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  1. Candygram4Mongo

    FA TE for week #6

  2. Candygram4Mongo

    Qb ROS

    I lean Herbert just a bit. There tend to be more shootouts in the AFC West than the NFC North. I looked at their strength of schedule; in week 15 Cousins faces the Rams, who are legit tough on D, while Herbert sees the Broncos D, who might not be as good as they've looked playing some lesser opponents so far.
  3. Candygram4Mongo

    Trade Najee for Diggs?

    I am WR needy in a Half PPR 12-team redraft league. My WRs are ARob, Woods, and Golliday. I might have potential value on IR with Bateman, Jeudy and Michael Thomas. I’ve been offered Diggs for my Najee Harris, by a RB needy team. Diggs would give me that stud WR with a very good floor who can hammer opponents on any week. My RBs are AJones, Latavius, Damien Harris, AJDillon, McKissic, Alex Collins and Najee. I know I would be left with weak depth behind AJones, but RBs emerge from virtually nowhere every year. thoughts? w h i r
  4. Candygram4Mongo

    TE Roulette

    Same boat. I started Gerald Everett for 3 weeks. Two usable, one dud. Then he’s in covid protocol. Considered the dreck FAs available. Conklin, Fisker, Ertz, Schultz, Kmet, Dissly among others. (While mulling this over during the week, Uzomah goes off vs the Jags. That was a joy.) I settled on Schultz, after looking at routes run and all that. His catch % is practically perfect, which is nice. Panthers D has looked good, but I see the game as a high scoring one, Schultz has gotten steady targets, so maybe he finds the end zone. Analytics folks warn against chasing Conklin’s points from last week. A statistical fluke, they say, won’t happen again. I think Ertz might make me wish I went with him. KC D is gentle, but the day could go to Goedert. Or not. All options are far from ideal, not even close to fine actually. I wish you all luck on this journey through the Tight End Wasteland, and look forward to continuing our conversation on this thread next week and beyond.
  5. Candygram4Mongo

    Tight End Desperation

    I’m a mess with Gerald Everett as my only tight end. My WRs are ARob, Woods, RMoore and Golliday I have Rashad Bateman and Jerry Jeudy on IR. Would Jeudy or Bateman get me Tonyan (owner also has Andrews) or Logan Thomas (owner has Kelce)? Or would my offer be insulting? w h i r
  6. Candygram4Mongo

    Axe Elf Guides Your Draft

    Axe- insightful and helpful as always. I have the 8th pick in my league, and I’ve eschewed picking a TE until later rounds for the reasons you’ve described, relating to the opportunity cost that weakens the RB & WR positions. The consensus seems to be that beyond Andrews, Hock and Pitts, TE will be a poop parade of high variable, low production shots in the dark. I’ve got Tonyan as a target in the 8-10 range, then there’s unsure candidates like Higbee, Gronk and Trautman. My question to you is, if you are waiting on TE, which later round guys do you see being capable of providing a fair level of production for a team strong at WR and RB positions?
  7. Candygram4Mongo

    Everything week 16 Championship game.

    Started 1-5. Won 8 of 9 since. At QB I have Brady and Hurts to choose from. Starting Brady worked out last week. Him vs the Lions D is enticing. Folks are Gaga over Hurts, but it’s tough to depend on him based off 2 games.
  8. Candygram4Mongo

    Jonnu Smith

    Jonnu practiced in full today. Titans beat writer posits that Wednesday was a "rest day". https://titanswire.usatoday.com/lists/tennessee-titans-minnesota-vikings-injury-report-thursday-week-3/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=NFLdraftmaverickKailaMike Now to decide if I stick with Jonnu or go with Gesicki.
  9. Candygram4Mongo

    How much FAAB on Hines .5 PPR

    I've got a similar stable of RB's. Drake, Akers, Lindsay, Cohen, Kelley. I dropped Hines last week for Kelley. No regrets for that really, but I am going to try to reacquire Hines. The owners in my long time are pretty conservative. FAAB bids over 30% are rare. I'm bidding 32 on Hines, and 8-10 on Brown. Between Hines, Kelley and the Rams' RBs, hopefully I score a hit. But that's my league. It helps to know your opponents' tendencies.
  10. Candygram4Mongo

    Which RB to add?

    12 team PPR. I drafted Nyheim Hines of the Colts near the end of my draft. There's the idea floating around that with his receiving skills, he could take on a bit of an Austin Ekeler role for Phillip Rivers. I'm trying to get a jump on an RB who will be a hot waiver add next week. On the wire are the following guys: Chris Thompson: He's got to see action in what should be a pass happy Jags offense. But he's made of glass. Joshua Kelley: He's impressed in camp, and seems the favorite to get a whole lot of vacated carries for the Chargers. He may have a good ceiling, but he's a long shot. Malcom Brown: He's getting the start Sunday against Dallas, but Akers is believed to be the guy to own long term. (Akers is my RB2) Chase Edmonds: As a Kenyon Drake owner, he is the clear handcuff. But carrying a handcuff seriously hampers roster management, which is crucial to building a good team. Thoughts?
  11. Candygram4Mongo

    Jackson vs Patriots DST

    Belichick is known for creating customized defensive schemes every week to counter the strengths of whatever team he's facing. It kills me that no coach has been able to play this game with Bill and win. If he's the high quality coach people seem to think he is, Harbaugh should've had his coaching minions developing a killer game plan for this game since June. For the record, I'm starting Jackson. Roster is tight with bye weeks, so picking up a sub streamer is not a realistic option. Go Ravens.
  12. Candygram4Mongo

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    1.8 Randy Moss WR OAK 2.3 Corey Dillon RB CIN 3.8 Torry Holt WR STL 4.3 Trent Green QB KC 5.8 Chris Brown RB TEN 6.3 Drew Bennett WR TEN 7.8 Adam Vinatieri K NE 8.3 Jermaine Wiggins TE MIN 9.8 NYJ DST 10.3 Drew Brees QB SD 11.8 Derrick Mason WR BAL 12.3 Eddie Kennison WR KC 13.8 Marshall Faulk RB STL 14.3 Daniel Graham TE NE 5-9 What the hell was I doing?
  13. Candygram4Mongo

    waiting to breakout

    I’m pretty sure yahoo let’s you add Thursday Night players until the game ends. Then they’re locked through waivers next week. Im agonizing over dropping MVS, or Mecole, or even Malcolm Brown for Chark. The idea of dropping a guy from a big offense for a guy from the Jacksonville offense is jarring.
  14. Candygram4Mongo

    Week 1 Waiver Wire Targets

    Having a hard time deciding between Malcolm Brown and Chris Thompson. Thompson has a reliable role in that offense, that when behind (which will likely be often) will throw the ball his way a lot. Biggest concern is his durability. Brown is in the juggernaut offense, but I could see his use fluctuating greatly week to week. Huge upside if Gurley misses time. Gio Bernard is less exciting, kind of a blend of these two guys, catching the ball and offering three down ability. If Mixon were out a few weeks, he'd be above these two. But it sounds like Mixon will go this week. Then there's Carlos Hyde, who looks like he has a role in that Texans offense. He doesn't offer the upside, but might be a reliable spot play through the whole season.
  15. Candygram4Mongo

    Flex start

    Lockett. Big big upside, should have decent floor.