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  1. Fumbleweed

    June Mock 2023 - Check In

    Just need to hear from Dan now and the gang will all be here.
  2. Fumbleweed

    June Mock 2022-Prior Year Winners

    We are no longer tied. I have work to do.
  3. Fumbleweed

    June Mock 2023 - Check In

    YES! The June Mock will start on Monday, June 12th. So, in less than three weeks. Hope everyone can make it back for another year!
  4. Fumbleweed

    Best John Candy Movie

    Uncle Buck. Don't care if that's the go-to or not. It's my favorite role of his.
  5. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx PGA Championship 2023***

    The fact that the standings are so close makes these final three tournaments that much more fun. Almost everyone is still in it.
  6. Fumbleweed

    **2023 PGA Championship Thread**

    The PGA of America runs a GREAT major. Having been there for four in person, I really admire what they do. It's a shame they're not held in higher esteem because they do it right and they've got some great courses in the rotation.
  7. Fumbleweed

    **2023 PGA Championship Thread**

    That would be the Masters champion...
  8. Fumbleweed

    **2023 PGA Championship Thread**

    I was surprised by Young's performance. First missed cut in forever. Thought a native upstate New Yorker would perform well. As it turned out, it was the nearby Canadians who performed well...for three rounds at least.
  9. Fumbleweed

    **2023 PGA Championship Thread**

    Nah. I'll be up and running again for the US Open. Sometimes, you call it right and sometimes you don't. After the way your drafted team performed, I'm surprised you're in here slinging arrows...
  10. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx PGA Championship 2023***

    Playing more like a U.S. Open than a PGA. Love it.
  11. Fumbleweed

    So assuming Cook isn’t a Viking next season…

    If Cook were smart, he'd take a pay cut and stay. He won't find big money on the open market.
  12. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx PGA Championship 2023***

    Yes. You probably got the LIV guys at bargain prices. Wouldn't shock me at all if you cleaned up and won this thing going away.
  13. Fumbleweed

    So assuming Cook isn’t a Viking next season…

    Where does everyone think Cook would end up if he is let go?
  14. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx PGA Championship 2023***

    Alts: Hughes, Buckley
  15. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx PGA Championship 2023***

    Not a big deal either way. Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t upset…at all.