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  1. ScottyArms

    Chicago Bears at Phildadelphia Eagles: In-Game Discussion

    getting sick watching this
  2. ScottyArms

    Chicago Bears at Phildadelphia Eagles: In-Game Discussion

    lol cant believe my work league is even close..if jeffrey and cutler lay an egg i might lose which would be an absolute joke
  3. ScottyArms

    Cutler vs. Foles

    I would do Cutler over Foles.
  4. ScottyArms

    Who do you need Sunday and Monday night?

    I have Torrey Smith and a defender tomorrow nite..if the defender holds his own gonna need about over 100 yards and a td from smith.
  5. lol jimmy graham, vareen and moreno all have their worst performance of the year for me..what a joke
  6. ScottyArms

    San Diego at Denver: In-Game Discussion

    ur obviously not starting moreno and ball lol
  7. ScottyArms

    San Diego at Denver: In-Game Discussion

    Starting Moreno and Ball (RB and flex) been working great so far till this week ..lol..what a disaster
  8. Cameron, Pita and Graham in that order. Thats a brutal situation for running back with detroit. At this point I would plan on running with Gio and Ball. I think waiting for monday could lead to a disaster especially if both play and u dont know the split between them. If bush is out than find bell but you wont know that obiously till monday. I would stick with Edelman. You know hes gonna get a ton of targets. Phill def. is gonna go crazy. Start them.
  9. ScottyArms


    1. Foles easy 2. I dont really either def to be honest this week.. Is buffalo available on waivers. 3. Thomas, Smith and Patterson easy
  10. ScottyArms

    Need 2 (.5ppr) Ball, Rainey or Jennings? WHIR

    I got both of them...got rid of baldwin and donald brown.. So Raieny, Jennings, Ball, Geihart and Todman...2 of them for flex spot .5ppr..im starting moreno as one of my running backs.
  11. ScottyArms

    Toby Gerhart

    same exact thing with me with those 3 and i got montee ball....goingn ball and right now its a toss up with those 3
  12. Shorts easy and I would do 49ers...buffalo is a good play as well but gotta roll with the 49ers http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=429490
  13. Tough decicison....Defintely go with Nelson, Edelman...I would do Tate...than final choice Gerhart if he is plays and is not limited. Johnson or Pita if Gerhart doesnt play.
  14. ScottyArms

    Andre Brown or Boykins

    Yea Andre Brown and its not close. Boykin too hit or miss with the qb situation there. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=429490