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  1. GridironGuzzlers

    Who else drafted mariota as a QB2

    I'm in a highly competitive 14 team league and have Cam and Marcus as qbs. Thought Cam would be my guy but I'm already thinking of starting mariota week 1. Anyone else in the same boat?
  2. GridironGuzzlers

    Pete Carroll arrogance in one paragraph

    I think Belicek pulled the ultimate mindf#&k on carrol. The cameras were focused on belicek and the announcers were wondering why he wasnt calling a timeout in case seattle scored and then giving NE enough time to tie or win it after. I think Carrol was expecting a NE timeout but instead he was still in panic mode after the previous plays. Seahawks totally mismanaged the clock and got outsmarted by a coach that was prepared for that situation
  3. GridironGuzzlers

    Suggestions for a new website - sick of CBS

    I've run a 14 team league on ESPN.com since '07. Never a glitch on draft day or during the season. In the past I've seen issues on MFL, yahoo, cbs, nfl, and fox.
  4. GridironGuzzlers

    Quarterbacks are deep this year

    i'm in a very competitive 14 team league and i always draft qbs late. over 8 yrs i am the second most successful team in the league. usually make the playoffs. Only 2 teams have made the championshiop game more than once. one guy is 3-1. i beat him that 1. i've been in it 3 times, 1-1, and in it this year. This year i targeted Luck but someone beat me to the punch. i got Kap then later picked up Flacco when someone dropped him. now i'm in the championship against the guy who drafted Luck.
  5. GridironGuzzlers

    More points does not mean better team

    You are being a dik, therefore representing the half I mentioned. Thanks for that! Proved my point. So you have no reason to respond again since you have nothing to add. Totally readable to an intelligent reader. Good day sir
  6. GridironGuzzlers

    More points does not mean better team

    I run a very competitive 14 team league. This year I'm the 1 seed at 10-3 and 1307 points. The 2 seed is 9-4 with 1392 points. But if I had played him HTH every week I beat him 8-5. The 4 seed is 8-5 with 1272 points. But if I played him every week I'd be 6-7. I never had any monster weeks but I scored consistently well, which is the true way to rate a team IMHO. I looked at each week's scores and plugged in a win if you finished in the top 7 and a loss if you finished the bottom 7, my record would have been 11-2, the 2 seed (with more overall points) would have been 7-6 and the 4 seed would have been 8-5. I use points as the tiebreaker for seedings because its easy and least messy. I'm considering a different method. I know half this bored is intellectually challenged but I look forward to some good feedback. Food for thought
  7. GridironGuzzlers

    Do you have an addictive personality?

    In the same boat on s,m,t who made who is the best ac/dc song, new stuff sux agree with hold the tomato, and get grilled onions, while sipping on citron
  8. GridironGuzzlers


    Google adrian peterson's son. one of the first entries are pictures I hope he never plays again. He's an animal that deserves to be in jail. If i did that to your kid that's where I'd be. Anyone doing that is sick and he's a millionaire. I got spanked as a kid but NOTHING like that, and ive never hit my kids
  9. GridironGuzzlers

    Trade issue this morning. Need input.

    if you have a trade offer dangling close to game time and the league rules say the commish can put the trade thru then nothing wrong here. In my experience whenever i have a trade offer still waiting for a response close to gametime I pull the offer off the table. I have 3 kids and I wouldnt use them as an excuse to not set my lineup
  10. GridironGuzzlers

    Why so many bye weeks

    you are hilarious. where will you be next week?
  11. GridironGuzzlers

    Ain't no one hurt by smok'n a little....

    someone needs to whip his scrotum with a switch. that's what he would do
  12. GridironGuzzlers

    McCoy may be a dynamic runner, but......

    in the 90's i was a waiter/bartender for 9 years. I heard this from other co-workers and friends in the business (I'm white) I never believed it or saw it. I think it was a racist thing. If you think you're going to get a bad tip you're not going to give good service - self fulfilling prophecy. I once had 4 gang banger looking dudes(at the risk of sounding racist lol) at my table and gave them the same excellent service i gave everyone. They were a little obnoxious but i was a professional and took care of them. At the end of the meal they gave me a $25 tip on a $50 check and thanked me for putting up with them. I usually worked nights but the biggest complaint i heard was from the lunch crowd-- white business men. Even the pretty gals couldnt get good get tips from them consistently. If you're in a service industry you have to understand bad tipping just comes with the territory. If i knew i gave good service and got a bad tip my attitude was that i was glad i didn't have to go home with them. Once one of my coworkers got a $1 tip on a $50 tab she followed them to the parking lot and gave him the $1 back and told him "you obviously need it more than i do". Part of me was proud of her but it was unprofessional and she got fired when they came back in and complained. But on the other hand if no-tippin Pippen sat at my table i'd turn it to another server lol
  13. GridironGuzzlers

    Should this trade be Vetoed?

    O M g
  14. GridironGuzzlers

    Drop veteran WR for Waiver Wire rookie with major up-side?

    if you have any familiarity with this board you'd normally get blasted for asking lineup advice especially in an 8 team league. But we appreciate your service and you are in a big $$ league so we like your style. I agree drop Randle. even if randle has a good year it's worth it based on the rest of your roster . God bless you