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  1. purplengold47

    1st place in your league ???

    2qb league half ppr, the guy in our league is 1st place and he is 11-0, he got burrow, dak, geno, hill, godwin, jacobs and kelce as his main players.
  2. purplengold47

    Your worst draft pick ?

    Herbert and Brady in rd 1 and 2, two QB league, followed by swift, javonte and akers, now im sitting at 2-7.
  3. purplengold47

    I just wanna thank...

    Burrow and Chase for winning me a championship, these 2 are just electric and will be a problem to a lot of teams for years to come. It's been 7 yrs since I won my last chip but this one was special, thanks to those two.
  4. purplengold47

    Week 16 Thank You

    Thank you Burrow, over 500 yards and 4 TD, what an epic day to have that performance, now im guaranteed $1k.
  5. purplengold47

    Should I bench Zeke for pollard since they clinched?

    Yeah i stayed put, whew!
  6. purplengold47

    Should I bench Zeke for pollard since they clinched?

    I think they still want either no 1 or no 2 seed right?
  7. Im only leading by 10pts non ppr and i only got zeke/pollard left and he got waddle.
  8. purplengold47

    M. Evans - if out Wk 16, then ..

    He's on the covid list.
  9. purplengold47

    Thank you Week 15

    My MVP = Kupppppp!
  10. purplengold47

    Ravens vs Steelers ending

    It was an epic call, it's just lamar's accuracy is not that good. Andrews was wide open, he should've put more air on the ball.
  11. purplengold47

    Ravens vs Steelers ending

    What a game! Much respect for Harbaugh for going for 2 and end the game. I wish more coaches got the balls to do that.
  12. purplengold47

    The Official Week 10 FU Thread

    FU Russell Wilson, I was 80% to win before you start and u lay an egg u POS. Now I'm 80% chance to lose, smh.
  13. purplengold47

    Top Bust of 21

    Can't believe nobody mentioned Barkley and Ridley. Those guys went the first 2 rounds.
  14. purplengold47

    Nico Collins breakout game week 9

    With houston offense in that division? No thanks.
  15. purplengold47

    Who is the crappiest person who have to play this week ?

    Edmonds or gaskin for me, both trash non ppr.