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  1. Burt

    Rounds 15 & 16

    15.12 Freddie Freeman, 1B, LAD 16.01 Dansby Swanson, SS, CHC
  2. Burt

    Rounds 17 & 18 done

    17.12 Max Fried, SP, ATL 18.01 Sean Murphy, C, ATL
  3. Burt

    Rounds 19 & 20 done

    19.12 Orlando Arcia, SS, ATL 20.01 Spencer Strider, SP, ATL
  4. Burt

    Rounds 21 & 22 done

    21.12 Ozzie Albies, 2B, ATL 22.01 Austin Riley, 3B, ATL
  5. Burt

    Rounds 23 & 24 done

    23.12 Jarred Kelenic, OF, ATL 24.01 Matt Olson, 1B, ATL
  6. Burt

    Rounds 25 & 26 done

    25.12 Ronald Acuna, OF, ATL 26.01 Michael Harris, OF, ATL
  7. Burt

    2024 Rollin' the Bones : DONE

    I gotta be the first sumbitch to ever roll a 1! And just in case someone else did it, my tie-breaker isn't much higher. Roll One Generating 1 rolls of d100, 10 per line. Comment: 1 -------------------------------------------------- Roll Two Generating 1 rolls of d100, 10 per line. Comment: 12
  8. Burt

    *** 2024 Draft and Season Discussion ***

    I like it. Knowing where I'm drafting helps compile my rankings by position and by who has played for which team.
  9. Burt

    *** 2024 Draft and Season Discussion ***

    In. BUT......looks like I'm moving to the LA area, so I'll probably be switching my team to the Dodgers. Kidding! ##### the Dodgers!!!!
  10. Burt

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    Its even sadder to watch the Dodgers horde every big name free agent and traded player while the Braves sit back and trade for players like Carpenter and Marco Gonzalez, and then turn around and trade them away yet keep paying their contract. I think they're forgetting they need another starting pitcher with a career ERA under 5.00.
  11. Burt

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    Much appreciated. I was kind of worried Snit would rest players, too. I think (hope) he made the right call playing the regulars up through the final game. Baseball is a game of routine. I'm not a huge fan of having almost a week off in the first place (although our pitching staff could use the time!), but to extend that time by giving days off right ahead of it could disrupt that routine. I'm actually rooting for the O's in the AL this postseason. It's a great story! I'd love to see an ATL-BAL World Series.
  12. Burt

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    Thanks. A very surprising win indeed.
  13. Burt

    NCAA Football

    It'll also get your ass kicked on a Saturday afternoon.
  14. Burt

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    Same to you. For what its worth, I think you got me. My Brave SPs, unless Strider pitches 3 times this week, are pretty blah. My hitters are very good, but not good enough to sweep you in hitting.
  15. Burt

    2023 Draft and Season Discussion

    I feel your pain. I just lost a playoff game in my keeper league that way. I led 7-3 as of Friday night, but he chipped away at a couple of categories. Heading into the final game of the night tonight, we were tied 5-5. I had the higher seed so I would have advanced in a tie. I led him by ONE run and he had Carroll and Happ yet to play. All he needed was that one run to tie the category for a 5-4-1 win. He got exactly one run and ruined my shot at a 3-peat. Having Freeman, Acuna, Tucker and Robert all sitting today didn't help my cause. Here's my boxscore.