, but I feel this is a fair trade and one that gets me the best player in the swap. I'm looking at it like I give up Pierce and Stevenson and I get Mixon and Brian Robinson. It gives me McCaffrey, Mixon, Robinson, and Etienne.
  15. Non-PPR, 12-team league, ROSTERS ARE HIGHLY RESTRICTED. Must roster 4 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, etc...No more, no less at each position. 1 IR...can be any position. Looking at my roster, what do you think? I have at QB: Kyler, Goff I have at RB: McCaffrey, Pierce, Etienne, Rhamondre. On IR: Brian Robinson I have at WR: Pittman, G Davis, Cooks, Marquis. I have at TE: Ertz, Irv Any day Robinson can be activated from IR and I would be forced to make a roster move. The general consensus is it could be this week, which means there's no time to waste here. This league is historically very stingy when it comes to trades...it will be difficult to pull off. I have already floated 3 out there and all were rejected. My options as I see them: 1) Drop Etienne, Rhamondre, or Robinson when he comes off IR (There are only about 50 RBs rostered at any given time (4/team and maybe 2 on IR), so WW RBs are possible to find sometimes...who would you drop? 2) Trade 2 RB for 1 better RB from someone else. This would likely require sending Pierce/Rhamondre. 3) Trade 1 RB and 1 TE/WR for 1 better TE/WR from someone else. This would likely require sending Pierce/Brown.