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  1. Fumbleweed

    Trump/Biden in a Nutshell

    I feel sorry for you. Seriously. That’s the last I’ll say about it.
  2. Fumbleweed

    Trump/Biden in a Nutshell

    Bumbleweed? Dude, I’m respectful to you and everyone else here. Get a grip.
  3. Fumbleweed

    Trump/Biden in a Nutshell

    This is your perception of things and there's no reason for me to challenge it. After all, perception is reality for most people. What I can tell you with absolute certainty is that within that perceived wasteland of common thought, there are plenty of people who wrestle with it all. They may appear to support Trump wholeheartedly because he represents the opposite politically of what they absolutely abhor, but when it comes to actually casting their vote, they do so with only that abhorrence in mind rather that some sort of Trump devotion.
  4. Fumbleweed

    Trump/Biden in a Nutshell

    Nope. Let me tell you about the actual community of people I interact with. Most of my social circle could be labeled evangelical Christian if you're into labels and such. That's probably my label, too. The Christian label I wear with absolute gratitude...the other part of the label carries some baggage. Anyway, back on topic: It is a group of conflicted people with respect to national politics. And, much more complex than the simpleton recipe you're cooking up. Sure, there are a loud minority of those under this tent that would follow Trump into fire, but for the vast majority, it's a complex issue with much to consider. As I told you before, I think the allegiance to Trump comes from Christians feeling largely protected from government from January 2017-January 2021. They felt absolutely NO protection under Obama and Biden is basically a third term of that. The right went after Bill Clinton in the 90's, but he actually was more of a centrist than anything else and I didn't feel like he would promote leftism and really didn't. Aside from him being a complete and total womanizer, he was actually a decent president. He is largely beloved in Oklahoma because of how he interacted with people here following the OKC bombing. And, he's a democrat. People can look beyond the labels. All I'm saying is that you've painted your picture with a huge paint stroke and it's not as cut and dried as you say. Not by a mile. Most Christians take their politics seriously and that creates some really tough choices when it comes to voting.
  5. Fumbleweed

    Trump/Biden in a Nutshell

    Never mind. I didn’t realize you were acutely familiar with the hearts and minds of thousands of people you’ve never met.
  6. Fumbleweed

    Trump/Biden in a Nutshell

    Only the sith deal in absolutes... Seriously, though, this is kind of a lazy take. You're acting as if a massive group of people all share some sort of groupthink on this. I think if you took the time to speak with evangelicals one by one, you'd find a wide range of feelings about Trump varying from allegiance to disdain and everything in between. Kind of like saying "in my neck of the woods, all blondes love him and think... I don't have a clue how you feel about evangelicals. But, give the group a shred of credit in that most people at the end of the day have the capacity to think for themselves on who they support and to what level.
  7. Fumbleweed

    Trump/Biden in a Nutshell

    Totally correct. Biden would go down in flames most likely vs. any other decent Republican candidate. The choice of Trump actually gives him a fighting chance.
  8. Fumbleweed

    Trump/Biden in a Nutshell

    Sometimes, when I read the political threads here at the GC, I marvel at all the name calling and such. And, I think one side generally believes Trump can do no right and the other believes Trump can do no or little wrong. He remains the more polarizing figure of the two candidates as few people actually get excited or encouraged about Biden as a candidate. They just either think he's a better one than Trump or they don't. I will admit my biases before I speak on this any further. At the federal level, I'm an Anti-Democrat. Can't stand the party and what they stand for. I am a registered Republican, but the GOP hardly excites me as a group and I basically just find them more tolerable. That's the best I can do on that. I live in a very conservative state and have voted for state level democrats a number of times as I think individually, the party's candidates in this state are better than the extremities noted in the (R) candidates. With all that said, here is what I think the whole situation we're in now boils down to. Trump was not a popular president with the majority of Americans from a personality standpoint. Sure, there are people that actually like his personality, but not the majority and not many that grow in the more independent soil. Many of the things leftists say about Trump from a personality standpoint are fairly accurate. As a participant in policy making, however, Trump probably had majority support on a number of issues. Immigration, energy independence, general economic ideals, and foreign relations being a few that come to mind. Christian Evangelicals largely disapprove of Trump as a person even though leftists like to state that he is beloved in Christian circles. Generally, he isn't. But, Christians felt much more protected with him in the oval office than with Obama or Biden and so there is widespread support for him there even if many Christians hold their noses while they vote for him. What this boils down to then is that Trump is far too unpopular to ever be re-elected if Biden and the democrats had done one thing and one thing only. That is, admit that while they were more than happy to replace Trump in January 2021, some of his policies needed to remain in place. That would have sealed a victory for them in 2024 as independents would be onboard with that way of thinking. Instead, it became Biden and the Democrats' instant mission from day one to erase the Trump presidency. To basically un-do anything he had done based not on what was best for the country, but to wipe Trump's fingerprint out. There was some good policy in place under Trump. It was eradicated. Or mostly so. The Democrats have been unable to wipe out the Supreme Court's impact on things and I think that galls them significantly. I don't know how an election with two very flawed candidates will turn out. I don't even know why I'm weighing in on something that has been beaten to death ten times over. I just think what gets lost in the all the in-fighting is the essence of how we got in this mess. I'm just one voice and often not a very good one at that, so take this for what little it may be worth.
  9. Fumbleweed

    Saudi Golf Tour

    If LIV wants to be taken seriously, they need to conform to golf's standards. They can still play loud music at all times, wear shorts, and do whatever they want in terms of style. But, they need to play 72 holes and they need to have membership by merit. All the Westwoods and Poulters and Stensons in the league are just collecting checks. They never sniff the top half of LIV leaderboards. And I like Westwood and Stenson personally. I just think LIV is a bad product and I can't understand why they think it's the OWGR's responsibility to bend to their will. Play something more than exhibition golf and play it four days. If you're not willing to do that, just shut up and enjoy the ride into obscurity.
  10. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx THE MASTERS 2024***

    Congrats Pat!
  11. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx THE MASTERS 2024***

    Masters.com just fried my IPad
  12. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx THE MASTERS 2024***

    Tiger is really only capable at this point of grinding to make cuts. Just like at the PGA in Tulsa, he wilts in the third round.
  13. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx THE MASTERS 2024***

    Your 3-4 turn of Homa and Morikawa looking amazing.
  14. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx THE MASTERS 2024***

    Hovland +6 through 4 holes…
  15. Fumbleweed

    ***EdEx THE MASTERS 2024***

    I think if someone had stepped in after the draft and we gave them the top 6 players not drafted, they might win.