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  1. Fumbleweed

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    What's interesting about Tiger is how people who follow golf primarily to follow him feel about the other golfers. My mother, for example, is a huge Tiger fan and talks about all of his personal struggles and how she wants him to overcome them. When I point out to her that other golfers have struggles and cool back-stories, too, she is almost incredulous. It's like Tiger fans see all the other golfers as the Washington Generals and Tiger as the Globetrotters. They're just props set up for Tiger to conquer. It's one of the most bizarre phenomenons I've ever seen. My mom is super smart and it really doesn't dawn on her that other golfers aren't zombies with stories that could also inspire if you took the time to learn them.
  2. Fumbleweed

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    Rory came along and he actually has a better game than Tiger tee-to-green. But, he's turned out to be an inconsistent putter and a so-so scrambler and it has cost him wins. Tee to green, though, Rory is terrific and his A-game matches Tiger's A-game from 2005-2008. I don't think any match exists for Tiger's A-game from 1999-2002. Not even Jack.
  3. Fumbleweed

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    This. Tiger deserves all the attention today as does any Masters champion. He deserves more even as his star is brighter and story more compelling. But, the media has made Tiger the story this entire decade. He will not be the Player of the Decade. That award (if there was such a thing) will go to Rory most likely with Dustin Johnson likely second. It hasn't been a dominant decade for either guy, but both have accomplished more than Tiger. Still, it has been Tiger 24/7 with golf media and especially with ESPN who sometimes forget that there's a world outside of Tiger and LeBron. It's like the golf media never even witnessed anything else this decade and that's sad because some compelling stuff has happened in the sport in addition to what Tiger has done or not done. Overkill.
  4. Fumbleweed

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    Woods's prime came at a time when there were few greats. This decade is harder to win majors than last...by far. And, it was harder to win majors in the 70s with that group contending. In a different era, though, Woods still nets double-digit majors. To say he wouldn't have survived is silly.
  5. Fumbleweed

    Federer > Woods

    I will say this: I would love to see an end to the Jack-Tiger debate. It's gotten old and stale. Both have had historic careers. Both have now had their magical Masters late in their careers. Why must we always have to know who comes out on top? Jack? Tiger? Give me both. I think at this point, it's a tie.
  6. Fumbleweed

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    Final Masters thoughts: Enjoyed the close finish. Thought the final day might just be Molinari, Tiger, and Koepka, but Molinari coming back to the field brought other players back in play which I always think is ultimately more exciting. As for my picks, there were some poor ones in hindsight. Rose and Casey both missing the cut was shocking to me. There was no precedent for that, particularly in Rose's case. The rest of my picks weren't bad with Cantlay obviously being the most spot on given his surge on the weekend. I think we'll see him contending from now on more often. But all in all, I can't give my top ten this year anything better than a C-. On to the PGA... Tiger's win has brought out the usual hyperbole as expected. "He's dominating once again" and "he'll pass Jack in no time". Winning by one shot over a field in which no less than four top contenders put it in the drink on 12 and double-bogeyed is not domination. Tiger knew the course well and made good decisions accordingly, but he got help as most major winners typically do. As for whether or not he'll win additional majors, who knows? Much like Michael Jordan, he is literally worshiped and as such, there is a tendency to overstate what took place. His win will bring some back into the golf circle, but those that are Tiger-centric will come and go like the wind depending on how he is playing. The non-stop media onslaught will certainly become frustrating for those of us that follow the game from week to week no matter who is winning.
  7. Fumbleweed

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    Wind plus pin placements is going to make this more wide open than some might think...
  8. Fumbleweed

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    Projections for Cantlay were kind of off...until today.
  9. Fumbleweed

    Edex Cup IV - Masters - TEAMS

    Salt in the Willett wound...
  10. Fumbleweed

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    The Woods worship train is in overdrive...
  11. Fumbleweed

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    What an awesome leaderboard!!!!!!
  12. Fumbleweed

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    Molinari is making some of you guys look really good. He and Koepka are becoming a factor in every major they tee it up in, Augusta included.
  13. Fumbleweed

    **2019 Masters Thread**

    Thoughts coming into Day Two... I think Dustin Johnson is in great position to take this tournament by the throat. I think there's a good chance both Koepka and DeChambeau shoot around even par today opening the door for Johnson and maybe Rahm to pass them up. I do think Bryson's amazing prep for this tournament is going to carry him to a top-5, maybe top-3 finish, but I don't think he'll win it. Koepka also looks like a guy poised to contend all the way. All that said, if I had to put money down on somebody after Day One, give me Johnson and then Rahm. Justin Rose's performance on Thursday was shocking. Jordan Spieth, not so much. Spieth's game tee to green remains a complete mess. I think Rose will shoot a decent score today and make the cut, but he's no longer a contender. I do think McIlory is not out of it yet, though. Nor is Justin Thomas. Both need to shoot 68 or better today to get back into the tournament. For those who are Tiger fans, I still see him performing well overall, but finishing around 8th-10th when all is said and done. Another 70 today or 71 is what I would predict. I think Mickelson will implode in one of the next two rounds and take himself out of contention, but Phil is impossible to predict, so who knows.
  14. Fumbleweed

    Edex Cup IV - Masters - TEAMS

    Finalists for my sixth round pick were: Danny Willett, Justin Harding, and Corey Conners. I chose...poorly.
  15. Fumbleweed

    Edex Cup IV - Masters - TEAMS

    Willett has returned to decent form actually.