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  1. WhiteWonder

    July 2021 Mock

    id be in again
  2. WhiteWonder

    2021 Season Discussion

    hah. Looking back on that quote I will freely admit that Rich Hill has exceeded my expectations. Then again, will he be able to stay healthy? And with Glasnow on the shelf, he is now the Rays Ace. Not something you want to rely on. Archer was predictable bad. Wacha hasn't found anything.... While Morton has been average, he is still capable of going out and having really nice games like he did recently against the Mets. I was probably wrong, it was probably time to move on from Snell. He can't get deep into games. I still hate how they treated him but maybe it was for the best. We hit home runs and score runs and we had that great stretch of winning baseball but we've lost 7 in a row as I am typing this. I am glad Wander is up and glad Tsutsugo is gone but the team still has too many moving pieces for my liking. I can only pray Glasnow recovers with rehab and is effective in the playoffs. IF we even make it.
  3. WhiteWonder

    Nobody likes Bryson

    not saying I like Bryson. I don't..... but sure, I trust "no laying up"... that account seems totally unbiased I've never liked Bryson or Justin Thomas. They were probably my least favorite golfers.... but its been hard for me to ignore how much of a tool Brooks is. Did you know hes a super cool athlete and not a golf nerd? Or that he had a hurt knee? I dont think he's mentioned it and he gets bleeped out in interviews.. What a badass.
  4. WhiteWonder

    ***EdEx U.S. Open***

    US OPEN FINAL 1. Lager -1 (-2, -1, +2) 2. KSB E (-1, -1, +2) 3. Cloaca +6 (+1, +2, +3) 4. Wonder +8 (-1, -1, +10) 5. Alias MC (-4, -3, MC) [2] *tie break top golfer -4 after round 2 6. Dain MC (E, +2, WD) [2] *tie break 2nd golfer +2 after round 2 7. Fumble MC (E, +3, MC) [2]
  5. WhiteWonder

    ***EdEx U.S. Open***

    At least I made a $5 bet on Rahm this morning. Paid me out $67.50 and that Neimann top South American bet paid off $20 also win a fatty Reed top 20 and a Xander under 71.5 round one. lost a Westwood top 40 and a Cink top 40.
  6. WhiteWonder

    ***EdEx U.S. Open***

    Indeed. looks like I have 4th wrapped up and will drop in the edex. I didn’t have enough bullets like the guys with 6 making the cut. I have to count Hoffman’s +10
  7. WhiteWonder

    ***EdEx U.S. Open***

    looks like my big mistake this event was picking Phil instead of Scheffler. Oh well... Just need Hoffman to shoot -4 tomorrow and Casey and Xander to each shoot -2 or better... maybe -4 team total can win.
  8. WhiteWonder

    ***EdEx U.S. Open***

  9. I need them to win 8 of their next 22 before the AS Break. Timmysmith is looking good.
  10. WhiteWonder

    What is the two best things in life ?

    At least when San Andreas is on I can say I’m watching for more than The Rock.
  11. WhiteWonder

    ***EdEx U.S. Open***

    US OPEN ROUND TWO 1. Lager -1 (-1, E, E) [6] 2. Wonder +1 (-2, +1, +2) [4] 3. KSB +4 (+1, +1, +2) [5] 4. Cloaca +6 (E, +3, +3) [6] 5. Alias MC (-4, -3, MC) [2] *tie break top golfer -4 after round 2 6. Dain MC (E, +2, WD) [2] *tie break 2nd golfer +2 after round 2 7. Fumble MC (E, +3, MC) [2]
  12. WhiteWonder

    ***EdEx U.S. Open***

    this is a bloodbath MCs will earn edex points
  13. WhiteWonder

    ***EdEx U.S. Open***