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  1. Mike FF Today

    NFL Mock Draft: Version 3.0

    Posted version 3.0 today.
  2. Mike FF Today

    NFL Schedule - 2020

    The latest...
  3. Mike FF Today

    NFL Draft Contest

    Our annual NFL Draft Contest is ready to go. Predict the top ten selections in the NFL Draft, answer the 5 bonus questions. Contest entry is free! Deadline to enter is Thursday, 4/23/20; 30 minutes before the draft begins. Let me know if you think I left out any potential top 10 players in the pool. Good luck!
  4. Mike FF Today

    NFL Schedule - 2020

    ESPN NFL execs had a conference call today and as of now, they're moving forward with idea of starting the season on time with a full 16-game schedule. NFL general counsel Jeff Pash said during a media briefing... "We're still in March, so it's quite a few months between now and when our season would begin. The belief and the information that we have is leading us to continue on focusing on a season that starts on time and be played in a normal way." I'm sure there making contingency plans even though they aren't saying publicly what those plans are. My best guess is that players won't be on the field in any kind of meaningful way until training camp (end of July). There is a report out that the league expects to release the 2020 regular season schedule no later than May 9th, which is a few weeks later than normal.
  5. Mike FF Today

    Panthers sign WR Robby Anderson

    This doesn't sound like good news for Curtis Samuel...
  6. Mike FF Today

    UPDATE: Cam Newton Released

    This may help on the physical front...
  7. Mike FF Today

    UPDATE: Cam Newton Released

    Cam is getting released today...
  8. Mike FF Today

    March Mock Draft: Anyone may participate

    You're in. Just make a pick.
  9. Mike FF Today

    March Mock Draft: Anyone may participate

    1.07 - WR Michael Thomas, NO
  10. Mike FF Today

    Broncos add Melvin Gordon

    That sound you hear is Phillip Lindsay's fantasy stock hitting the floor...
  11. Mike FF Today

    Who else would love to see Brady play elsewhere???

    Schefter with an update on the contract terms...
  12. Mike FF Today

    UPDATED: Gurley waived by Rams, signed by Falcons

    Well, that didn't take long. Gurley signs with the Falcons on a 1-year $5 million deal.
  13. Mike FF Today

    UPDATED: Gurley waived by Rams, signed by Falcons

    A big problem for Gurley and the Rams, who've were trying to workout a trade for weeks, is that team doctors are not allowed to give physicals to potential free agents and trade candidates given the coronavirus restrictions. I can't imagine any team is going to sign Gurley without their own team docs doing an exam. Joe Flacco (neck) is in the same boat.