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Is there a way to use Draft Buddy to upload League on an MFL site

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There is no direct way (good idea), but I've added rosters successfully to the one local league I commish two different ways:


1. Start a live draft and as commissioner go in and make all the picks. Sorting players by ADP, this really didn't take me too long. Probably 10 minutes. The thing I like about this option is it keeps the draft history.


2. Haven't done this one in a few years since I like option 1, but there used to be a spot in the commish setup to import rosters by picking a team and inputting player names into a large text box. You could do that by copying the names from the rosters tab, one team at a time, and pasting them in the box and submitting. Might be one or two not recognizable (team D, rookies perhaps), which you then adjust and try again or select and add later.

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