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  1. PIK 95

    You down with JPP?

    Jenkin Town Posse? JTP!
  2. PIK 95


  3. PIK 95

    What do you buy that's used?

    My buddy makes a killin selling these online.
  4. I don't really even play FF anymore, but I still feel like a recovering addict when I see posts like this. Its so hard to pass up. I have been clean (no mfl dynasty leagues) for two years. I gotta go find a meeting now.
  5. PIK 95

    Look who is back

  6. Prices in R.I. are up (no inventory) the 175-275 range, but things never really headed up in the higher ranges here. The people I talk to in those higher ranges seem nervous about doing anything right now. There seem to be alot of nervous people for some reason. Lots of uncertainty. The people under 225 are just trying to get out of renting for the most part.
  7. It's like going back to your old up and coming neighborhood in the city, and finding a bunch of boarded up vacants. Dark times indeed.
  8. I was doing a little reflecting and came across this old thread. Things got tame here for a few weeks at least.
  9. PIK 95

    I know I should be happy about this....but...

    That was gonna be my next suggestion honestly...
  10. PIK 95

    I know I should be happy about this....but...

    Any chance to go for a fourth? I got lucky with one of each, but I would keep trying until I got one if I was in your spot. Good luck.
  11. PIK 95

    Colonoscopy today

    I had one (and endo) the day before St.Patrick's day. My doc saw something in my colon cat scan he didn't like. I ended up being fine and drank a crap ton of Guinness the next day. Good luck.
  12. I haven't been here much since Latin guy but who let in all the right wing nutters? Wait, it's the same two guys isn't it. This could have been a good thread.
  13. He would probably win if he has a time machine.