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Bier Meister

Draft round 7

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7.01 Heavy Set: Derrick Henry, rb, ten

7.02 Voltie: Andrew Luck, qb, indy

7.03 Taint: Doug Martin, rb, tbb

7.04 Shots: Willie Snead, wr, nos

7.05 Hallway: Tyrell Williams, wr, lac

7.06 Dr. Dj: Jeremy Maclin, wr, bal

7.07 Bier: Delanie Walker, te, ten

7.08 Herb: Randell Cobb, wr gbp

7.09 WW: Darren Mcfadden, rb, dal

7.10 Vudu: Derrek Carr, qb, oak

7.11 colts: Eddie Lacy, rb, sea

7.12 Mookz: Cameron Merideth, wr, chi

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Although Vudu will never admit it, when you make a move like drafting a suspended star RB in round 1 you have to do one of two things. 1. Be prepared to take hsi handcuff (assuming there is a clear cut handcuff) earlier than you want to or 2. draft a pair of very solid RB's to help you tread water. I speak from experience as a heavy LeVeon owner last season.


I was admittedly being a little dickish by sniping McFadden. I think he is the clear cut handcuff and capable of producing top 10 RB numbers while starting in Dallas. Having 6 weeks of him helped me rationalize burning a pick on someone elses handcuff.


Vudu was in a tough spot as round 6 was probably too early to take DMC but his ADP is in the 7th round right now so picking at the back end of the 7th, you may be out of luck. In my opinion, its going to hurt vudu a little more because he chose to go high risk high reward with Mixon


apart from that FF theory stuff, I love doug martin at his ADP this year in that offense. When you get him in the 7th you should easily be able to weather a 3 game absence.

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yep. when we are dealing with an early suspension or injury, we need to look at coverage for the dates missed. ie: if we draft zeke, martin, etc we need to look at players like demarco, ware, mcfadden, etc to ensure decent starts


edit: but he has blount, and colvin. with him rolling the dice with stewart and mixon

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