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  1. Call me...Tim?

    I need a unique way to propose

    Glad to see I'm still famous.
  2. Call me...Tim?

    My eating habits need to change

    Avoid refined carbs (bread, pasta, sugary drinks or treats). Instead, think high-nutrient/low-cal.
  3. Call me...Tim?

    Greg Giraldo Dead

    I heard his bit on "bitchez" yesterday morning on XM. Very, very funny.
  4. Call me...Tim?

    How much do you know about religion?

    I got all 15 as well. They were pretty elementary, but one of my degrees is in Religious Studies with emphasis on both Islamic Origins and Pauline Theology, so I should probably be held to a higher standard.
  5. Call me...Tim?

    The Pledge to America

    Off topic, but Mike Honcho is an excellent handle.
  6. Call me...Tim?

    Anyone here take meds for depression?

    Not posting here often, I'll assume this is a real post. Heavy-set, I do struggle with depression from time-to-time (it runs in the family, maternal grandmother institutionalized, father bi-polar, etc.). Usually, I can manage it with a lot of exercise, good diet (avoid processed crap, eat fresh veggies, clean meat and poultry, eggs, dairy), and staying active in pursuit of shorter-term goals (e.g., commit to losing 10 lbs, or doing X chin-ups or learning to be conversational in a foreign language. Having said all that, I was having a real rough time a few years ago. I knew it was too much when I was having a dream wherein I was going to kill myself, woke up before I did, and was disappointed. I went to the Dr., who put me on Cymbalta. He wanted me to take it for only 3 months (that's good, be wary of a Dr. who wants to medicate you long term). I took it for 6 weeks, but it did get me over the hump. Do not be afraid to talk to your doctor about this! The side effects were largely minimal, but good luck busting a nut on that stuff (you can ###### for hours and just never get there). Bottom line, in my non-professional opinion: if you're prone to depression, watch it, find out how you can manage it (as I said, exercise, diet and goal setting help me), but don't be reluctant to seek medical help if it gets to that point. I view my approach as not dissimilar to sickness avoidance: you wash your hands, eat healthy, get exercise, but when you have an infection, you take anti-biotics. Good luck.
  7. Call me...Tim?

    Hey guys

    Was that the first time I blew you off? I don't remember that. I really will meet you for drinks and gay sex, I'm just not a planner.
  8. Call me...Tim?

    Hey guys

    I have an email that I wrote them down in. I still have emails from 1999. I keep everything.
  9. Call me...Tim?

    Hey guys

    Whoa whoa whoa! Let's not take anything off the table. Having said that, we're not here to recruit you to ban you. We've had two deaths and two job chnages. Since we're closed, we have no way to replenish other than active recruitment. Also, you get a picture of Gutter's ###### apparently.
  10. Call me...Tim?

    College Conference Realignments

    coup de gras Why you keep using that phrase? I do not think it means what you think it means.
  11. Call me...Tim?

    nearly half of dipshiat teabaggers pay ZERO federal taxes

    Why do you need police? Seriously.
  12. Call me...Tim?

    My old stompin grounds

    Miss me Mike? How are things?
  13. Call me...Tim?

    The Bacon Tree