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10 team, Standard Scoring, Keeper League (Keep 1 player from previous year and lose that round), all TDs 6 pts. Drafted out of the nine spot.


1. Megatron (WR)

2. M. Forte (RB)

3. V. Cruz (WR)

4. D. Martin (RB) (Keeper)

5. L. Miller (RB)

6. J. Nelson (WR)

7. M. Ball (RB)

8. C. Kaepernick (QB)

9. J. Gordon (WR)

10.K. Rudolph (TE)

11.Ravens (DEF)

12.D. Hopkins (WR)

13.A. Dalton (QB)

14.R. Bullock (K)

15.Joq. Bell (RB)


let me know you thoughts on this team. Will Help and rate yours!

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I agree with Sean although Megatron has the ability to cover your potential WR issues... I think your running game is solid. Considering you took your QB in the 8th you have a great athlete but will he be able to produce the numbers is another question.


Good luck this year...;-)


I had the 5th pick in a 10 team league.... PPR... 6 td.... with the QB getting 4 on a td..


We aren't done yet...


But I am happy so far...


1- Megatron







8-R.Wilson (QB)





picking Kicker next and then hoping to handcuff Lynch with Micheal



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I don't like Lamar Miller... he seems like an ok back I don't know if I would have take him before Lacey. Monte Ball a week ago was 3rd RB... I still believe in Moreno unlike the Broncos org.


Those 2 have running back committe disasters.... Miller seems less affected. Nice save on ur QB draft though.


I don't like ur 3-4 WR... Josh Gordon is suspended but I guess he's ok bye fillin. My biggest concern is Jordy Nelson and Hopkins coming off injury concerns.


I wouldn't of drafted Ravens D so high maybe gotten a better WR/RB 3... yeah they won the sb... but they looked awful last few weeks of regular season... Manning shredded them. Lewis gave them energy and without Reed... I see a good but not great D.


Ur last pick... maybe gotten Daniel Thomas or Moreno... likely one is available handcuffs for ur other 2 RBs.

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Team isn't bad other than the obvious. You're top two wr's are both hurt. In a ten team league there is no reason to have Joique Bell on your team. I would rather take a flier on a WR that has some potential.

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