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  1. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Anyone else pluck their eyebrows?

    this, I have a beard micro trimmer, that I go over my eyebrows once a week or so, also have to pluck a hair here or there in the middle
  2. RaiderHaters Revenge


    I would keep him back, I wish i wasnt the youngest in my class, I could have been a year later. I was playing Varsity baseball on a nationally ranked team as a freshman, when most kids my age were in 8th grade I could have been someone if I had another year in HS
  3. RaiderHaters Revenge

    CBD products in grocery store

    That’s hemp Cbd and it’s fake as crap. Since there are zero regulations on hemp federally and locally they can lie about the Cbd levels and content. Legally I believe it has to test under .28% thc and the Cbd level is irrelevant. But from what we have found the Highest % of Cbd we have ever pulled from hemp is like 5.2. Our Cannabis we pull between 17-19% and its pure. Hemp is grown outdoors exclusively and covered in pesticides a lot of the times or even worst the stuff they sell it extracted from hemp seed oil. While it’s good for you like evo oil, it’s very low in Cbd There is no such thing as 100% anything when it comes to extraction that is one of those trick statements Think of it like alcohol you can say Bacardi 151 is 100% alcohol because it is. But wine is 100% alcohol too. There needs to be a proof method for Cbd and thc example our thc numbers are 24% in flower and 88% in extraction. It’s 100% thc at 88 proof so to speak. Our Cbd is 19/81 hope that helps and I explained it ok
  4. RaiderHaters Revenge

    2019 owesies and sh1t (money)

    my starting lineup is much improved if healthy Ryan Ingram, Dam Williams, Chris Thompson Edelman, Boyd, last chance Parker lol (Gallup) Henry Butker Denver I have no depth but at least I will be more competitive this year I think
  5. RaiderHaters Revenge

    How millennial are you?

    I was going to say the same, I dont think we know what it is. I make toaster waffles, syrup, sausage and eggs and put it together all the time. That doesn't sound very vegan of the list I have had Quinoa, Boba, Avacado Toast (about 20 years ago I was doing that), Acai Bowls daily almost, Cauliflower Rice (and mashed potatoes) Almond Butter and Oat Milk
  6. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Politicians whose families owned slaves

    Illhan Omar is pro slavery as are the rest of the progressives
  7. RaiderHaters Revenge

    How much news do you read/watch/follow?

    I watch a ton of MSNBC cause my mom is an extreme leftist and I watch Shaprio, Crowder, Knowles, Mr. Reagan, No Bullsh1t, Joe Rogan, Klaven, Carolla, and a few other podcasts/youtubes
  8. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Enough with the focking fireworks!!!!

    yep had some going off last night at 1am
  9. RaiderHaters Revenge

    2019 owesies and sh1t (money)

    I know I took over a team, and that year was paid, and the following year was supposed to be paid as well, and then I thought comp its ok though, that was a garbage team I took and then messed up on the years when I was making trades
  10. RaiderHaters Revenge

    2019 owesies and sh1t (money)

    who did I take over for? I thought I had 1 year paid and 1 year comped as part of the deal
  11. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Meet the new PC James Bond

    people with actual money
  12. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Is it racist to hire someone based on their skin color

    Vince Lombardi if your 10 mins early you are 5 mins late, its what I live by
  13. yah I can imagine, especially if there was a doctor who told me not to use Cannabis around here, that would suck even more
  14. RaiderHaters Revenge

    Hypocrisy at its finest

    that one chick got 20 years holy crap crazy