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  1. Burt

    2019 Season Discussion

    I'd consider donating if we got rid of Yahoo (my annual rant on this shitty platform). Nothing is more infuriating than not being able to make a change to your future roster and having to wait until after midnight Pacific time because "a player has already played today". That's fine, but I'm trying to make a move for TOMORROW. On ESPN, once the first game of the calendar day begins, any transaction made will be reflected for the following day.
  2. Never said I wanted it. I said it may help society a generation down the road. From reading this forum its obvious we've failed somewhere in the recent past. But just for shits, there's a plethora of things I dont like that I still pay for. Tax cuts for the wealthy comes to mind immediately. I'm assuming you're likely for it so why dont you pay for it and spare me?
  3. You ever think maybe we NEED longer school days? Maybe it'd prevent kids from growing up and being insufferable idiots like you dipshits.
  4. Burt

    2019 Season Discussion

    Has anyone gone from winning the league to completely missing the playoffs before me and my Braves this year??
  5. Burt

    2019 Season Discussion

    I vote we leave it on auto-pilot unless we can get someone like posty to finish the season out.
  6. 2.04 again - Fernando Tatis Jr, SS, SD
  7. Well . I'm using my FantasyPros account to see who is available and he was (should pick them up once they are drafted).
  8. Burt

    2019 Season Discussion

    I know you're just joking, but its actually true. I almost took him with my 1.04. Would I have had to drop him after drafting him?
  9. Burt

    Trade announced

    Then you won this trade!
  10. Not sure if this is how its done or not (nor how many rounds we do at mid-season), but if we're just doing reverse order of the standings then here is something to get us started. Sorry if I'm stepping on any toes, but I wont be around after tomorrow evening. 1.01 -- Detroit Tigers - skipped 1.02 -- GuardBluem Jays - Lucas Giolito, SP, CWS 1.03 -- Red Cross Rangers - Luis Castillo, SP, CIN 1.04 -- Teheran Me Apart - Gary Sanchez, C, NYY 1.05 -- Rays Down (trade) - Josh Bell, 1B, PIT 1.06 -- Just A Baby Bear - Domingo German - SP - NYY 1.07 -- Colt .45s - skipped 1.08 -- Royal Moose Dongs - Ketel Marte, OF, ARI 1.09 -- Boston Bound - Chris Paddock, P, SDP 1.10 -- Mookz' Dribbling Os - Josh Hader, P, MIL 1.11 -- Klubbering Time - Brandon Woodruff, P, MIL 1.12 -- Black Trouser Trouts - Pete Alonso, 1B, NYM 1.13 -- Lambert's Lamebirds - Gleyber Torres, 2B, NYY 1.14 -- Estimated Dodger - Aaron Bummer, RP, CWS 2.01 -- Detroit Tigers - 2.02 -- GuardBluem Jays - Victor Robles, OF, WAS 2.03 -- Red Cross Rangers- Eduardo Escobar, 3B, ARI 2.04 -- Teheran Me Apart - Fernando Tatis, SS, SD 2.05 -- Mookz' Dribbling Os - Sonny Gray, SP, CIN 2.06 -- Just A Baby Bear - Taylor Rogers, RP, MIN 2.07 -- Colt .45s - 2.08 -- Royal Moose Dongs - 2.09 -- Boston Bound - 2.10 -- Mookz' Dribbling Os (trade) - 2.11 -- Klubbering Time - 2.12 -- Black Trouser Trouts - 2.13 -- Lambert's Lamebirds - 2.14 -- Estimated Dodger -
  11. Burt

    2019 Season Discussion

    If the sup draft is starting first thing Monday morning, we need to get the word out. Otherwise we'll sit around all day Monday waiting on someone who isn't aware.
  12. 1. Upton - may never even play this year 2. Donaldson - he's been OK 3. A. Simmons - played will in spurts; on DL now 4. Folty - pretty hit or miss since coming off the DL, mostly miss 5. Cahill - I'd drop him but there's really no one to pick up 6. Mallex Smith - wasn't expecting much, but thought he'd at least outhit me