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Configure for Rosters

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Always have a hard time trying to figure out what do to with our league and the roster inputs.  It is a 1point PPR league


a.       QB 1

b.       RB 1

c.       RB/WR 1

d.       WR 2

e.       WR/TE 1

f.        TE 1

g.       DP 4 (DP can be any defensive player: DT, DE, LB, CB, S)

h.       DB 3 (DB can be either CB or S)

i.         K 1


Only allowed 8 Roster spots.


How would you set it up.?


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Okay, I am thinking this is our best bet...

Starters QB = 1, RB = 1, WR = 3*, TE = 1, K = 1, O-Flex = 1, DL = 0, LB = 0, DB = 3, D-Flex = 4

Backups QB = 1, RB = 2, WR = 2, TE = 0, K = 0, DL = 1, LB = 1, DB = 1

Positions included in the flex check RB, WR, DL, LB, DB

* Since every team must have a TE, then the WR/TE flex spot is really going to be a WR in most cases. Once we get past 12 or so TE, they are not big scorers, so you'll want to fill that spot with a WR.

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