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  1. Strike

    Tom Petty Birthday Bash

    In case anyone is interested, there will be a virtual tribute to Tom Petty today (Friday) in honor of Tom's 70th birthday, which was earlier this week. Lot of good acts paying tribute. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/foo-fighters-beck-stevie-nicks-tom-petty-birthday-festival-livestream-1078390/
  2. Strike

    Courtesy Flush?

    I've given a courtesy flush at home but never in public.
  3. Strike

    ever tell your gf / wife her butt looks juicy?

    You have a GF/Wife? Tell us more.....
  4. Strike

    Confirmation hearings for Hon Amy Coney Barrett

    It's Edjr's only chance of seeing a picture of his first child?
  5. Strike

    Podcast: Dead and Gone

    I used to listen to "Serial Killers" as I was going to sleep. But then they started making the commercials 3x louder than the podcast. Hard to go to sleep when you get blasted with a commercial right as you're nodding off.
  6. Maybe. I would put as much blame on the police as the media. The police could provide ore information, especially as you say, given the current climate.
  7. That article is pretty vague. It doesn't say whether either cop ever indicated to the occupants of the vehicle that they were being investigated. No indications that they had turned their lights on or actually pulled the vehicle over. If the occupants didn't know they were being investigated, they had every right to back up their car. I don't think it's good policy to just randomly fire in to cars, even one you may be investigating. Supposedly this department has both vehicle and body cams. Why aren't those being released?
  8. Strike

    BLM Leader Says, "We Need to be Armed"

    The great thing about this country is no one forces you to do anything. No one is making you buy a gun. Get one or don't get one. No one here cares. But you have the right to do so if you so choose.
  9. Strike

    BLM Leader Says, "We Need to be Armed"

    FYP, and I know.
  10. Strike

    BLM Leader Says, "We Need to be Armed"

    WTF are you talking about? No one in this thread has even hinted that black people shouldn't own guns. TNG has literally said this woman can own a gun legally multiple times in this thread, including the post right above yours.
  11. Especially since, as I posted last week, data from schools that are doing in person learning show almost no issues with Covid.
  12. Strike


    Why'd you change the thread title?
  13. Strike

    I do NOT wear a condom

    Seriously? And I've been pulling out and spraying her face.
  14. Strike


    At least he didn't have his pants on the ground: