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Trades...What Do You Think?

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Auction League, 12 team, .5 ppr. Started the day with



Lacy, D Martin (have handcuff for each)

Antonio Brown, Floyd (AZ) either Quick, J Hill, Royal, Tate or DJax at Flex


Bal Def

Phi Kicker


needless to say my team is 0-4. So i traded Lacy, Brown and Cousins for Brees and Mccoy. what do you think?


Separately i traded D Martin and Rainey for Percy and Shonne Greene. so this week my roster is:



Mccoy and tate

Floyd (AZ), Harvin and either Quick, J Hill, Royal or DJax at Flex


Bal Def

Phi Kicker


I think i massively upgraded. what do you think

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