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FLEX help: C. Patterson, or R. Woods?

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Full-point PPR.  RBs are T. Henry and S. Barkley.  WRs are K. Allen and T. McLaurin.


I've currently got C. Patterson in my FLEX spot.  Thing is - he didn't run for shiite vs. NO last year.  He DID do damage through the air: 6 for 126.  I've also got R. Woods, Home against the lowly NY Giants.  And, I think both NYG DEs / OLBs are OUT.  TEN should manhandle the G-Men, and Woods is far-and-away TEN's best WR.  He's also had good games vs. NYG with LAR: 2/31/1; 6/38; 4/70/2.


Thoughts?  Leave YOUR link, I reply! 

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