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  1. Candygram4Mongo

    Week 1 Waiver Wire Targets

    Having a hard time deciding between Malcolm Brown and Chris Thompson. Thompson has a reliable role in that offense, that when behind (which will likely be often) will throw the ball his way a lot. Biggest concern is his durability. Brown is in the juggernaut offense, but I could see his use fluctuating greatly week to week. Huge upside if Gurley misses time. Gio Bernard is less exciting, kind of a blend of these two guys, catching the ball and offering three down ability. If Mixon were out a few weeks, he'd be above these two. But it sounds like Mixon will go this week. Then there's Carlos Hyde, who looks like he has a role in that Texans offense. He doesn't offer the upside, but might be a reliable spot play through the whole season.
  2. Candygram4Mongo

    Flex start

    Lockett. Big big upside, should have decent floor.
  3. Candygram4Mongo

    Drop Darwin for Waller?

    12 team, half ppr, start 2rb, 2wr, te and a w/r/t flex spot. RBs: AJones, Sony, MSanders, Ekeler, JHill, Darwin T WRs: Nuk, Tyreek, MVS, DJax TE: HHenry I am irrationally holding onto the idea that Darwin will have a value down the line in a fruitful KC offense. Waller is on the wire. AB is out of OAK. DCarr and Gruden have histories of supporting TEs, and Waller will have opportunity to have an outsize share of targets in what looks to be a small potatoes offense. Could emerge as a starter, if his supporters are 80% correct. Also available: Dare O(TB), Gore, DKMetcalf, , Herndon Just looking to add someone before kickoff who will be a hot waiver guy Monday what moves would you make?
  4. Candygram4Mongo

    Best Ball Draft Strategy

    For those who play best ball, do you draft 2 or 3 quarterbacks? In the past, I've drafted a third, usually in the last round or two, as insurance in case one of my other guys gets injured. I'm thinking that the draft capital, even in rounds 19-20, is better spent on a lottery ticket W/R/T who may have blow up weeks at some point. This year, its guys like WRs Preston Williams, Randall Cobb, RBs Gus Edwards, Benny Snell, and TEs Matt LaCosse & Gerald Everett. I'm thinking it's better to grab one of those one in a hundred chance guys than QBs like Dalton, Mariota, Flacco & Foles. Thoughts?
  5. Candygram4Mongo

    Best song opening

    Touch Too Much -AC/DC Sweet Jane -Lou Reed (live)
  6. Would anyone be interested in Composite Team Photos of their championship teams? My signature below shows one of these images I put together a couple of years ago. PM me if interested.
  7. Candygram4Mongo

    1/2 point PPR Flex #2

    Unfortunately, I don't think either of those guys are reliably "high ceiling". But I'd go with the guy on the team that scores 30+ points/game. Mack probably has a higher floor, but Kupp has better odds of getting those 2TDs that would give you a good ceiling.
  8. Candygram4Mongo

    Trade Cooks for TColeman? w h i r

    So he countered with this: I give Hopkins/Collins. I get Coleman/Baldwin. No. Hopkins is the only elite in this equation, and Baldwin is eternally questionable. What do you think of giving Cooks straight up for Lindsey?
  9. Candygram4Mongo

    Trade for Gronk replacement WHIR

    I like the AP move. He's been a warrior god in the trenches, but between the o-line issues and his age, every week is a gamble. Olsen is balling. White should be your playoff RB1. Use the rest based on matchups for RB3 with upside. Thanks for mine. (there's an update in my thread if you have a minute)
  10. Candygram4Mongo

    Trade Cooks for TColeman? w h i r

    For me, Hopkins and MT are untouchable. The first offer I put out was Cooks/Barber for Coleman/Cobb. I think he'll reject that, but hopefully he counters. If he comes back for Lindsay for Cooks, I don't think I would go for it. I would pair any of Barber, Thompson or Richard with Cooks to get Coleman.
  11. Candygram4Mongo

    Trade Cooks for TColeman? w h i r

    2 RB 2 WR 1 RB/WR Flex
  12. Candygram4Mongo

    Trade Cooks for TColeman? w h i r

    12 Team. Half ppr, Me: WRs: Hopkins, MT, Boyd, Cooks RBs: Mixon, Collins, Barber, CThompson, McGuire 7-2 Him: WRs: AJGreen, Baldwin, Ridley, Goodwin, Cobb RBs: Barkley, AP, PLinsey, TColeman 5-4 I could offer straight up 1-for-1, or throw in an RB2 for WR2 to alleviate position depth for both teams. Thoughts?
  13. Candygram4Mongo

    Dion Lewis RB#11 ROS?

    Finally dropped him this week for J Richard. I felt fine about it until my buddy snatched him up. Now I'm tilting slightly. I may have to get a Dion voodoo doll.
  14. Candygram4Mongo

    ROS QB Pick one

    Winston. http://www.fftoday.com/stats/fantasystats.php?Season=2018&GameWeek=Season&PosID=10&Side=Scored ^Jameis shares that ranking with Fitz, but it's clear TB CS will pass pass pass. Playoff sked is tough, but Stafford's is little better.
  15. Candygram4Mongo

    RB3s with Upside

    With Hyde traded to the Jags, and Marshawn looking like he's at best out for 4-6 weeks, if not IR, there's a bunch of shuffling going on among fringe RBs that have been floating in that area where players get added or dropped by a few teams, but don't maintain a rosterable value- til now. Chubb was likely already rostered or scooped up, so these are the guys left on the wire in most of my leagues. How do you rank these guys, not just for this week, but going forward? Duke Johnson: Poorly utilized through 6 weeks, failing to live up to draft position. Now he's sharing the backfield with Chubb. Upcoming schedule shapes up very nicely, with defenses that surrender big points to running backs and offenses that will keep the Browns throwing, as they try to keep up. Doug Martin: The hamster was brought in as part of Gruden's mad experiment in Oakland. Its hard to find anyone that has much optimism about Martin's chances of being anything beyond 40-60 yards a game, with maybe an occasional TD and no targets in the pass game. He's got the meh floor with practically no upside. Jalen Richard: He's been rosterable and possibly startable in deep ppr leagues. He's been averaging 5-7 targets and has shown flashes of brilliance. Many are not convinced that Doug Martin will maintain a hold on his position as starter, so maybe Richard becomes gets major touches down the stretch. Peyton Barber: He's been floating on a few waiver wires here and there. After five weeks of ugly results in a pass first/pass second offense, he finally broke through for a big game as Jameis WInston returned to take the reins as TB QB. The question is, was this a fluke, or is this an indication of how the run game might go with Winston directing the offense? Ito Smith: Will he be able to muscle carries away from Tevin Coleman now that DFreeman is out of the picture in Atlanta? Frank Gore: Ageless wonder is epitome of grit in Miami. Coaching staff remains fully committed to feeding Gore the ball 12-14 times a game, and he rewards with decent yardage. Marlon Mack: Its a serious RBBC in Indy. Will Mack be able to finally get control of the Indy ground game? Dion Lewis: He reporttedly exists in the black hole of mystery that is the Titans offense. He gets a few touches, a few catches, but has avoided any contact with the end zone so far this season. ARe there indications that this might change anytime soon?