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  1. RabidSeaCows

    Please pick one for Flex. Answer yours.

    Hardman i think he's still returning punts too, if you get points for a DEF TD
  2. RabidSeaCows

    Thoughts on Swift?

    Linsey will play from what the local news says here in DEN and he traveled with the team. They wouldn't risk him going and catching covid if he were still "Questionable". Of course that's no guarantee that he won't stub his toe on the first carry of the game.... I like the Howard pick up. I think he falls in the end zone at least once, maybe twice tomorrow.
  3. RabidSeaCows

    Ryan or Roethlisberger, receiver question

    Start everyone vs DAL! Every week, imo
  4. RabidSeaCows

    keep Kareem Hunt or pickup Nick Chubb

    There's no one else you can drop to have them both?
  5. RabidSeaCows

    Flex for 1/2 point PPR

    Really glad I benched Hasty....Though he'll go off next week i'm sure. I'll have to drop him to make room for Chubb if he comes off of IR. So he'll Explode week 10. Anyone see a reason to start Gurley over Montgomery? I know Gurley will fall in the endzone. But that will still only get me 9.7 points, lol.
  6. RabidSeaCows

    Need 2 WR

  7. RabidSeaCows

    please help with my rbs and wrs

    Edmonds, Fournette, Evans, Thomas, Jefferson Dallas if Thomas doesn't play
  8. RabidSeaCows

    .5 ppr flex this week

  9. RabidSeaCows

    Which WRs to start this week

    John Brown if M Thomas doesn't play, Sanders if he does.
  10. RabidSeaCows

    Flex for 1/2 point PPR

    Thanks! Yeah. Me too. I'm gonna start Montgomery. Easier match up than Gurley and I think he's due this week.
  11. RabidSeaCows


    Doesn't matter he's out with Covid for the next week
  12. RabidSeaCows

    Rogers this week

    I have the same kind of problem this week cause I have Mahomes and Herbert. I'm thinking Mahomes might be thinking he has to keep up with Wilson SEA QB for MVP. Or was last weeks 5 TD's a fluke? After watching the game I got the feeling he was wanting to pad his stats. I also think if this is true Bell will be the bell cow from now on instead of CEH... I know Herbert will get me 23 vs LV. So after long consideration I'm going to stick with Mahomes. I only picked up Herbert for Mahomes bye week next week anyway. Why not pad your stats more if you're Mahomes before your bye week?
  13. RabidSeaCows

    QB Advice (Bye week)

    I suggested to someone Lock last week. I don't know if they listened. But I'd go Lock vs ATL this week as well.
  14. RabidSeaCows

    Flex D. Montgomery or DJ Moore

    If you're projected behind on points I'd go Moore just because of the bonus. But if you're favored to win by 5+ points then go Montgomery for a safe floor and take a risk elsewhere for ceiling. KC's DEF is very good this year.
  15. RabidSeaCows

    Rbs to start .5 ppr league

    I say start Moss/Jones. if jones doesn't go then Zeke