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Using the Options Tab

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I've been using draft buddy/FF Today for six years now and have always passed over the "options" tab, not exactly knowing how to make use of the "Overall Rankings/Custom Baselines" and "Average Projections / Allocation Keys" features to my advantage. I have left them alone, thinking it's over my head and I may unduly influence my rankings if I start jacking with this.


I'm curious...

1) how to use this function/feature,

2) if it can be used to really improve the accuracy of my player rankings, and

3) does it really make a difference?


I'm a loyal supporter of FFToday and have used draft buddy and the site during the season to 4 top 3 finishes, 2 trips to the finals and one championship in 6 years. It works. Can I make it work any better?


Thanks for reading and for any help /suggestions.


Steve Brandt

Coppell, TX

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Hi Steve. Thanks, glad to have you back this year!


Sounds like you've had some great success over the last 6 years, so I'm not sure you want to change to much from what you've been doing.


The options tab does have a bunch of more advanced features that many users would not need to make any changes to, but the reason it is there in general is so people who want to tinker and tweak things and really get into the detail, can do so. Personally, I rarely change settings on the options tab for my own cheatsheets, unless there is something rather unique where I want to increase or decrease the value of certain positions.


The overall ranking methods and then the custom baseline options... how do I put this?... the custom baselines are essentially creating your own overall ranking method. The preset ranking methods already do a lot of the adjustments that I feel give a solid set of overall rankings. I would just highlight to people to change the overall ranking method to Compiler Auction Recommended for auction leagues, instead of Compiler Draft Pick Recommended for non-auction leagues.


The allocation keys and custom allocation box mostly comes into play if users use Projection Pal, importing projections from other sources. Sure, you can add past stats as a weighted average too, and I might like to run a report to see how the overall rankings shake out based purely on prior year stats, but your final cheatsheets you're probably not going to want too much weight on prior stats. Rookies and players that haven't done anything yet, career-wise, will be undervalued and guys who we are expecting a drop-off from will be overvalued.

Of course the new MFL Integration feature options are right at the bottom of the options tab, so if you use MFL I would definitely recommend those features.


If people are trying to play sound while using the timer, but it isn't finding the sound files (note: available from same download page as Draft Buddy), go to the bottom of the options tab and change sound file played with timer to none.


That is a general overview. I can't say with certainty you're going to get better results by tinkering with the options tab. It really is a personal preference thing as to how much you want to get into the detail. Hope that helps.

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