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Found 46 results

  1. hogsback

    Miami Dolphins

    I have only 1 place left in an ESPN 16 team keeper league. Choose Miami Dolphins Pick 8 keepers from their current roster. Off line draft will commence as soon as you select your keepers. Draft order will be based on your keeper picks rated by Fantasy Pros draft order. Reply and I will send you the league invite code or use the link below https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=34495816&inviteId=ffc53b08-6a29-40a9-9127-22d66e0c9d40
  2. https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=34495816&inviteId=ffc53b08-6a29-40a9-9127-22d66e0c9d40 I have only 1 place left in an ESPN 16 team keeper league. The New York Giants and Pick 8 keepers from their current roster. Off line draft will commence as soon as you select your keepers. Draft order will be based on your keeper picks rated by Fantasy Pros draft order. Reply and I will send you the league invite code or use the link below
  3. I have only 1 place left in an ESPN 16 team keeper league. Choose Buffalo Bills and Pick 8 keepers from their current roster. Off line draft will commence as soon as you select your keepers. Draft order will be based on your keeper picks rated by Fantasy Pros draft order. Reply and I will send you the league invite code or use the link below https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=34495816&inviteId=ffc53b08-6a29-40a9-9127-22d66e0c9d40
  4. I have only 1 place left in an ESPN 16 team keeper league. Choose Buffalo Bills and Pick 8 keepers from their current roster. Off line draft will commence as soon as you select your keepers. Draft order will be based on your keeper picks rated by Fantasy Pros draft order. Reply and I will send you the league invite code or use the link below https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=34495816&inviteId=ffc53b08-6a29-40a9-9127-22d66e0c9d40
  5. One player had to cancel last minute and a spot is opened in this 12-team league. Standard NFL.com rules (no PPR)!! LIVE DRAFT SATURDAY AUGUST 31st 2019. Picks are randomized with snake draft format! The buy-in is $50 and the payouts are as follows: Best record during season: $200 1st place playoffs winner: $175 2nd place playoffs winner: $150 3rd place playoffs winner: $75. Please email me at kryslowe518@gmail.com if interested and I will send invite link. Accepted payment options are cashapp and PayPal. GOOD LUCK!!
  6. TO JOIN: Please email: AlwaysTennis55@gmail.com or Maggols85@gmail.com  BASICS: This will be our 9th year running the NFL Super Pool! Plainly put, this league is the best damn NFL point spread pool under the sun. There are 2 weekly winners and 8-11 final season winners. The pool will have HUGE CASH PRIZES. Please read the info below and email us for an invite! COST TO JOIN: An amount of $198 is incurred to join the Super Pool League. It is a one time fee and it covers you for the entire season (if you do the math, it equates to a measly $11.65/week). If you cant afford that, then w/all due respect you need a career change, let's be frank. Our cost to join the pool last year was $193 and it saw total prize money for season winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th place) totaling around $19,000, as well as 2 weekly winners paid each week (Read below)! This year, the buy in amount is $198 ($3 is for utilizing the website we are using), and we anticipate slightly more people! Therefore, we definitely expect a pot north of $20,000 this upcoming year! You are officially in the league when you pay the buy-in fee and add your squad! If we do not receive your payment of $198 before the start of the first game of the season, your team name will promptly be deleted and you will suffer the consequences of not being a part of this exciting league - NO EXCEPTIONS!! WEEKLY WINNERS: Each and every week, the person that has the most Wins will make money for that week. The actual amount per week will be the same amount each and every week. This amount will be $195 for 1st and $95 for 2nd place. So essentially you will break even if you win 1 measly week! WEEKLY TIE BREAKERS: If there is a tie between numerous teams, the tiebreaker will be determined by the following and in this respective order. 1. Monday Night Total Points, which you will input when making your picks. 2. Monday Night Home Team Points 3. Monday Night Pick (team pick) If a tie persists, the prize will be chopped. **VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ OR YOU'LL BE CRYING LATER** We can't stress this enough, so read this very carefully gang... ALL PICKS FOR ALL GAMES EACH WEEK MUST BE MADE BEFORE THE FIRST GAME STARTS (Usually Thursday!). Once you make all your picks however, you may change your weekend picks after the Thursday game is over, up until the start of the first weekend game. If you fail to make your picks before the start of the first game, the system will automatically auto-pick for you by choosing all the favorites. If you fail twice, you are covered by the auto-pick system. However, if you fail to make your picks three times or more, you will automatically receive 0 Wins for that week and all weeks beyond your second time. If you fail and get 0 Wins, it is out of our control, and we don't have the ability to change anything. So beware of when the first game of each week begins! It will usually be on a Thursday evening **BOTTOM LINE - MAKE YOUR PICKS BEFORE THURSDAY EVENING (1st game of the week) OR YOU'RE...... S.O.L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!** SEASON WINNERS The top 8-11 people with the most wins will make money. Again, the amounts and the number of places will be dependent on the total number of players. We can safely say that first place will receive a minimum of $7,000. This is a conservative estimate; the amount will probably be a lot more (last year winner got $8,000)! The amounts for all 8-11 winners will be posted on this message board immediately after the first game of the season! SEASON TIE BREAKERS If there is a tie between numerous teams, the tiebreaker will be determined by the following and in this respective order. 1. Monday Night Total Cumulative Points. 2. Cumulative number of weeks won If a tie persists, the prize will be chopped. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDITION TO THE POOL! We will also feature 2 games each week with an over/under pick! This will add another fun angle to the league that we know our members will love! So for example, if the Ravens vs. Steelers total points over/under is 44pts, you would have to decide whether the game would have more than 44pts scored, or less than 44pts scored. This new addition will again be used for 2 games per week, at our discretion, but will primarily be featured for the Thursday and Monday game! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $JACKPOT$ RULES! Our rollover weekly jackpot was NOT hit last season, so the total amount of $1,500 has been rolled over to this upcoming year! This jackpot is won when a player performs the following feat: 16 game week: 16-0 (over/unders are NOT included) 15 game week: 16-1 (Must win all game picks and 1 over/under) 14 game week: 16-0 (over/unders ARE included) *Any week with less than 14 games is NOT a jackpot eligible week* As you may remember, the jackpot amount increases by $50 each week. If nobody wins the jackpot in any jackpot eligible week, the amount goes up another $50. Our jackpot will start at $1,500 + $50 ($1,550) in week 1 this year. If nobody hits the jackpot in week 1, it will go up to $1,600 in week 2. If nobody hits it again in week 2, it will go up to $1,650 in week 3. You get the damn point! Once the jackpot is hit, the jackpot amount immediately drops back to $50 and begins anew. In addition, if nobody wins the jackpot this upcoming season, the cumulative amount is applied to week 1 of the following season. So for instance, if the jackpot reaches $2,000 and nobody hits it, then next season in week 1, the jackpot would total $2,050. Our jackpot is another exciting way to win BIG MONEY!! PICK MAKING PROCESS You must make all picks on the pick page before the Thursday game begins or you will be auto-picked for (2 autopicks max, if you fail a 3rd time, you will receive a 0 for the week). However, you can change your picks for the weekend games as well as the Monday game as long as you edit your picks before Sunday at 10am Pacific Time. Please note, you cannot change your Monday picks after Sunday 10am Pacific Time! Bottom line: Make all your picks before the Thursday game, and edit your weekend/monday picks anytime before Sunday -10AM Pacific Time! MAY YOUR PICKS TURN TO GOLD AND YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS EXPLODE! -SUPER POOL COMMISSIONERS
  7. The CBBFL currenty has openings as we enter our 20th year/season. We are a FREE league with a custom website. Our league is not like your typical fantasy football league. Our scoring is based on head-to-head competition and not play based points (although there are some bonus points). You score points based on how your player plays in a certain category against your opponent that week. For example, if your QB throws more completions than your opponent's QB - you get 2 points and his gets 0. Our draft is done in a chat room and takes about 3 hours to complete. There are no pre-generated lists nor are there "best available". If you cannot make the live chat, you're expected to prepare an extensive list to last through the draft. Depending on your conference, the draft will be either a Saturday or Sunday and varies each season. If this sounds interested to you, go to CBBFL.com and review the league rules. If they are acceptable to you, fill out the Registration Form. Our keepers were due today and the drafts are the weekend before Labor Day each year. Hope to hear from you soon. Chas CBBFL Commissioner
  8. I'm looking for 5 more people to fill out my Yahoo cash league. Draft is gonna be on Sunday @ 5pm EST. 1st wins $275, 2nd wins $100, 3rd wins $25. Feel free to let anyone else you know about the league, trying to get it filled ASAP
  9. FFTradeMachine

    Fantasy Football TradeMachine

    Hi there! I hate shameless self promotion, but with my brother we made this App thinking about people like us (those who love fantasy football). We spent the last few months working on Fantasy Football TradeMachine, the first App that will rate your fantasy football trades. The App is easy to use: select your League scoring format, select the players involved in the trade (you can choose all players, included Draft Picks) and the APP will tell you if the trade is AWFUL, BAD, EQUAL, GOOD or AWESOME for your team. You can try ALL the trades that you want. The value of the trade is determined by an algorithm, updated every single week. The download is cheap, less than $2 (a starbucks coffee). Why this price? 1. Unfortunately development and server cost tons of money, and we’re normal people working 9-5 2. We could’ve made an elite thing, with some rankings and making money by subscription per month maybe 10 dollar per month (like many do), but we don’t care about making cash, but doing something cool to reach as many people as possible. And all of you can afford something that cost less than a Starbucks coffee Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas or feedback, it’d be much appreciated!! We want to build and improve something useful and nice for you. Please join our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fantasyfootballtrademachine/ DOWNLOAD IOS: https://apple.co/2uLnKxo DOWNLOAD ANDROID: https://bit.ly/2LuJNQ7 Thank you!
  10. For those of you in the fantasy football world that are searching for a new challenge with a more well-rounded scoring and roster model I suggest you give our leagues a look. When I began designing league models back in 2007 I quickly realized that there was a whole lot of blind luck that decided the outcome in many match ups. My goal from that time was to minimize the blind luck impact as much as humanly possible. The way you achieve less of an impact is with depth, proper scoring, and a balanced approach. In a standard or PPR scoring setting losing one player to injury in the first quarter or a late scratch could cost you the week. Especially if it is one of your top players. Chances of success are diminished dramatically. What I have designed is a roster and scoring model that minimizes the impact of events that are out of your control. Also, you will see at the end of the article my scheduling concept that I came up with for 2 of our leagues in 2015 that will speak to the luck of the schedule issue some people complain about. League Model This is one of the first areas that I tinkered with for about 4 years until I had the base foundation I thought would work. I have made maybe one or two changes to that since 2011 based on the flow of the actual sport. After all, as the flow of the sport changes it will change how your leagues will flow. I will list positions below: Offense QB (1) RB (1) WR (2) TE (1) RW (2) WT (1) RWT (1) Now you should notice that there is only one forced starting RB. That is one of the changes I made back in 2015. The 2 back and sometimes 3 back offenses are so prevalent now that it makes no sense to force people to draft running backs like we have in the past. Also, the handful of feature backs that still remain in the sport have their value skyrocketed. If you are lucky enough to land one of the first 5 picks in a snake redraft then everyone else will be left to reach for backs in those massive time shares. Now I realize that in a PPR set up this is a different story, but the running back issue still has major impact. What we decided was to not force you to roll 2 RBs every week, but instead limit it to 1 and allow up to 4. Problem solved. This takes away the overvaluation of the those feature backs and brings it back down to the mean. Also, in our leagues you deploy the 2 back set from any team that uses it. For example: In 2016 I drafted both Freeman and Coleman from Atlanta. I was extremely happy with that result, the ability to do so, and not play roulette in that backfield every week. The flexibility in the roster model is a great tool to help owners dodge potential injury issues and potential bye week issues while keeping the strategy of making the right decisions to win intact. The RB change we made in 2015 is just one example of how we are forward thinking to keep the flow of our contest close to the flow of the actual sport. You may notice once you read below that there is 11 guys on defense and only 9 on offense starting. I have accounted for this in the scoring model. In 2017 there were 8 defensive players in the top 50 overall. Defense DE (2) DT (1) LB (3) CB (2) S (2) ID (1) IDP, also known as “The Game Changer” in fantasy football. I refuse to play in a season long league without IDP. They are so much more fun to play and they add a huge depth tool to help diminish the impact of blind luck scenarios. I began building a formula for IDP leagues back in 2010. I spent 3 seasons tinkering with the scoring approach as well as the roster model. Now what you find out there for IDP leagues is what is called “tackle driven” or “big play driven” for the most part. Tackle driven leagues are basic, boring, and it short changes players at other positions. Strategy for these leagues is simple: draft linebackers. Now I do realize that there are some safties that rack up tackles, but not even in spitting distance of the volume available at LB. Last time I checked coverage safties, corners, and linebackers are a huge part of their defense. Why leave them out? Doesn’t a corner jumping a slant route on 3rd and 4 that knocks the ball to the ground which causes a punt deserve some love? Or is that guy on a team getting blown out and on the field all game with 15 tackles deserve it? Maybe they both deserve some credit and love from the IDP formats. Big play leagues give ridiculous scoring to sacks and turnovers in some cases which again plays well for LBs, but at least this time the guys with their hands in the dirt get some love too. The problem here is the huge point total for sacks and maybe turnovers depending on the league. I will ask a similar question. What is the difference between a CB, LB, or S jumping a route on any down really and knocking the ball down? Now it’s 2 and 10, or 3rd and 7, or 4th and 3, etc. Those plays are just as impactful in a game. I also want to dispel the notion that these plays are not predictable. Nonsense. For example, if I know that X team is likely to work the left side of the field that day, target one of their receivers a lot that day, or pick on a certain player on defense in the pass game I know my cover guys over there will have “opportunity” to make a play. And if they have opportunity for a pass defensed then I have a chance at a pick or maybe a pick 6, and of course a couple of tackles. That is 4 opportunities. Odds are pretty good there especially if the pass defensed is weighted properly. I have heard this excuse so many times I just had to put it to bed. The facts are both Big Play, and Tackle Driven models give too much weight to certain players. There is ZERO balance in the scoring and the depth of the pool is shrunken. MLFF leagues have the unique combination of both approaches which I have constructed through trial and error over the last 9 years. We also score stuffs, tackles for loss, return yardage for fumbles & picks, and lost yardage on sacks, stuffs, and tackles for loss. These are weighted, but not over-weighted. This is a model that allows for all positions on defense to make an impact which helps the depth of the league. We have a balanced approach which makes more of the best players at all positions relevant. I will list last years top 10 by position in our model to give you an example: 2017 LB (5) DE (2) CB (2) DT (1) Special Teams K (1) Bench 8 IR 4 League Details 5 Leagues (4 Keeper, 1 Redraft) 12 Teams per league 5 Keepers (3 Offense, 2 Defense) Trading FAAB (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) Traditional Head to Head Schedule Play Every One Every Week Schedule Quick note on the keeper leagues. You can keep up to 3 offense and 2 defense. However, you don’t have to keep anyone or you can trade away keepers for picks from another owner. Or trade picks to receive a keeper from another owner. A lot of flexibility. I came up with an idea back in 2015 which has worked very well. You play each team each week. For example, our leagues have 12 teams. So if you end up with the most points you would be 11-0. If you end up with the least you would be 0-11. The luck of the schedule in fantasy football can be quite frustrating to say the least. Ever been in a league where there is a jerk or two the last two weeks of the year that quit? You are fighting for your division, seeding, or just to make it in. Then these 2 teams don’t even show up costing you perhaps a division, a playoff spot, or God forbid the 1 seed. This scheduling concept nullifies that. If they quit the last two weeks everyone will get a win which eliminates any negative effect on the standings. The other luck part that is eliminated is the bye week warrior. This is the guy that always seems to play the better teams when they are having a heavy bye week. This is a non issue in this format. Everyone will play each other on heavy bye weeks, thus nullifying the bye week warrior effect. League Links The teams marked “no owner” are the teams available. MLFF2 (Keeper, Traditional Schedule) (FILLED) MLFF3 (Keeper, Play Everyone) (FILLED) MLFF4 (Keeper, Play Everyone) (FILLED) MLFFC (Redraft, Traditional Schedule) (2 Left) Interested? Thank you for taking your time to read this description of our football leagues. If you are interested in learning more contact me directly at majorleaguefantasysports@gmail.com and we can discuss further. P.S. To view the teams set up a dummy account with Fantrax to view them if are not a user or you can email me and I can send you the rosters so you can view.
  11. Can't survive between Super Bowl and fall kickoff? We can't either. A new league launched last week, now almost half full. This is a full new league for older guys who want to have some fun, are serious, but not too serious. You don't actually have to be old to join (and we are looking for committed/active owners) but you do need to have a mellower, older guys', perspective on life. We aren't going to get rich playing MFL, nobody is going broke either, and we all have wives, kids, and bosses who keep us busy most of the time. So, this is our down time and we just want to have some fun, want to win, but we aren't going to be too crazy about things. Also, rude or offensive owners, whiners and sore losers, will not be tolerated. The league has 6 starters on offense: 1QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1TE, K, defense is: 2 DL/DE, 2 LB, 2 CB/S. There is 1 IR and 2 practice squad spots. The scoring is deep as well and brings balance to things. Of note, in most other leagues, RBs are the star, in this league, a franchise QB is the most important role, RBs and WRs are about equal. Defensive roles, generally scoring slightly lower than offense (about 25%) but still significant, are not to be overlooked! LBs, DEs and CBs are all somewhat equal in scoring. Playoffs are top 6 (division winners get top 4 seeds, plus 2 wildcards), top 2 division winners get a first round bye. Payouts are $250 for super bowl winner, $150 for super bowl loser, $80 for the conference losers. We use league safe for funds. The only fees are for signup ($40) , no other transaction fees, unlimited waiver and roster changes and trades. Live draft is currently scheduled for April 30th after the NFL draft weekend. No deposit currently required for 2nd year (subject to all new owners vote coming up). My Fantasy Football League ID is 31158 (http://home.myfantasyleague.com/) , or called "League for Old Timers", year "2018". Please email me: rawluk2010@hotmail.com with questions or for an invite if this sounds like your type of league. Kent League Commish P.S. FYI, the MFL website will be going offline for annual maintenance this friday for 5 days or so. Get signed up/in before that to get yourself up to speed if you want. otherwise it may take a bit
  12. If you are interested you email address to jesgir8044@yahoo.com
  13. Just some more spots need to be filled for this draft upcoming September 4 at 12 am EST. Late night labor day weekend draft! Fun and competitive with some prize giveaways! http://games.espn.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=1731482&seasonId=2017
  14. Hello all, the draft for my league is September 4 at 12 am EST. 9 pm PST. It is a keeper league, so please join and let's get ready for some football! http://games.espn.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=1731482&seasonId=2017
  15. I've got 3 separate leagues all drafting this weekend with the same format through yahoo. I've currently opened them all up to more than 12 but I'm only taking the first 12 that pay. Once all 12 have paid ill lock the league down and I'll randomize the draft order through fftoolbox so you'll know your draft position ahead of time. Feel free to message me here or kik me @ mdeckeratp if you have any questions. Looking to get them all filled ASAP. $100 Drafting Saturday 8/26 @ 8pm cst Football season is upon us! Join my league "Braggin' Rights" http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/218512/invitation?key=ed24f3cdc01920cb&ikey=d49619fa863166cb&soc_src=app-sh $100 Drafting Sunday 8/27 @ 7pm cst Football season is upon us! Join my league "Fantasy Gridiron Glory" http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/379489/invitation?key=fd5bca1bd65c2980&ikey=e2a89799ff145688&soc_src=app-sh $300 Drafting Sunday 8/27@ 9pm cst Football season is upon us! Join my league "The League" http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/272587/invitation?key=f6fce198c51a6dd5&ikey=19c6e4c8c37ea8c0&soc_src=app-sh
  16. Are you up for the Challenge of the Fantasy Elite. This is a 12 team PPR- 2 Keeper league with bonuses. We are entering year 6 looking for one elite owner replacement. First Place wins $500, 2nd Place $250 and Many other prizes. $ 95 Buy in paid through League safe.. Very fun league with a good group of owners. Only dedicated and active owners need to inquire. Draft is 9/1. Send Inquires to tjsayinitplain@outlook.com
  17. 12 Team, Non PPR, 2 Superflex Auction draft league is looking for one competitive new owner. No hotheads please. Lineup is QB, RB, WR, TE, Flex, 2 OPs/superflex, K, DST 6 bench. $50 Leagusafe buy in. Payouts are $300, $200, $100 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Auction draft is on 9/3 at 3pm EST. Really fun and competitive league. Link to league rules is attached/below. If you’re interested please email me at jakubudrum1@aol.com Good luck to everyone this season. http://games.espn.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=952785
  18. What are your thoughts on fantasy football leagues where all teams automatically make the playoffs? I'm in one league like this with some friends and that is my biggest complaint about the league. The top two teams do get bye weeks to begin the playoffs, but I still don't like the idea of rewarding someone with an appearance in the playoffs if they had a terrible season or failed to maintain their roster and now they have a chance to beat you in the playoffs. One plus is that it should in theory keep all participants interested in the league, but if you have a group of friends who really like football this shouldn't be an issue in the first place. Another benefit of everyone making the playoffs could be that one of the people with a top score had tough matchups each week and failed to make the playoffs for that purpose - but I feel like that's just part of the game. Interested to see what everyone else thinks, thanks!
  19. Hey! We need a few more players to fill our roster this year if anyone wants in - it's free, we don't play for money, just for pride. It's a fun, competitive league, and maybe only a little trash talk from the Aussie girl! The draft is tomorrow - Sunday Sept 4th at Noon PT time! Here's the link! http://games.espn.co...inviteKey=fa8af Cheers!
  20. nikicee

    Fantasy League Needs Players

    Hey! We need a few more players to fill our roster this year if anyone wants in - it's free, we don't play for money, just for pride. It's a fun, competitive league, and maybe only a little trash talk from the Aussie girl! The draft is tomorrow - Sept 4th at Noon PT time! Here's the link! http://games.espn.com/ffl/tools/join?leagueId=1566638&inviteKey=fa8af Cheers!
  21. Would anyone be interested in joining a $250 12-team H2H PPR Yahoo auction league drafting this Sunday (Sept 4) at 3:00pm CST? A few managers needed... http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/invitation?l=911098&k=e4c714fadf2439d9&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=12868642b5e250e9 Playoff Payouts 1st: $1250 2nd: $750 3rd: $500 4th: $250 Regular-Season Payouts $250 awarded to total point leader
  22. Our keeper league is in its 15th season, but as life responsibilities intrude we find ourselves in need of some fresh talent to keep things going. The keeper system is a little different. You can keep as many or few players as you like, but in order to keep a player they must be drafted at least 3 rounds earlier than they were taken the year before. So for the most part studs go back in the draft, but you can control a break out player for a few years. On average, between 2 and 3 players are kept per team. $20 bonus FAAB for any team that chooses no keepers. Scoring is custom. 6 for all TDs, 1 per 20 rush/rec yards, 1 per 50 pass, bonuses for big yardage, -3 for TOs. Team DEF, which also get 3 for TOs and are a little more important than standard Yahoo. QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, DEF, K. We have 2 very competitive teams available. Keepers are due by Thursday evening. Team 1: Drafts 5th of 12 Can keep Cam Newton 7th round Team 2: Drafts 2nd Can keep Latavius Murray 7th round If you're interested, email icgcac@gmail.com with your invite e-mail and your preference of which team you'd like to take over. Thanks for your interest.
  23. 100% Payouts! First Place: $200 Second Place $120 Third: $80 Highest Point Total(Season): $40 Highest Point Total(Any one game including playoffs): $40 A few spots left... https://yho.com/nfl?l=837705&ikey=25dfc7de940badd7&soc_src=app-sh&soc_trk=lnk
  24. Hello. The league is to be comprised of 8 teams, is a head-to-head PPR. Draft is Sept 3rd at 4 pm Eastern. For more information, write to petepeeves@yahoo.com. I'll send an invitation, you can sign-up and have a look around before making your final decision. Thanks! Anthony