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Mike MacGregor

2012 Draft Buddy Survivor Contest

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We're happy to announce the annual Draft Buddy Survivor Pool is back again this year. This is your chance to win $2,500. This is a contest for Draft Buddy customers only, so if you are already in our exclusive club, head on over to the Survivor Pool, join by making your Week 1 pick, and stake your claim at the $2,500 prize.


Don't worry about joining too early. You can go back and edit your pick as often as you like right up to the deadline, which is Sunday, 1:00pm Eastern (Sunday kickoff) of Week 1. Of course if you want to pick the winner of the Wednesday opener, that pick needs to be in by Wednesday kickoff.






Contest Stats


2011 Contest


Good luck!

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It took awhile but congratulations to Bean2k5, bobbyc59, karlmatz, and rwhit12 for outlasting the entire field for 17 weeks and 4 weeks of playoffs and winning our DB Survivor Contest for 2012! Each of you will take home a share of the $2500 prize. I will attempt to contact you by email today about claiming your cash.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and we hope to see all of you back in the contest and using the Draft Buddy in 2013!

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