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Draft Buddy: Projections Update 7/1

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2022 Draft Buddy Ready for Download!

-- Purchase Info --

You may make your purchase with your credit card through Paypal, or by check/money order. Please make sure you are logged in with your FF Today Account BEFORE you make your purchase. It will make the purchase process much easier for you.

If you have any trouble logging in to purchase/download the Draft Buddy, please send us an email and we will assist you ASAP.

- Early-bird price of $14.95 through 7/31

- Repeat DB buyers get $3 off!

- Draft Buddy Survivor Contest is free with your purchase. Make your Week 1 pick!

-- System Requirements --

The DB requires a full version of Microsoft Excel in order to function. The benefit of Excel is that Draft Buddy is both Windows and Mac compatible, with one exception - Microsoft lost their heads a few years ago and stripped out vital code making the DB incompatible with Mac Office 2008. The good news is, the DB does work with all other versions of Mac Office, including Mac Office 2011.

-- Projection Updates --

Here's our tentative schedule for projection updates. Unscheduled updates will occur as needed for injuries, player movement, etc. Rest assured, we'll be on top of everything.

6/6 - Initial release
6/16 - Done
7/1 - Done 

7/7 - 
7/14 - 
7/21 - 
7/28 - 
8/4 -
8/11 - 
8/18 - 
8/25 - 
9/1 - 
9/5 -

If you have specific problem or question about the DB, please start a new thread in this forum and we'll be able to respond in a more timely manner. Thanks and happy drafting!


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6/16 Update

IDP update from Antonio. Very light update on the offense side with some minor tweaks to...

- GB running backs
- SEA running backs
- LAR receivers
- NO receivers
- Added RB Jerick McKinnon, KC
- Added QB Nick Foles, IND

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7/1 Update

- Updated the Bucs receivers and TEs for Gronk retiring. Kept Gronk in the Rankings as a free agent.
- Added RB Tyrion Davis-Price, SF
- Added K Jonathan Garibay, DAL

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