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  1. gcmmidwest

    Super Bowl LVIII: Chiefs vs. 49ers

    U know Travis is shooting goo up in there
  2. gcmmidwest

    No Need To Watch Today - The Fix Is In

    What a wetodd
  3. gcmmidwest

    Top 5 Fantasy Football WRs for 2024

    He ain't got it no more
  4. gcmmidwest

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  5. gcmmidwest

    Week 16 All-Out Blitz (2023) ...

    Doug .. Shakir or kj Osborn this week ?
  6. gcmmidwest

    ACL injury

    Yup jets couldn't even take advantage of Tyreek sitting out
  7. gcmmidwest

    ACL injury

    back at practice
  8. gcmmidwest

    Trevor Lawrence isn't that good

    Tlaw is on a shitty team with no wr's ....put him on the 49ers he's way better then purdy
  9. gcmmidwest

    MNF Discussion: Broncos at Bills - Wk10

    Looked good to me
  10. gcmmidwest

    Keaton Mitchell hype train...

    Trains derailed
  11. gcmmidwest

    Daniel Jones ACL

    Superflex 2 QB league ...and I'm using my #1 waiver
  12. gcmmidwest

    Daniel Jones ACL

    Picking up devito
  13. gcmmidwest

    Keaton Mitchell hype train...

    A must add
  14. gcmmidwest

    Keaton Mitchell hype train...

    Choo Choo
  15. gcmmidwest

    WR Scoop and Play

    Derius Davis ...palmer is out