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  1. WhiteWonder

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    You rejected me before we got Twinsdad (and before you knew I like Velveeta) but you are the first in line of anyone drops out
  2. WhiteWonder

    The Arch Deluxe (McDonalds Burger)

    Arch Manning?
  3. WhiteWonder

    What Do The Pittsburgh Pirates Do With The 1 Pick ?

    Probably no draft in sports that matters less than MLB. You want to pick good players throughout but rats asss on having a certain pick. whoever their scouting department feels is the best player in the draft (which should be taking the long term into consideration).
  4. WhiteWonder

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Zeke has looked much better the last few games but anyone who says Zeke = Pollard is not watching. There’s really no argument to be made. Pollard is more explosive and more versatile. I’m glad Zeke is playing well and it’s a great thing for Dallas to have that tandem but stop
  5. WhiteWonder

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    Good lord give it a rest. whatever team comes out of the JFC (appropriately named I might add) will have had more luck than most, yes. But that’s FF. That’s NFL as well. Divisions are probably more common in FF than not. “High stakes leagues don’t use divisions” is also false. High stakes sponsored leagues and tournaments yes, but there are plenty of massive buy in leagues that roll 12 teams 3 divisions. If the team who comes out of that division overcame injuries and used solid in season management to make it and solid decision making to win some playoff games, good for them.
  6. WhiteWonder

    I have Cancer :/

    good to hear, my man. Keep it up.
  7. WhiteWonder

    Fantasy Geek Balls League - Season Chatter

    Playing for a higher draft pick next year. Smart
  8. WhiteWonder

    Biden’s America

    I was aware. Just taking the opportunity for an additional joke.
  9. WhiteWonder

    FF Playoffs: QB2 = Goff, or M. White?

    do you have to drop Goff? Week 15 the Lions and Jets are h2h. I don't expect Wilson to be starting so long as the Jets are in playoff contention. I think I would rather start Mike White against Detroit than Goff against the Jets secondary, especially in NY.
  10. maybe they want him getting some action while not actually having to cut on passing routes? let him use his straight line speed? He is coming back from a torn ACL, after all... and the Lions don't really need him to make an impact right now. They are capable of scoring without him and he would not put them over any sort of hump for this season. then again, they could have simply trotted him out there for a dozen deep balls. Although everyone knows what a gunner is going to do, if you put him on offense and the D knows he's only running straight downfield, you've instantly hampered your offense.
  11. WhiteWonder

    Biden’s America

    Away from me homo!
  12. WhiteWonder

    Biden’s America

    I hate Biden but to say he's the worst president in history is idiotic. Might not even be the worst of our lifetimes thus far.