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Which Sheet to Draft From

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Switching over draft software and trying DB for the first time this year. My question is...with so many tabs...where do people most often draft from...is there a few key sheets and you hide the rest? Not sure if I'm drafting from Summary, Offense with Notes, etc.

Any feedback would be appreciated

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Unfortunately this forum doesn't get a lot of feedback any more. We have a lot of vet users who don't ask nearly the questions they used to. lol. But new users always welcome! Glad to have you aboard!

I like the offense tab the most, myself. Nice thing about Excel is people can make a lot of changes to customize Draft Buddy to their liking. I've seen tabs highlighted, moved to the front and the back. Lots of different customization. Here is my thinking for my drafts...

The overall tab gives a nice reflection of how valuable positions are for your league relative to one another. However, it runs out of utility before too long because if I draft 2 RB early, then I probably don't want to go with a 3rd RB, even if he is highest remaining overall, because of the WR I'm missing out on. So I kind of have an expected start / Top 20 / first couple rounds plan, and then switch to offense. It has all of the draftable players, all positions (unless IDP), so no searching for players.

Now I will flip around a lot - more for a slow draft than fast draft - if I want to see detailed projections (position tab), compare ADP, compare players on the player tab, etc. I don't draft from summary very often. More to review positions by team. I review rosters a lot to not only look at mine (don't forget to click the + sign above your team) and to see what positions I expect the guys around to me to draft next.

I'll also use the depth tab sometimes very late in a (deeper) draft, where the rank based on projections mean less than potential opportunity if there as injury to a starter.

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Once the draft begins, the tabs I use most are...

- Offense
- Rosters
- Draft Report
- Depth
- Summary

Also, once the draft starts I always hide tabs 1-4 (setup tabs). You can do this from the "action" tab. It makes navigating the tabs a bit easier during the draft.


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Appreciate the feedback guys…looks like I’ll try and run with offense first….in the middle of the draft (7 of 12) so probably won’t have too much use for the roster tab to project…thanks for getting back to me.

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