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  1. WhiteWonder

    2020 Season - League Fees/Prizes

    Keep mine for next year. If covid gets me, use it to send me some flowers
  2. WhiteWonder

    2020 Season - What To Do?

    My balls are already pretty hefty
  3. WhiteWonder

    2020 Season - What To Do?

    I agree with all of this although I would probably say we don’t keep the same rosters next year. Keepers can be done off 2020 rosters but I think most owners would like a fresh draft given new information (new injuries, players being a year older, contract situations and free agency) soon don’t think we can just freeze the rosters and use them again for 2021. im not sure if that was being suggested. If not you can kindly ignore me
  4. WhiteWonder

    **Golf Talk** thread

    I’m looking to buy a ore owned 3 wood off eBay. Looking at ping cruzer, didn’t you used to or still do play a ping that you loved? G25?
  5. WhiteWonder

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    Thanks Reed and Kisner
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  7. WhiteWonder

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    Never thought of that. Very true
  8. WhiteWonder

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    Poulter and Webb -11. Rose and grace +1. For now
  9. WhiteWonder

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    Nice call
  10. WhiteWonder

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    Changed up the first lineup a little. Rose and Grace in place of Simpson and Poulter.
  11. WhiteWonder

    DraftKings - PGA Tour

    I have two lineups Rose Reed Hatton Kuchar Kisner Grace ——————————————- Deshamlow Reed Hatton Kisner Poulter Sabbatini Final lineups
  12. WhiteWonder

    *2020 June Mock No-Hassle Analysis*

    Thanks for the insight! As always.
  13. WhiteWonder

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    Bought GE yesterday and sold today. +$979 look at meeeee! all joking aside I’ve really enjoyed the short term trading through all of this. Wouldn’t mind another pull back