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Bier Meister

Draft round 3

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3.01 Heavy Set: Brandon Cooks, wr, nep

3.02 Voltie: Deandre Hopkins, wr, hou

3.03 Taint: Dalvin Cook, rb, min

3.04 Shots: Lamar Miller, rb, hou

3.05 Hallway: Davante Adams, wr, gbp

3.06 Dr. Dj: Marshawn Lynch, rb, oak

3.07 Bier: Michael Crabtree, wr, oak

3.08 Herb: Tom Brady, qb, nep

3.09 WW: Keenan Allen, wr, lac

3.10 Vudu: Joe Mixon, rb, cin

3.11 colts: Demaryius Thomas, wr, den

3.12 Mookz: Travis Kelce, te, kcc

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I think Lynch will disappoint. I'm hoping not but just have that feeling. Was hoping to see Dalvin fall.


I almost took Mixon myself and instantly regretted not doing it but have since decided I'm happy with Allen. Mixon is super talented but might take some time to establish a role worthy of a top 35 pick

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my strategy: i was planning to draft rb, cooks, kelce (i believe he will be the top scoring te this season). starting off with 2 rb, i wanted to go wr. in round two i was debating between cooks and cooper. i believe that crabtree is a 1b wr and will post similar numbers to cooper.

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