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  1. PIK 95

    Prey on Hulu

    I really enjoyed it. Being 200-300 years earlier than the other movies, the Predators probably didn't have all the technological advances yet either. And the tribe were amazing hunters also. It all worked for me.
  2. PIK 95

    gratefulted is dead

    More importantly, what the fock happened to this place when I was gone. My god! And where did everyone go? Is there still a weatherman from Montana up in here? Will my hotmail acquired alias's still work? Gotta find that notebook.
  3. PIK 95

    Anyone here snowball?

  4. PIK 95

    Anyone here snowball?

    Wife? Ew.
  5. PIK 95

    Shia Labeef

    I liked Fury
  6. PIK 95

    MBTA to close Orange line for 30 days

    I used to ride the Orange to Celtics games from Forrest Hills. Would occasionally jump off at Ruggles to see the Northeastern people, or just walk to Fenway. Saw a lotta rats and lotta fights over the years. My boys first non Thomas train ride was big orange. Good times.
  7. PIK 95

    gratefulted is dead

    I finally found a thread here I feel safe in. Coming up on twenty years of me still being owed a FFT Shirt for winning the first March Madness pool. Cuse and Melo won it all, so it was 2003. This thread brought back some MEMORIES. I bailed when the Pimp day came like many. Belated R.I.P. Ted
  8. PIK 95

    Shia Labeef

  9. PIK 95

    You down with JPP?

    Jenkin Town Posse? JTP!
  10. PIK 95


  11. PIK 95

    What do you buy that's used?

    My buddy makes a killin selling these online.