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  1. RaiderHaters Revenge

    ‘Punky Brewster’ sequel series ordered at Peacock...

    I actually think she looks like a normal woman
  2. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Weird experience - massage

  3. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Weird experience - massage

    no but I would be ok if it was a girl fingering her
  4. RaiderHaters Revenge

    NYG hire Jason Garrett - OC

    this definitely makes them the favorite to finish 3rd in the NFC Least
  5. RaiderHaters Revenge

    #2A rally/lobby/counter-protest in VA on 1/20

    being a white supremacists isnt a crime
  6. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    I have tried VR, they suck cause i need to wear glasses all the time
  7. RaiderHaters Revenge

    10 top video game weapons of all time

    Sword of 1000 Truths
  8. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    no i live alone now, I have an app on the 65 inch tv with surround sound
  9. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    Had to go do some pornhub research to get to the bottom of this and oh wow it was a nice bottom
  10. https://chicago.suntimes.com/white-sox/2020/1/17/21070686/sign-stealing-jack-mcdowell-tony-larussa-comiskey-park what do we do about this? I assume nothing, but damn they were way ahead of the game
  11. RaiderHaters Revenge

    US housing starts jump 40% annually, the highest in 13 years

    house prices climb racist
  12. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    excuse me mr taxi man, I seem to have left my wallet at my flat, can I suck your cawk instead? you cheeky bastard you have a camera in here no worry its only so nobody tries to rob me
  13. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    awesome, I am in, I always wanna know the story, but didnt want the wife to hear me watching porn
  14. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Weird experience - massage

    your wife is Asian, she went to one of these places with you, she expected you to get a handy and you failed