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  1. purplengold47

    Jaret Patterson

    How good is he, is he worth burning a waiver for him?
  2. purplengold47

    Buy low WRs (week 6)

  3. purplengold47

    QB - it's killing me

    If youre looking to start a qb this week, I will start heinecke against kc swiss cheese def. Darnold and Wentz a decent start too.
  4. purplengold47

    Saquon Barkley carted off...

    Made of glass, never ever draft list.
  5. purplengold47

    Julio Jones-rosterable?

    Never draft list
  6. purplengold47

    Wilson’s finger

    just picked up Darnold.
  7. purplengold47

    Derrick Henry

    just a matter of time, 3 yrs ago same thing happened to mccaffrey, look at him the last 2 yrs, always injured.
  8. purplengold47

    Carson and A.Collins question

    No you did not! you're benching patty? cmon man!!!
  9. purplengold47

    Both AJ and Julio may sit

    Im soo confused with this thread
  10. I know our projections here are based on PPR, I use fantasy pros sometimes but I'm curious what do you guys use and have some success with it?
  11. purplengold47

    Justin Fields to start Week 3

    They mad , Justin fields fanboy.
  12. purplengold47

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 3

    I need 2pts from Zeke tonight, I mean if he can't get 2pts, might as well hang myself.
  13. purplengold47

    Justin Fields to start Week 3

    called it!!!
  14. purplengold47

    Am I crazy to bench Monty?

    That's exactly what i think, Browns will stack the box and let Fields beat them. It's his 1st career start. If we will start him, the only hope is to get to the 3yd line, even then Cleve goal line package is no joke.
  15. purplengold47

    Am I crazy to bench Monty?

    Cleveland is giving up 3ypc and no rb has rush more than 43 yards. I think I'll be called "crazy" today. I might just start pollard or even edmonds.