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Bier Meister

Draft round 9

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9.01 Heavy Set: Mike Gillislee, rb, nep

9.02 Voltie: Frank Gore, rb, indy

9.03 Taint: Corey Davis, wr, ten

9.04 Shots: den d/st

9.05 Hallway: Theo Riddick, rb, det

9.06 Dr. Dj: desean jackson, wr, tbb

9.07 Bier: Adam Thielen, wr, min

9.08 Herb: Terrance West, rb, bal

9.09 WW: Dak Prescott, qb, dal

9.10 Vudu: Legarette Bllount, rb, phi

9.11 colts: Cam Newton, qb, car

9.12 Mookz: marcus mariota, qb, ten

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i almost, almost took Blount here but decided I wanted to pair Dak with Winston. their schedules line up very nicely, if I recall and im just a big Dak fan in general. In the end, the decision to grab that 2nd QB so quickly was okay as I ended up with a RB I like in PPR with my next pick.



Cam Newton at 9.11 is a steal. McCaffrey is going to open up so much for him in terms of short passing scores and the ability to fake the handoff and run a few in. Big bounce back in store. If he didn't share the same bye week as Winston, I would have absolutely picked him over Dak. Good job by Gary.


a DST in round 9? get out of here. :nono:

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