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Round 15

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Round 15


15.1--Kurt Warner, QB, Ari--Zap

15.2--Jared Allen, DL, KC--Doyle

15.3--Jerry Porter, WR, Oak--Tex

15.4--Michael Lewis, DB, Phi--ExFajita

15.5--Trent Green, QB, KC--Scooter

15.6--LJ Smith, TE, Phi--BoneYard

15.7--Dunta Robinson, DB, Hou--Waveman

15.8--Cato June, LB, Ind--DocJ

15.9--Champ Bailey, DB, Den--RLLD

15.10--Will Smith, DL, NO--PIK

15.11--James Farrior, LB, Pit--Pretender

15.12--Akinola Ayodele, LB, Dal--Diesel

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Trent "4000 yd" Green in the 15th round?



Uhm, yeah. I know his numbers will be down a little, but I'd like to point out the following:

1. he's one of the most consistently healthy QBs in football, making 16 starts every season except the one where he lost his job to Warner.


2. He has a RB that's pretty decent on a team that loves to run screens.


3. He is a virtual lock for 3500 yds/25 TDs with maybe 12 ints.


4. Even without Roaf, he has a solid O-Line


5. Sammy Parker is a speed threat and something of a sleeper 3rd year WR this year


6. Knowing there's no Roaf headed into the season, the Chiefs will make adjustments and TGonz will catch 7-10 TDs this year, up from last. Guess who's throwing them?



Zap was right - I did want Warner....as a QB2. No way in hell I trust him behind that line as my starting #1. I cannot believe I just pulled TGreen in the 15th. :wall:

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I'm checking out for a couple hours, maybe a couple more. I don't know if Pretender's queue is going to make it, and I haven't looked (closely :banana: ) at the list she sent me. I only saw Morrison, who she got.


RLLD is probably in the midst of his commute. I think PIK is off today and should be around. Haven't heard much from him, so I'll shoot him an email. I'm confident Diesel will be prompt.


I'll peak in when I get a chance, but almost daily between 2 and 7 PDT, you cannot expect much from me...


Sent emails. Also it looks like PIK, Pretender and Diesel are predrafted for both picks, so this could come right back to RLLD very fast. Although looks have been deceiving on this corner.

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All is well and I am back with a computer in my hands again. I love my picks! My que held out - thanks Zap

I feel Morrison and Farrior and Washington will be very solid and KWII will be a great TE for my team.

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