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  1. RabidSeaCows

    1/2 point Flex

    Thought about picking up Stidham and start over Minshew. But...Minshew helped get me here...Trust in Pittman!
  2. RabidSeaCows

    Flex help for title

    Highest floor Cook, Ceiling Achane
  3. RabidSeaCows

    1/2 point Flex

    uggg, should of went Minshew and Chandler, lol
  4. RabidSeaCows

    Half PPR, WR, need 1. Reed, Godwin, Flowers,

    Highest floor? Godwin Highest ceiling? Reed
  5. Floor with that roster so I'd go Diontae. always good for 10 points
  6. RabidSeaCows

    Flex WR help!

    If you need a good floor Olave or Kupp High ceiling Puka
  7. RabidSeaCows

    Mostert likely out...Achane vs Balt?

    They were talking about Achane running Waddles routes at times. I'd go with that. Smith, might be a shoot out
  8. RabidSeaCows

    Pick the WRs to help me win a championship

    Chark is going against the worst CB in the NFL. Hopefully they throw it to him. Chark and JSN Too much on the line for me to trust this MN rookie QB will throw it to him or that MN scores more than 6 points today
  9. RabidSeaCows

    Pick an RB2

    Yeah, its close but I'd go Taylor as well
  10. RabidSeaCows

    Flex advice - Chandler or Hubbard

    If I was the Packers D I'd stuff the box. Prove you can throw it...
  11. RabidSeaCows

    Which QB for finals

    If you need a high Ceiling and didn't start Flacco I'd go Murray. Safest floor is Carr
  12. RabidSeaCows

    Champion ship week Defense?

    Broncos. Game of FG's
  13. RabidSeaCows

    QB and Def for the Ship

    Since Olave is playing I think Carr. Who knows, maybe Taysom with throw him a TD pass, lol
  14. RabidSeaCows

    Jones or Conner?

    I'd go Jones. If anyone is scoring for AZ this week its McBride and Murray on the ground. I can see Murray and Hurts trying to outdo each other all game.
  15. RabidSeaCows

    1/2 point Flex

    Mixon @ KC Z White @ IND Chandler vs GB Superflex league with Geoff and Minshew. I could bench one and start 2 of the above. Other team is favored by 7 points so a little risk is in order.