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  1. RabidSeaCows

    gabriel or sutton

    Suppose to be a sloppy game in OAK monday, I'd go Gabriel...???? I guess, if you have nothing on the WW.
  2. RabidSeaCows

    Which RBs and QB?

    I'd lean Watson. Wiliams x2 + Cook
  3. RabidSeaCows

    Which 2 players will help bring home the Championship?

    Agree. SEA has their 2 LB's out so Williams and Kelsey should have a good day. JW over Cohen only because of the snap count.
  4. Jets RB, The Robbie Geoff for QB. I think LA Gets right in passing game with a gimped Gurley
  5. RabidSeaCows

    RB need 2

  6. RabidSeaCows

    Need RB for the Flex and WR#2

    Leave a link if I haven't answered yours yet: 1/2 Point PPR Edelman VS BUF, Scored 25 points vs them earlier this year in Buffalo. No Gordan Mike Evans Vs DAL needs 92 yards to break TB's yard record. Cause Connor is still out: GB vs JETs Jaamal Williams for GB McGuire for the Jets
  7. RabidSeaCows

    need one in ppr league

    Kittle. The guy is matchup proof
  8. RabidSeaCows

    Rodgers or Prescott?

    Dak at home = 20+ points
  9. Blue. No Coutee, no miller, DH has a lame wheel...
  10. RabidSeaCows

    Elijah McGuire or Brandin Cooks PPR flex?

    Cooks. I think LA spends the entire game getting their passing game back on track.
  11. RabidSeaCows

    J Allen or Big Ben? Colts or Phins D?

    Bills get McCoy back. So that should help Allen on dump offs, Look what NO did to Cam Newton on the road. Seems to me they are better vs larger QB;s I'd go Allen
  12. RabidSeaCows

    #2 QB Foles vs Texans or Carr vs broncos?

    Crappy weather expected in OAK tomorrow night, I'd go Foles too
  13. RabidSeaCows

    Chargers at Chiefs: In-Game Discussion

    Man, The 4th quarter was nothing but Ref's controlling the game with bad calls to make up for missed calls. Something tells me Ref's had a meeting about PI /Holding calls last week and their gonna screw up a lot of games this weekend. Think I'll put down some $$$ taking the points and betting overs this week to make up for all the playoff loses I'm bound to have.... I mean if you called the hit to Rivers they get the ball on the 7 yd line 1st and ten with 24 sec left?, but they trade that for a PI call in the endzone for a 1st and goal on the 1..... Andy Reid should of called a 2nd time out since KC was in complete shock over the PI call that wasn't...
  14. RabidSeaCows

    1/2 PPR RB/Flex Help

  15. RabidSeaCows

    D. Johnson for Gronk?

    I own Conner too and i think he's running out of steam. Might have to pick our games to start him. TE's are hard to get and Gronk is a injury risk every play. I'd stand pat and eat the 4-6 point difference you'd get from having Gronk over a WW TE. Remember, NE believes they lost the superbowl because they didn't have Gronk. They are saving him for their playoff run. All these games before the playoffs are just to keep him in shape. JMHO