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  1. WhiteWonder

    2024 EdEx Winter Meetings

    I just need to know which LIV event we are adding to the schedule
  2. How many new jobs are low paying and/or part time? or stuff like this snippet, which is classic reading a headline and probably not the body of the article The increase in employment includes tens of thousands of autoworkers and actors who returned to their jobs after strikes, and others in related businesses that had been stalled by the walkouts, meaning underlying job growth is slightly weaker.
  3. ”less overall than last year”? Is this an accomplishment? Being better overall than steaming shit is just warm shit
  4. WhiteWonder

    Saudi Golf Tour

    Well I don't disagree at all about the watered down feeling. The funny thing is that LIV has not banned it's golfers from playing events on other tours. That is all the PGA/R&A. Now some of the guys who left for LIV also cited the lighter schedule as a reason, so maybe they would have no interest in playing any PGA Tour events. But i'd be willing to bet there are still events they want to play. Scottish Open the week before the Open, for example. Fans who care most about the watered down aspect should be hoping a merger goes through. It's really the best situation at this point. Otherwise we will just have to accept that a few more top names are likely to jump ship and if you stick with the PGA as your main golf viewing, you'll have to be open to new talent coming up from Korn Ferry.
  5. WhiteWonder

    Saudi Golf Tour

    They don't matter to me either but I think this is where most golf fans are failing to acknowledge that the events we all care about have had a tremendous amount of time to grow in prestige. The PGA Tour wasn't formed until the 60's, as it was its own breakaway tour in a sense. the first Players championship was in 1974. Was it nearly as popular with fans back then as it is today? The Fedex Cup was introduced in 2007. Top players didn't even care for the format and would skip events if they could. After many tweaks, the tour championship is now up there in the top 10 or so events on the calendar. All the WGC events began in 1999, the match play was pretty popular with fans. Now they are gone. Any new tour or league is going to need time to build any kind of prestige. that's why the whole "we play for history and prestige" argument used by the PGA was kin of silly. You were the only game in town, you obviously had a stranglehold on all the prestige. That's why they were so upset that the various governing bodies of the major championships allowed LIV golfers to play.
  6. WhiteWonder

    Saudi Golf Tour

    I am still of the opinion that more than 1 tour/league can be good for the game. Of course, I agree with you in the fact that we all know the up front money is the deciding factor for these players. As for the product, it's in its infancy. If you want to do something a little different than the only thing we have ever had, you're going to have to try and be creative. I don't like shotgun starts as it feels too "beer league, company outing". the team aspect is somewhat interesting, depending on what they do with it. As I mentioned before, they are obviously trying the soccer club thing and if it works out, I think that will be very good for them. 3. This is not a perfect comparison but it's the best I have off the top of my head considering golf doesn't have franchises... the Yankees under George. Baseball without a salary cap allowed the Yankees to sign whoever they wanted. Is that true free agent competition? At the end of the day, I still believe you only have the PGA to blame for what has transpired and how you feel about golf. There were so many ways and times that they could have thwarted what they knew was coming but they chose to stick their head in the sand. 1. Shouldn't have stopped Norman from trying in the past. Maybe Saudi money wouldn't have ever been involved. 2. Be less greedy. - sure, the PGA doesn't have Saudi money, but Phil was proven correct. They had way more money than they were letting on. Hence the magical purse increases, PIP fund, etc. 3. Contract your talent. - players like guaranteed money. It's not how golf has been but it's how most other sports are. Sometimes you have to adapt. If Lebron gets paid regardless of if he is injured or even just sits games to rest, why wouldn't Rahm, Rory, etc want that too? If they had rolled out a contract system, especially for top talent, back in 2021... LIV is probably dead already. 4. Again, they should have been proactive with changes instead of head in the sand, making bold statements that Jay couldn't ultimately back up. Why does the PGA suddenly have an offseason this year? Finally back to no more year round fedex points so tour players don't feel like they have to play all year. It's just one example but this is something the tour could have changed a few years ago to make the players happier. When you're the only game in town, you can do whatever you want. They underestimated what was coming and now all they can do is make reactionary changes.
  7. I love this, as a non Yankee fan. Placating the fans for possibly just 1 season. Juan Soto is great. the Yankees need a lot more than Soto. On it's own, I don't hate the trade. But bigger picture it means the Yankees will have to start spending (Yankee style spending) , going to cost a boat load to keep him after 2024. Also, if I were a Yankee fan, i'd sort of be questioning why they were not willing to part with any of their trade chips in the past for upgrades but now, all of the sudden, because they missed the playoffs, they are willing to do it for a possible rental.
  8. WhiteWonder

    Golf balls to travel shorter distance by 2030

    Unfortunately they should have maxed the ball years ago instead of now “rolling it back”. People don’t get upset at things stay the same (if they are fun) but no one wants to take away. But now they have reached a point where pros hit silly long drives. Tiger woods was hitting 340 at the Hero and he’s a gimp who has barely played. I suspect the next target will need to be golf shafts. Or more so that shaft manufacturers will find a way to tinker and tweak and add that 5 mph to swing speed since the claim is that it will take an extra 5 mph to drive the ball the same distance as now.
  9. WhiteWonder

    Golf balls to travel shorter distance by 2030

    What will you do for golf balls by July?
  10. WhiteWonder

    Golf balls to travel shorter distance by 2030

    Just have everyone play @edjr ‘s tee shot.
  11. WhiteWonder

    Saudi Golf Tour

    Pga tour dropped the ball at basically every turn
  12. WhiteWonder

    ***2023 Fantasy Geek Balls League*** Season Thread

    just has to win and get losses from cloaca and rusty. Neither losing team would come close to outscoring him by the necessary points to win a division tie breaker. he has a better chance than Shore
  13. most we are going to get is 4, I think. Fraft 4!
  14. WhiteWonder

    How do you reheat Pizza

    400 degrees for 10 minutes seems like overkill. but yes, oven for me as well. I like it a little crispy. Toaster oven works fine too. I'd rather eat it cold than use a microwave
  15. i think we should do the 3/2. this is literally the most random of random with amateur partners. if anyone is turned off by an odd number for a snake draft we can go 1-X, X-1, X-1