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RIP Daunte Culpepper: 2002-2005

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Brooklyn, NY -- Daunte Culpepper, who has stayed with the same franchise that drafted him since the birth of the league in 2002, is now on the open market. Along with LaDanian Tomlinson, Culpepper is the only player not to be traded in a league notorious for countless player movements.


GiantsRule, the GM of the defending 2004 Ultimate Bowl Champion FCM, has put the rest of the 16-team league on notice that they can have the QB as a keeper for the 2006 season (and beyond) for the right price.


"I knew that repeating his 2004 heroics would be impossible", GR commented. "But I didn't think it would be the season from hell and after yesterday, the situation only got worse. We wish Daunte the best in all of his future endeavors, but we have to think about the long-term health of the team and our legion of fans nationwide."


The player FCM is looking for is unknown. He would like to trade Daunte to a team with multiple starting caliber QBs (at least a Top 15 producer) that is willing to part with the 2nd QB, preferably in a straight up deal.


Interested owners should contact GiantsRule via email. Ridiculous and insulting offers will be printed, used as toilet paper, and then sent back to the owner to use as he sees fit.



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