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  1. purplengold47

    I finally dropped _____ and it feels great

    Damnn u guys dropped howard just now? I dropped him in week 3 when i realized that Arians offense never feature a TE.
  2. Short week with that mystery injury, should u guys be worried that Gurley might only play for a little bit or or even sit out this game tonight??
  3. purplengold47

    What's everyone need to win tonight

    Need exactly 10pts from juju to go 4-0 in my league and still be undefeated. I feel like 50/50 chance he'll get there.
  4. purplengold47

    Gambling Thread

    2-1 last week BIG PLAY - Rams -9.5 Tennessee ML NYG -3 Miami +14.5
  5. purplengold47

    Gonna bench Cam for Allen

    Im also starting allen over goff, i think he'll have a big game, first home game of the season.
  6. purplengold47

    OJ Howard owners: what's your plan?

    Dropped him and picked up witten, i dont see any changes with that offense featuring him. He'll be very inconsistent.
  7. purplengold47

    Damian Williams update?

    Axe, just curious. Is this your first year playing fantasy football?
  8. purplengold47

    Damian Williams update?

    It's look like he's diagnosed with only a knee contusion, more info coming on thurs or fri. I'm using my waiver to pick up thompson just in case. I don't believe mccoy will last 6 games anyway.
  9. purplengold47

    Week 2 Waiver Wire!!

    Slim pickings Demarcus Robinson Jaylen samuels Dalton Bridgewater Dissly Darwin thompson Devin smith Tampa bay def Det def
  10. purplengold47

    What is your favorite play in football?

    Hail mary, also fake fg or punt. It's a thing of beauty when it works.
  11. purplengold47

    Gambling Thread

    What do u mean wrong? Won my Big bet with colts +7. Won Tennessee in a blowout and det blew an 18pt lead in the 4th qtr. The only loss imo was pitt. Other than that, it was a good day. Having said that, here's my plays tomorrow. SF +1.5 Det +3 Pitt -4
  12. purplengold47

    College Football Betting - Week 2

    Gtech -6.5 Clemson -17 Usc -3
  13. purplengold47

    Who is the best WR in the league right now?

    Nope! DHop, this guy is qb proof, look at his numbers even without Watson at qb. Ab benefitted from big ben and steelers system. He's good but not as good as Dhop.
  14. purplengold47

    Gambling Thread

    Oldtimer, just to reiterate, im not banking on the colts winning BIG against the chargers. What i meant was, my bet is bigger than normal and I think they cover the 7pts. I wont be surprised if Colts win this game close, that's why im sprinkling on colts moneyline a lil bit.
  15. purplengold47

    Gambling Thread

    Good question old timer, for me it's all about jacoby's familiarity with their system. This guy been with the colts for a while, started a few games and is very familiar with the system and personnel. You also mentioned about the much improved O line, i think that's going to be the difference in this game. He will have time to throw and put up pts on the board and with chargers giving us a td, I'll take that every time with a veteran qb. People are making a big deal of Luck retiring but a lot of people underestimate jacoby. I think the colts will be fine. Colts +7.5 (hook) BIGGG!