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  1. gcmmidwest

    Little help pick one

  2. gcmmidwest

    Little help pick one

    No I'm just scared of Tampa's Defense
  3. gcmmidwest

    Little help pick one

    Non ppr slim pickens in my 14 team league ,need to start one out of all these TE J. Smith (Q) WR AJ GREEN WR A LAZARD WR KJ OSBORN RB J. WHITE RB D. JOHNSON RB M. DAVIS thank you for your insight leaning towards osborn thinking vikings play catch up and have to air it out
  4. gcmmidwest

    Bold Prediction

    Hope this helps with your mental health and low self esteem
  5. gcmmidwest

    Bold Prediction

    Yeah that sucks i think its a contract dispute
  6. gcmmidwest

    Bold Prediction

    He's still on the practice squad but they said today there's a good chance he's playing ,and bell has beef with Reid
  7. gcmmidwest

    Bold Prediction

    Le'veon Bell plays Sunday nite and gets his payback to Andy Reid, and for all you that thinks he's washed you'll see I watched him when he was with the jets the oline got blown up every time
  8. gcmmidwest

    Don't forget AJ Green

    I benched Samuel for Green I'mma wetodd
  9. gcmmidwest

    It's Bold Prediction Time

    Aj Green will have monster stats and people will be running to the waiver to grab lazard
  10. gcmmidwest

    Gus Edwards injury?

    As soon as they figure out how much they will be paying Bell he will be the premier Back
  11. gcmmidwest

    Gus Edwards injury?

    Time to ring the Bell
  12. gcmmidwest

    Gus Edwards injury?

    I dont even know why I waste my time reading garbage posts
  13. gcmmidwest

    Don't forget AJ Green

    Awww axey need sum attention 2day
  14. gcmmidwest

    Don't forget AJ Green

    Owned 33% starting 1% what is everybody taking a wait and see approach? Was gonna start him over m Gordon??? Hopkins is gonna get the attention turning sure hand 2tall cheetah all the work
  15. gcmmidwest

    Was AxeElf Right?

    Axe elf spelling bee champ talks a good game knows a lot about football ,but any given Sunday who knows anything could happen ..,he couldn't get a girl if he was in Mexico with lots of cash ,but other then that he's alright he's his biggest fan