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These topics always seemed to interest me the most. You guys all play some fantasy but also likely have a local team you follow. Tell me what I need to know about the team you like most heading into to the '18-'19 season. For some chiefs you will find:


I'm going to be obnoxious about Pat Mahomes. I have never been witness to my NFL team drafting a 1st round QB except for Todd Blackledge and I think I was three. And that didn't really work out. If this one does, watch out cause you're looking at me being more obnoxious than the most obnoxious Tom Brady fan on this site.

I think it will. I have to cause I am a fan. As for this year I would be cautiously optimistic as a fantasy owner. The O-Line is solid, not all-world but good and should be good enough in run and pass protection and with Mahomes' legs to extend a play he should be ok. It won't be like David Carr experienced in Houston but it wont be what Oakland or Dallas trots out there each week either.

Still, Mahomes has the weapons around him to come into an ideal situation. You'll see him make rookie mistakes and throw some picks, but like the success we have seen from other rookies in the league I think you'll find able to come in and compete at a high level very early in his career.


I have no qualms taking Kareem Hunt as the first RB off the board this year. He's on my favorite team, he can catch the ball, he has other weapons around him to spread the field and the Chiefs will rely heavily on the run with a young QB they are grooming. They aren't going to lay it all on Mahomes' shoulders.


These guys are solid. Hill and Watkins give Mahomes the speeds he needs to catch the long focking ball he can just toss up there. A few times a game they will go deep and I'm sure they are going to connect at times, it happens. I don't really care all that much about who plays the slot, but if you score for distance TDs I would look at Hill as one of your top options and Watkins should perform above his value as well.


Yes, Travis Kelce he is awesome.

I might do defense later when I feel like it :shrug:

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Posted Today, 04:04 PM


QB Rivers- Elite production for ever

RB Gordon- PPR monster, last 5 games after Ekeler got hurt he was a beast, great value end of the 1st round, good shot to lead the league in TD's

WR Allen, Williams, Williams, Benjamin - won't find a much deeper foursome, obviously with Henry out, Keenan is a lock for 160 targets and 100 catches again this year, Tyrell a solid WR3 type, and Mike Williams has a chance to jump into that WR3 category as well with a strong camp

TE Henry - Well I would have put him in the category right after Gronk and Kelce, but now I am bummed

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that was raiders haters revenge post from the geek club, i posted this on the wring board initially

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QB - The team is going to live and die by Wentz. But it's gonna be real interesting to see how Foles plays leading up to Week 1. Nate Sudfeld is a name to keep an eye on. The Eagles brass loves the kid, and if someone loses a QB in training camp or preseason, Foles could be sent packing for a hefty loot.


RB: I don't buy Ajayi dominating snaps. I do see him having the most snaps. Discernible difference. Clement is going to get on the field. I think he's the red zone guy in 2018. Training camp will be interesting to find the other backs though. Smallwood, Sproles, Josh Adams, Donnel Pumphrey all fighting for two spots.


WR: I'm very curious to watch Mike Wallace and Mack Hollins fight for the 3rd WR spot. I think Hollins can win the job iwbh.


TE: Goedert is going to play a lot. His role as a fantasy asset is likely no more than Trey Burton last year. But I think he should be on redraft watch lists.


K: Elliott has a massive leg, he's on a good offense, and he has ice water in his veins.


DST: Jernigan out for a while. Bennett dealing with his shenanigans and recovery. Beau Allen and Vinny Curry left. I like the Eagles front seven, but it is an injury or two away from worrying me a little bit.


Jordan Hicks is an IDP stud when healthy.


Jalen Mills got beat a ton on double moves last year. I want to see him become a more refined coverage corner.

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Coaching - this is the big change this offseason. I, most fans, much of the media, and apparently the general manager, felt the talent on this team was being badly managed. It looked much of the season that the team was winning in spite of the coaching.


Vrabel is of course an unknown. So far, I like what I read. Seems to be a very hands on coach, in their habing players hit him and whatnot. I think he will raise the energy level and intensity of the team.


But the bigger change, I think, was the replacement of our crap OC robiskie with LaFleur. What he has done in the past seems to mesh well with the talent on the roster. Notably, a zone blocking scheme. I think this will help Derrick Henry a ton, rather than the iso fest we saw a year ago.


He also seems to employ a lot of bootlegs and screen passes, both things mariota excels at that were rarely callled.


Heres a video that I think is a good view of what to expect. Its from a Texans fan, so the sunshine and roses isnt homer hype.



I havent heard anything much positive about Corey Davis. That concerns me. And we will be missing out right tackle to start the season. But other than that, Im excited to see where it goes.

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Browns - welcome back football to Cleveland


QB - competent and protects the ball, can scramble for a first down on 3rd and short which will extend drives. He won't be fantasy relevant as a QB1 but might be worth a stash as he'll probably put up a few big games with the weapons at his disposal.


RB - I really like Chubb of this bunch. He's a banger with explosive speed playing beind a great offensive line. Hyde runs upright and gets hurt a lot/easily. Duke got paid but is still a change of pace recving option and that's how he will be used


WR - Gordon, Jarvis and maybe Coleman (if he can stay healthy) are solid to great. This offense finally has multiple playmakers.


TE - Njoku is worth a stash, but I'm more of a wait and see approach with him. He has to prove he can put up some production before I'd insert him into my lineup but he has talent and a high ceiling.


Defense - They finally have a competent secondary so they will be ultra aggressive and get turnovers and likely defensive scores. This front 7 is nasty and they added depth at the LB corps with addition of Kendricks. Look where they ranked last year in overall defense. They are definitely worth a roster spot.

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Chiefs defense has a ton that we won't really know about until the season starts. I probably wouldn't count on the D/ST being a legitimate play this year. If Tyreek continues to return punts you have a chance for a TD every time he touches the ball, but they've been bad on kickoffs and the D just has too many questions to really rely on.


The Chiefs also realized the defense was a liability and invested most of their draft stock into improving the defense this year, which made sense as they have most of the offense pretty well set. In rd 2 they nabbed LB Breeland Speaks, DT Derrick Nnadi and LB Dorian O'Daniel in round 3, S Armani Watts in round 4, and CB Tremon Smith in round five before finally going OL with their sixth pick.


The Chiefs will continue to run a 3-4, going with Chris Jones and Allen Bailey at DE and Xavier Williams at DT. I think Chris Jones can be a monster but the other two are going to have to work on getting some pressure on passing downs but more importantly be able to stop the run. Linebacker is probably the strength of the defense; Led by Justin Houston on the outside, on the other side Dee Ford was taken with the 1st pick in '14 but hasn't lived up to expectations. Now Speaks will add some pressure for him to perform. On the inside the Chiefs added two veterans this past year, Anthony Hitchens from Dallas and Reggie Ragland from Buffalo. Ragland was picked up in the middle of the season last year and performed well and I'm optimistic with what Hitchens can bring. Overall, the front 7 is not overflowing with superstars, and these guys are going to have to put pressure on the QB and be able to stop the run, something the Chiefs did not do very well last year.


And all that because our secondary is probably going to suck. They needed to get rid of Marcus Peters, as talented as he was he was a cancer on the field and in the locker room. It sucks but it is what it is. Now our starting corners are probably Kendall Fuller who was probably one of the best Nickel corners in the league last year with Washington and is only 23, and maybe David Amerson who was drafted in the 2nd in '13 by Washington and most recently played with Oakland but really probably sucks. Or maybe guys you don't know like Steven Nelson or Keith Reaser will be good. I doubt it. At Safety Eric Berry is back so that's good, but at FS it could be Leon McQuay or Robert Golden or somebody else. Exactly, not sure what we can expect. I expect the secondary to get toasted often if the front seven lacks ability to get pressure on the QB.


I like the fact we are investing in the defense via the draft, but with so much to prove and so many unknowns there should be road bumps and opportunity for opposing offenses to put up points on these Chiefs. In terms of just being a team homer, with the offense we have I would expect us to be in just about every game we have, even with a rookie QB. I would be delighted to see them make the playoffs this year but also wouldn't be surprised if they come up short and maybe finish with a 6-10 or 7-9 record. However, the future is extremely bright. Chiefs have an extra second for trading Peters last year in 2019 as well as an additional 7th, after trading their late 1st rounder to SF in '16, and using their '17 and '18 1st rounders to trade up to acquire Mahomes. I am a firm believer that after this year the Chiefs are going to find themselves in the playoffs on a consistent basis. It's a fun time to be a Chiefs fan.

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