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  1. RabidSeaCows

    Who to flex week 1

  2. RabidSeaCows

    Flex & WR Help

    Sutton and Davis
  3. RabidSeaCows

    Which WR to start?

  4. RabidSeaCows

    Hunt or Gaskins? 1/2 point PPR

    Leaning Gaskins. NE DEF might be back to its 2019 form?
  5. Is there a wrong answer? Leaning Henry since he plays Houston and Jax twice a year.
  6. SO D.Cook couldn't keep up with Kamara and with Lutz & Cook scoring me 26 points to Kamara's 54 I need High Ceilings. Who would you start? 1 WR + 1 Flex Aiyuk @ AZ, Woods @ SEA, or Metcalf vs LAR. (He scored 4 points vs Ramsey earlier this year. It could also be raining so that helps Metcalf) Flex (The other WR's plus) Sanders @ Dallas, L Bell vs ATL, Gibson vs CAR
  7. RabidSeaCows

    Any Legitimate Reason I should Sit Kamara and Start...

    Yup, In my league for the most money I DOMINATED all year. only lost one during KC's bye week. Of course I have D. Cook, he had Kamara.... #$%^&*!!! Couldn't Brees recover until week 17? lol
  8. RabidSeaCows

    League finals line-up

    Merry Christmas to you as well Weepaws!
  9. RabidSeaCows

    WR dilemma...need some expert thought process

    DJ Moore will outscore all of them....maybe combined?
  10. RabidSeaCows

    Flex for 1/2 point PPR

    bump. I think Swift too but all the "Experts" say JT, lol
  11. RabidSeaCows

    League finals line-up

    Good lineup as is, I'd flex Henderson and Gaskins. If Gaskins wasn't ready to come back and be the #1 RB they will make him inactive.