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  1. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Refugees start fire in Greece to open border into Macedonia

    they were just trying to stay warm
  2. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Texas to Execute John William King 2day.

    I dont know they you get these cases where guys are getting stays cause they are allergic to the lethal injection however you kill someone is how you should die
  3. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Spippery Slopes are real. Here is proof.

    1) you let them get married 2) one of them is actually the most rational democratic candidate for president
  4. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Avengers: End Game

    after he got ripped in half, I didnt stop laughing for a good 5 mins either
  5. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Woman killed by industrial meat grinder...

    Can Size?
  6. RaiderHaters Revenge

    No California Democrat

    I am hoping my 23 and me comes back with some black and more indian than I have been led to believe my grandma was half cherokee, so that should make me at least 12.5 % my mom is a jew by religion but that doesnt get me any points nowadays if I can be 12.5% injun, maybe 5% black, then I can be a two-spirit transgender lesbian (I think that means just a man) I can check alot of boxes
  7. RaiderHaters Revenge

    AOC: VA system has highest quality care

    heard an interesting take that I never really put together, I think it was Crowder during the town hall from last night who equated it to the military basically when it comes to military and medicine we take care of the entire western world as well as tons of developing countries
  8. RaiderHaters Revenge

    No California Democrat

    I’m surprised there is no discussion about those town halls.
  9. RaiderHaters Revenge

    AOC: VA system has highest quality care

    We have ran this experiment in the United States for 20 years now. Private market without regulations works. Lasic eye surgery is the perfect example.
  10. RaiderHaters Revenge

    AOC: VA system has highest quality care

    MDC there is a reason why it’s affordable in other countries. They don’t develop and new procedures or medications. They wait til we discover something then take it and use it. Without the current us healthcare system the rest of the world suffers bottom line no country in the world is even remotely close to the care we provide
  11. my thought is this if we took every dollar wasted on climate change garbage over the last 25 years and put it into nuclear advancement we would all have reactors just like our water heaters that would be 100% safe
  12. RaiderHaters Revenge

    So, Blair Oneal....

    you wouldn't know what to do with one of em much less 2
  13. probably if not everyone that is here falls into this category 1) we believe that the climate in changing 2) we believe man MIGHT be affecting it 3) we don't believe spending trillions on it will fix it 4) we believe that the Earth has gone thru millions of changes and this is just another one 5) mankind has the amazing ability in the 21st century to adapt and this one is for myself CO2 is the latest problem, but CO2 is a net positive, there is more vegetation at this time on the planet than anytime in written history if you aren't 100% on bored with their exact agenda like SOLAR (LOL) then you are a denier not a single discussion around climate change will I ever take seriously until they talk about the nuclear solution (it is the only solution)
  14. and global cooling, and global warming and the world ending in 2013 and the world ending in 12 years, and that they can fix it if we just throw money at them