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  1. WhiteWonder

    Cooks with Mills at the helm

    Quantity doesn’t equal quality. Looking at 10 team mocks? Don’t hurt yourself , kid.
  2. WhiteWonder

    Best FFtoday names ever?

    Johnson, Johnson Rose. See it was a jab at GF’s alias and also had a hint of immature humor.
  3. WhiteWonder

    Cooks with Mills at the helm

    Cooks shouldnt have gone past the late 7th / early 8th in any league with experienced owners.
  4. WhiteWonder

    *** Ridin Your Mom Cup ***

  5. WhiteWonder

    Best FFtoday names ever?

    Mahan Day
  6. WhiteWonder

    ***2021 Ryder Cup***

    Just for fun and because I would like at least some drama im going to say it takes until match 7 Rory gets his head out of his asss and wins, Lowry halves, Rahm wins, Sergio wins, Morikawa and DJ win leaving the criticized Brooks to earn the winning point.
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  8. WhiteWonder

    *** EdEx Ryder Cup ***

    Everyone is capable of grabbing 4 points tomorrow. No one has two guys playing each other. Will make it interesting and bring anyone within 4 points into the picture.
  9. WhiteWonder

    *** EdEx Ryder Cup ***

    I like it. Years ago, myself Ed and Pat did a 3 person draft using the same scoring before the Edex was invented. I will agree that a regular event is a little more fun but I think a draft for the Ryder cup brings more strategy into play. - you could draft all americans or all euros to eliminate the chance of ever having players play against each other, or do a 3-1 split to limit the chances. - you can try and pick up some players you think will play together so a win nets you 2 points in one swoop. Risk/reward there. Lager attempted this with Rory/Lowry. - early on, you have to decide if you want to draft players coming in with the best form or players likely to play in the most matches (hopefully both). This is why Sergio was higher on my list than some guys who were/are playing better. I expected him to team with Rahm for 3 or possibly all 4 matches on the first two days. Its why my top 3 was Rahm, JT and Rory. I thought they were all locks to play all 4 matches even though the flow of the event dictated rest for JT and Rory being out of sorts lead to him sitting. It's also why I goofed when I forgot about Hovland in round 2 as I had a feeling he would go all 4, though he didn't do much.
  10. WhiteWonder

    *** EdEx Ryder Cup ***

    Ryder Cup 2021 Sunday singles matchups (ET) Match 1 (12:04 p.m.) – Xander Schauffele (USA) vs. Rory McIlroy (EUR) Match 2 (12:15 p.m.) – Patrick Cantlay (USA) vs. Shane Lowry (EUR) Match 3 (12:26 p.m.) – Scottie Scheffler (USA) vs. Jon Rahm (EUR) Match 4 (12:37 p.m.) – Bryson DeChambeau (USA) vs. Sergio Garcia (EUR) Match 5 (12:48 p.m.) – Collin Morikawa (USA) vs. Viktor Hovland (EUR) Match 6 (12:59 p.m.) – Dustin Johnson (USA) vs. Paul Casey (EUR) Match 7 (1:10 p.m.) – Brooks Koepka (USA) vs. Bernd Wiesberger (EUR) Match 8 (1:21 p.m.) – Tony Finau (USA) vs. Ian Poulter (EUR) Match 9 (1:32 p.m.) – Justin Thomas (USA) vs. Tyrrell Hatton (EUR) Match 10 (1:43 p.m.) – Harris English (USA) vs. Lee Westwood (EUR) Match 11 (1:54 p.m.) – Jordan Spieth (USA) vs. Tommy Fleetwood (EUR) Match 12 (2:05 p.m.) – Daniel Berger (USA) vs. Matthew Fitzpatrick (EUR)
  11. WhiteWonder

    *** EdEx Ryder Cup ***

    what i mean is, there is no chance two of his players are playing against each other. you have the same advantage but 3 points back of cloaca. will be interesting to see how the matches fall.
  12. WhiteWonder

    *** EdEx Ryder Cup ***

    thats what I had it as. At this point, advantage ADP as he knows he wont be sharing any point opportunities with all Americans.
  13. WhiteWonder

    *** EdEx Ryder Cup ***

    i had that this morning and it resulted in a whopping 1 point of a possible max 3.
  14. WhiteWonder

    *** EdEx Ryder Cup ***

    And I’ll be lucky to have two of my players going this afternoon
  15. WhiteWonder

    *** EdEx Ryder Cup ***

    Wasn’t watching all morning was following on my phone. Saw that hatton and Casey clawed to one down and Brooks and Berger were only one down. I flip it on and the first two things I see are Berger playing from a bunker after Sergio knocks it stiff and then hatton lipping out and DJ wins the hole. good job team. I am such a jinx