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Dez Bryant or Mike Evans the rest of the way?

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I have a trade offer I need some help with.


My team:

Tom Brady

Cam Newton (on bench)

Dez Bryant

Michael Thomas


I have an offer on the table for Mariota and Mike Evans for Cam Newton and Dez Bryant.


Dez hasn't had a single 100 yard game this season and I have the opportunity to try and upgrade by trading Cam Newton (since I won't likely be playing him anyway). Problem is, Mike Evans also has had a disappointing season (also zero 100 yard games so far).


When I search for "Rest of the Season" rankings, Mike Evans is considerably higher on the lists, but his performance so for this season hasn't really been much better than Dez.


Dez also has a better fantasy playoff schedule for week 15 and 16 (I already wrapped up a 1st round bye so I'm only worried about week 15 and 16).

Dez plays Seattle (week 15) and @ Phily (week 16).

Evans plays Atlanta (week 15) and @ Carolina (week 16).



So the question is would Mike Evans be an upgrade from Dez Bryant and give me a better chance to win the league in week 15 and 16?



Would you make the trade?

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If it weren't for all the "expert" Rest of the Way Rankings having Evans considerably higher than Bryant, I wouldn't be thinking about this one.

Rest of the Way Rankings:
CBS Sportsline - Evans #5, Bryant #21
ESPN - Evans #4, Bryant #10
Fantasy Pros - Evans #5, Bryant #12
FF Today - Evans #4, Bryant #16

All I am really worried about is week 15 and week 16.

Would you rather have:
Bryant in week 15 vs Seattle (#16 vs WR's), and @ Phily in week 16 (#18 vs WR's)
Evans in week 15 vs Atlanta (#6 vs WR's), and @ Carolina (#11 vs WR's)

Who gives me the better production in week 15 and 16?


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I think I would do it.

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