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How To Take Advantage Of 0-3 Team?

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10 Team PPR League

I'm 3-0 and I want to take advantage of a team that is 0-3


I'm thinking to trade my TE J Thomas for D Sproles.


Is that my best bet?


Is that fair?


Could I gain more with a bigger trade?

My Team:
QB: T Romo, P Rivers
WR: B Marshall, D Amendola, P Garcon, S Johnson, E Sanders, K Thompkins
RB: A Foster, M Forte, L Miller, D Woodhead
TE: J Cameron, J Thomas, G Olsen
K: D Baily

His Team:
QB: P Manning, C Newton, B Rothlisberger
WR: R White, M Wallace, S Smith, D Bess
RB: A Peterson, K Moreno, D Sproles, F Jackson, A Bradshaw, I Pead
TE: B Myers, K Rudolph
DEF: Ravens
K: S Janikowski


Anybody see an acceptable trade that would benefit me while giving him more depth?????


Thanks, I will answer your questions

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Hmm he seems to be hurting in the TE position so i think it will be pretty easy to get that trade off if you really want to. You might want to try to get cam newton from him! Maybe Phillip rivers and j. thomas for dsproles and cam newton.

thanks for answering my question btw

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I don't think you need Sproles... When would you play him? I'm with Andy. Make a deal for Cam. I think he's an upgrade over romo the rest of the season. If he will flip you Sproles in the deal Andy suggests, try and turn him around for a Wr2-3. To some other team.

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I agree with trying to get cam as a first option.


I would also test his patience with Roddy. Maybe Thomas and Amendola for Roddy. I don't trust Amendola's health ROS and Roddy could be a nice boost for your team in the playoffs. You have enough receivers to wait for Roddy in the second half and he gets a much needed TE1 and a good receiver (when he plays).

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