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  1. gcmmidwest

    Ezekiel Elliott

    I got served the pipe from zeke should of left him on the bench ...he's my weak link ...hoping Jeff Wilson Jr. Comes off ir this week
  2. gcmmidwest

    SNF Discussion: Chiefs at Jets

    Dalvin Cook please have a good game
  3. gcmmidwest

    Ezekiel Elliott

    They will have no answer for ceedee lamb
  4. gcmmidwest

    Ezekiel Elliott

    Good analysis thax ray
  5. gcmmidwest

    Ezekiel Elliott

    I tried to avoid him but regardless ended up with him ...any chance fat boy has a good game against his former cowboys
  6. gcmmidwest

    Week 4 waiver wire adds

    I like Herbert a he's a good quarterback and just lost Mike Williams for the year besides Allen sombody needs to step up ...I like endzone targets....its just he's built like a glass joe
  7. gcmmidwest

    Week 4 waiver wire adds

    At 6'8" Herbert may make Parham a star if he can stay healthy
  8. gcmmidwest

    Da Bears

    Bears will never be good with Fields....ok nothing to see here
  9. gcmmidwest

    Week 4 waiver wire adds

    B young is not ready for the NFL Dalton looked crisp
  10. gcmmidwest

    SNF Discussion: Steelers at Raiders

    Still scratching my head why they kicked a fg when your down by 8
  11. gcmmidwest

    Week 3 Injuries

    Twitter doctor said possible acl mcl tear smh
  12. gcmmidwest

    Week 3 Injuries

    I here to report another injury.. .justin fields ego got hurt ....he just sucks
  13. gcmmidwest

    Week 3 Injuries

    I like palmer
  14. gcmmidwest

    Week 3 Injuries

    Palmer impressed me last year
  15. gcmmidwest

    Week 3 Injuries

    Mike Williams out with leg injury 🥺