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NFL Draft 2024 - April 25 - 27 in Detroit

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the last team to host the draft just won the Super Bowl.  And now that the season is finally over, you all have your chance to draft the players needed to get your team over the hump :thumbsup:

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Draft Order - 

1. Chicago (from CAR)
2. Washington
3. New England
4. Arizona
5. LA Chargers
6. NY Giants
7. Tennessee
8. Atlanta
9. Chicago
10. NY Jets
11. Minnesota
12. Denver
13. Las Vegas
14. New Orleans
15. Indianapolis
16. Seattle
17. Jacksonville
18. Cincinnati
19. LA Rams
20. Pittsburgh
21. Miami
22. Philadelphia
23. Houston (from CLE)
24. Dallas
25. Green Bay
26. Tampa Bay
27. Arizona (from HOU)
28. Buffalo
29. Detroit
30. Baltimore
31. San Francisco
32. Kansas City

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