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Found 6 results

  1. Goal -> create a spreadsheet which shows the variance between Yahoo rankings & ADP which my leaguemates will see when we draft, and my player rankings During the actual draft players are fed up into your list based on rankings/ADP, and as you are all familiar you scroll down and find the actual decent player or sleeper you should draft. Not everybody will do that as some will be more likely to draft the player that is fed to them by the draft interface. So I want to create a spreadsheet in advance which will tell me what players are the ones you have to scroll farthest to get, the largest variance between what Yahoo will feed them and the actual value of the player based on my rankings. Where can I download the yahoo rankings/ADP easily? yahoo calls it "X" rank? My league is a 0.5PPR, not sure if they have done a separate rank for that.
  2. Goddard439

    What settings should I choose?

    My 12 team league starts 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 Flex (RB, WR or TE) 1 K 1 DEF My question revolves around the fact that our bench is limited to seven players but is virtually unrestricted by position. I can have a max of 3 Kickers, 3 TE's and 3 Def's. A max of 4 QB's and a max of 8 WR's and 8 RB's. I am trying to decide how to set my Quantity of backups at each position, along with the baseline adjustment factor to give me the best valued players. It's feasible for me to draft 5 or 6 RB's and/or WR's and have no back up QB or TE (I will not have a back up K or DEF), and rely on waiver wires for bye weeks. However if the next best value player is a TE and my settings aren't right the TE doesn't show on my rankings. What settings should I choose to give the best value considering I have no idea how many of each position will be drafted. Heck last year there were 2 teams that drafted 2 RB's and 3 teams that drafted 6 or more. I will likely end up with 2 QB 4-6 RB 4-6 WR 1-2 TE maybe 3 with the depth this year 1 K 1 DEF A couple years ago I had 6 RB's and 6 WR's and just used waiver wires to fill in bye weeks for other positions. But if I plug "2" into starters and "4" into back ups, it calculates 72 RB and WR being drafted and drastically changes their value, skewing my results dramatically making the top 50 picks RB's with some WR's scattered in. What do you recommend? (My draft is Sunday) Thanks for your help... Chris
  3. @WeTlkFntsySprts

    Official ESPN Week 1 Rankings Posted

    ESPN Rankings from Berry, Harris, Karabell and Cockroft Anyone else think Carson Palmer at QB16 is a little low against the Chargers? Cam Newton at 13 too high....Russell Wilson at 8? Emmanuel Sanders jumps up to WR12 Antonio Gates and Ladarius Green ranked ahead of Travis Kelce...boooo
  4. Below you will find my team followed by the other 9 teams in my league. They are in the order of our current standings after week 4. I also listed some current waiver wire players below. I am in 1st place and I want to know if there is any way I can improve my team. These are essentially the questions I'm sparking with this post: What trades can I make with other teams to improve mine? Are any of these waiver wire players worth picking up? Whose team is best in this league? Am I looking alright going forward? I AM knowledgeable about football, but I would like the opinions of other knowledgeable Fantasy managers. And of course, leave a link and I will answer yours... All the scoring settings are below in my signature... Thanks to everyone who takes the time!!! My Team (3-1) QB: T Romo, P Rivers WR: B Marshall, D Amendola, P Garcon, K Thompkins, S Johnson, E Sanders RB: A Foster, M Forte, L Miller, D Woodhead TE: J Cameron, J Thomas, G Olson K: D Bailey D: Bears Team A (3-1) QB: T Brady, E Manning WR: D Bryant, J Nelson, H Nicks, B LaFell RB: J Charles, R Bush, J Bell, R Matthews, L Bell, W McGahee TE: J Witten K: P Dawson D: Chiefs, Seahawks, Patriots Team B (3-1) QB: A Rodgers, J Cutler WR: R Wayne, V Jackson, A Brown, J Jones, L Moore, A Jeffery, S Holmes RB: F Gore, M Jones-Drew, D Williams, D Wilson, TE: A Gates, B Celek K: S Gostkowski D: 49er's Team C (3-1) QB: M Ryan WR: A.J. Green, D jackson, M Colston, J Gordon, C Shorts, M Floyd RB: D Martin, S Jackson,S Ridley, J Starks, R Mendenhall, R Jennings TE: T Gonzalez, J Cook K: M Prater D: Cowboys Team D (3-1) QB: C Kaepernick, R Wilson WR: L Fitzgerald, V Cruz, M Austin, R Rueben, J Blackmon, R Cooper RB: A Morris, M Lynch, M Ingram, J Rodgers TE: M Bennett, O Daniels K: B Walsh D: Falcons, Buccaneers Team E (2-2) QB: RG3, M Vick WR: J Jones, R Cobb, E Decker, T.Y. Hilton, P Harvin, D Hopkins, E Royal RB: L McCoy, E Lacy, S Vereen, B Brown, B Pierce TE: J Graham K: C Sturgis D: Colts Team F (1-3) QB: M Stafford, M Schaub WR: D Thomas, J Edelman, N Washington, S Rice, M Williams, D Avery RB: D Murray, CJ Spiller, T Richardson, D Richardson, B Tate TE: J Finley, K Winslow K: G Zuerlein D: Panthers Team G (1-3) QB: D Brees, G Smith WR: C Johnson,W Welker, T Smith, G Jennings, G Tate, T Austin, D Moore, J Simpson RB: B Powell, J Snelling, B Green-Ellis TE: R Gronkowski, C Clay K: M Bryant D: Bengals Team H (1-3) QB: A Luck, J Flacco WR: A Johnson, A Boldin, D Bowe, B Hartline,L Hankerson, A Collie RB: R Rice, C Johnson, G Bernard, D McFadden, A Ellington TE: V Davis, C Fleener K: D Akers D: Texans Team I (0-4) QB: P Manning, C Newton, B Rothlisberger WR: R White, S Smith,M Wallace, D Bess RB: A Peterson, D Sproles, K Moreno,F Jackson, A Bradshaw, I Pead TE: B Myers, K Rudulph K: S Janikowski D: Ravens WAIVER WIRE QB: T Pryor, A Smith, A Dalton, S Bradford, C Palmer, B Hoyer, R Tannenhill WR: M Brown, R Woods, C Givens, J Cotchery, D Baldwin, S Moss, K Wright, R Broyles RB: P Thomas, C Ogbonnaya, R Helu, R Hillman, M Ball, L Blount, B Boldin, M Goodson TE: D Clarke, J Gresham, S Chandler K: N Novak, D Carpenter, G Hartley, A Henry D: Titans, Broncos, Vikings, Browns, Bills, Cardinals, Saints, Lions
  5. sdbrev210

    Using the Options Tab

    I've been using draft buddy/FF Today for six years now and have always passed over the "options" tab, not exactly knowing how to make use of the "Overall Rankings/Custom Baselines" and "Average Projections / Allocation Keys" features to my advantage. I have left them alone, thinking it's over my head and I may unduly influence my rankings if I start jacking with this. I'm curious... 1) how to use this function/feature, 2) if it can be used to really improve the accuracy of my player rankings, and 3) does it really make a difference? I'm a loyal supporter of FFToday and have used draft buddy and the site during the season to 4 top 3 finishes, 2 trips to the finals and one championship in 6 years. It works. Can I make it work any better? Thanks for reading and for any help /suggestions. Steve Brandt Coppell, TX
  6. I've been playing fantasy football for 16 years now and my favorite part of the season has always been the draft- and I like to think that I've developed a good sense of how to rank players based on relative value depending on the scoring system. However this year I am entering my first-ever dynasty league- (12 team, standard scoring, NON-PPR, start QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, FLEX, K, DEF) and I am having a difficult time determining where to rank WRs in the first few rounds. From round 3 on I will likely just take the best player available based on positional need, relative value, draft equity, etc.... but getting started is a bit harder. Given the high turnover rate among the top RBs from year-to-year, it would seem smart to go the safe route and take a top flight receiver early. CJ, AJG, Julio, and maybe Dez Bryant would all be first round selections if this were a PPR league. But this is NON-PPR and only start 2 WRs so WRs should drop accordingly. The problem I'm having though is that while their immediate value is less than that of RBs like Ray Rice, Peterson, Foster, they will certainly have much more longevity. But then again this year (and likely for many years to come) RB is extremely shallow whereas WR is quite deep. Here's what I'm thinking for my top 15 (I pick at 10 and 15). We're having a separate rookie draft where I pick 3rd (planning to take Bell, Bernard, Austin, or Ball). 1. Doug Martin 2. Trent Richardson 3. CJ Spiller 4. Calvin Johnson 5. Jamaal Charles 6. LeSean McCoy 7. Adrian Peterson 8. AJ Green 9. Arian Foster 10. Ray Rice 11. Alfred Morris 12. Julio Jones 13. Dez Bryant 14. Jimmy Graham 15. Matt Forte others to consider- (A.Rogers, M. Lynch, D. Wilson, A. Luck, C. Newton, D. Thomas) Right now I'm thinking I'll go RB-RB giving me two of the following (Foster, Rice, Morris, Forte) but I can't stop thinking that it would be silly to pass on the long-term value of Julio, Dez, or Graham (even in Non-PPR, start 2 WRs). Thoughts?? Show me what your top-15 would be. Anyone out there in a non-ppr dynasty?