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  1. Burt

    2021 Draft Discussion...

    What would you want for him?
  2. Burt

    2021 Draft Discussion...

    I didn't really want to go with Olson, but I needed power after losing Acuna. I'm having elbow surgery first thing in the morning (8am-ish). I should be home and semi-cognizant by 1pm MST.
  3. Burt

    2021 Season Discussion

    And you can go into the future all the way to the last day of the season.
  4. Burt

    2021 Season Discussion

    It is. ESPN has hosted my dynasty league for the past 14 years. Once games have started for the day, you can pick up a player for the FOLLOWING day rather than having to wait until after 1am in Cali.
  5. Burt

    2021 Season Discussion

    I know I say this every season, but this time I mean it! I'm done with Yahoo. I can set my lineup 2 days in advance, but if I make a damn free agent move the lineup changes are deemed void. I could understand a lineup change not taking place if I dropped a player involved in the change....but I've never dropped Woodruff yet he always falls out of my starting lineup because I make a free agent move. And this whole thing about not being able to make a free agent move until 1am PST is $h1t, too.
  6. Burt

    Rounds 27 & 28: Supplemental Draft: DONE

    28.04 Brandon Woodruff, SP, MIL
  7. Burt

    Rounds 27 & 28: Supplemental Draft: DONE

    27.12 Eugenio Suarez, 3B, CIN
  8. Burt

    2021 Draft Discussion...

    Sorry guys...working from home today, but got called into the office this morning for what I thought would be only an hour. Its turned into 3 hours and counting. I should be home in about 45 minutes, though, to make my pick.
  9. Burt

    2021 Supplemental Draft Roll...

    What mountains are you in? I'm not going to come looking for you, just curious. We usually go to Glacier NP every summer to camp, hike and swim. We didn't go this past summer, though, so I'm really chomping at the bit to get out there.
  10. Burt

    2021 Supplemental Draft Roll...

    I think posty hasn't "started" the league yet. He is waiting on entering rounds 27 and 28 before hitting the start button. Your best bet for looking at what you have is writing it down on paper.
  11. Burt

    Rounds 11 & 12: DONE

    I honestly thought you were already done with the draft. I have a list of the 13 MLB teams represented in the league written down on the top of my sheet and have TB, Tor, StL, KC and SD crossed off. That's the reason I went ahead and took Wisler, too. So if you want him let me know. I wouldn't want anyone jumping in front of me, so the last thing I want to do is jump in front of anyone else.
  12. Burt

    Rounds 13 & 14: DONE

    13.02 Matt Wisler, RP, MIN 14.13 Jason Heyward, OF, CHC
  13. Burt

    Rounds 11 & 12: DONE

    12.13 Trevor Cahill, SP, PIT