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  1. gcmmidwest

    waiting to breakout

    I've seen people run thru the dolphins like water in my hands
  2. gcmmidwest

    waiting to breakout

    randall cobb will break out only owned 28% been watching him and prescott has developed a trust & with gallop out 2-4 weeks cobb will get more action i'm benching woods this week this since the cowboys are playing the fins
  3. gcmmidwest

    Week 2 Waiver Wire!!

    wasting my #1 ww on rudolph
  4. gcmmidwest

    Drew Brees Thumb Injury - Out 6 Weeks

    me to whos better rudolf or teddy?
  5. E. Engram @dallas or D.Waller@philly
  6. gcmmidwest

    Antonio Brown is World Class Con artist

    he's like owning a dog that doesn't come when you call him ,pisses and shits all over the house,barks for no apparent reason....He's on his way to the pound
  7. gcmmidwest

    Ellington to finally get GL carries...

    maybe he can crawl under there legs cuz he sure aint gonna move no piles
  8. you just dont understand football period...................................
  9. gcmmidwest

    Where would you put Knile Davis' Value Right now?

    bye week replacement
  10. gcmmidwest

    Who's your top 5 QB's of all time?

    Dan fouts Bradshaw Elway Marino Manning
  11. gcmmidwest

    Richard Sherman vs Peyton Manning

    sherman will be on demaryius which i don't think he can cover
  12. gcmmidwest


    hope the 49ers come to play to day ..i wanna see a match up not a miss match
  13. gcmmidwest


    kurt warner just answered it on nfl network ..,he said it was a audible with a dummy snap count to see what the defense is going to do so he can get an advantage on the defense.
  14. gcmmidwest


    does anybody know why peyton & Eli say omaha so much ? does it have any meaning ? i personally think it has something to do with the snap count ?
  15. gcmmidwest

    Shanahan gets boot

    i agree with pooh ...,i just like him for calling albert haynesworth a turd on national tv