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  1. The British Open (or Open Championship) is now just a little more than a week away. Per my usual custom, here is my list of my top ten favorites. Picks are subject to change a bit also depending on what happens during the next week or so, but probably not much. It's a return to Royal Troon this year, where Stenson and Mickleson battled for the jug back in 2016. The British is tied with the Masters as my favorite major, so really looking forward to this year as always even though I'll be on vacation for the last two days of the tournament.  Top Ten: 1. Tommy Fleetwood- I just think his time has come. Call it a gut feeling or whatever you wish to call it. Xander broke through in May. I'll say Tommy breaks through in July. 2. Collin Morikawa- A year of near misses continues for Morikawa who I think has a great shot at winning another Open before all is said and done in his career. 3. Rory McIlroy- After his US Open heartache, he'll either contend deep into Sunday or totally collapse on Thursday. I'm betting on the former. 4. Scottie Scheffler- It's going to be awhile before I leave him out of my top five at any major, but I don't see him winning this one, per se. Dominant year, though. 5. Bryson DeChambeau- Another case of not being able to leave out a guy who to the eyes looked the part of a stud at Pinehurst. Will be interesting to see how he approaches this course. 6. Shane Lowry- So much to like about Lowry in the world of links golf. Would not be a surprise if he comes very close to winning his second Open. 7. Russell Henley- Reminds me of Brian Harman last year. Has played well in majors this year and has a lot of experience under his belt at this point in time. 8. Xander Schauffele- Much like Scheffler, I think this is the major he's least likely to win, but he's been a rock in majors now for nearly a decade. Only a fool would forget about him. 9. Louis Oosthuzien- It is pure fun to watch Louis play these kind of courses. I would like to see him return to playing all the majors. One of my favorite players. 10. Robert McIntyre- Having a stellar year and built for European links golf. A top ten finish would be highly un-surprising. I think the British will always favor experience, so Aberg was left off even though he's got a great shot at a high finish. I think this is the major Scottie Scheffler is least likely to win, so we could have a wide open tournament here, which would be nice.
  2. I really feel like this race is at the two minute warning with Trump in the lead and with the ball. All he has to do is kneel down three times and not fumble the ball while doing so. He seems to have smart people around him that understand this, but we're talking Trump after all, so who knows if he can pull it off...
  3. Just curious. My wife has always wanted to see that part of the world and we both love the coastline of Maine. Didn't know if it was similar to that or not or if anyone else had actually been there. We are cruising out of Boston later this month and will hit several stops including Halifax, Sydney, and Charlottetown. Then Bar Harbor on the way back, but I've been there several times before.
  4. I am here/around. I will probably post my British Open thread tomorrow or maybe even this afternoon.
  5. Fumbleweed

    Report - Will Biden not seek reelection

    The Democratic Party has been lying to the American people for years with the national media running coverage/interference for them. I am no Republican, but this is why I am anti-Democrat. It is the party of pure evil. at its core, even though very good people exist within the party on an individual basis. Trump should have been easily defeatable, but the party was so insistent on doing a 180 from all things Trump that it forgot to govern with any sort of common sense. No matter. Trump will win the election at this point and the Democrats FULLY have themselves to blame for it.
  6. Fumbleweed

    June 27 Presidential debate

    That was sad. Sad for our country. I can’t believe Joe Biden is our president. I can’t imagine anyone sane voting for him in November.
  7. Fumbleweed

    *2024 June Mock Draft No-Hassle Analysis*

    Analysis is finished. I will reach out in August to confirm e-mail addresses and will plan to facilitate the No-Hassle League as usual with weekly updates. Great job guys! I love that we've built this into something consistent that everyone enjoys! And, thanks to Mike for always inviting us back to do it.
  8. Fumbleweed

    *2024 June Mock Draft No-Hassle Analysis*

    Will do the final three teams tomorrow in the AM. Thanks for your patience.
  9. Fumbleweed

    *2024 June Mock Draft No-Hassle Analysis*

    Sometimes, I save a partial submission when I am needing to take a break and do something else. It can make a submission look screwed up but it's really just in process from the broader template. Vikes' review is now complete.
  10. Fumbleweed

    *2024 June Mock Draft No-Hassle Analysis*

    In process...
  11. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx US Open 2024***

    There is $750 in the overall EdEx pot. According to the Winter Meetings thread, it is set to be paid out as follows: First place- $500 Second place- $250 Seems good to me
  12. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx US Open 2024***

    It was Monday evening. If it had been Monday morning, the reminder would have been stupid of me. It's summer. People are busy. It was just a friendly reminder, nothing more. You are well trusted with everything.
  13. Fumbleweed

    *2024 June Mock Draft No-Hassle Analysis*

    No, that was from last year. Just served as a template to get things started. Your analysis is done now.
  14. Fumbleweed

    *2024 June Mock Draft No-Hassle Analysis*

    Getting started on this...hope to have it done by the afternoon, but it could take until tomorrow to fully complete...
  15. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx US Open 2024***

    I forget- is there Ed Ex money for second place also? I was thinking we set that up. That would bring a couple more guys into play.