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  1. I won't watch, just like I haven't watched any of the other series either. I don't care much for baseball unless I'm there live. However, I am enjoying the fact that the WS is being held in these two particular states after MLB pulled the ASG from Atlanta for no good reason.
  2. Strike

    Dune (2021)

    Got through the first hour. Booooorrrrrring......
  3. Strike

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    This is what I want to hear more about. If they weren't filming a scene he should absolutely be prosecuted. I am really curious to hear the details on this incident.
  4. Strike

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    Link to him saying that? I've read his released statement and didn't see that in it.
  5. Strike

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    Forgetting Will Smith's quick reaction there, what idiot would ever point a gun at another individual? That guy should have been fired on the spot.
  6. Strike

    Dune (2021)

    I read it covers half the book and the next movie is in pre production.
  7. Strike

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    This is a load of crap. If the vaccines were so great we wouldn't have seen such a spike over the summer. The reality is we don't know why we had such a spike. There's definitely some seasonality and other factors that have NOTHING to do with the vaccine OR antibodies at play with this virus.
  8. We've discussed this college before. They're the ones who got sued by a local bakery, Gibsons, for defamation after high level people at the college helped students in protesting the bakery as racists for having shoplifters prosecuted.
  9. Strike

    Bill Clinton in hospital

    Biden is way worse.
  10. I didn't know what tribbing was until a couple years ago. I always just referred to it as scissoring. Thanks Pornhub for expanding my vocabulary!!!!
  11. Strike

    Cancel Terry Bradshaw ????

    The funny thing about this story is we haven't even heard from Erin Andrews whether she was offended. She may have taken it for just what it was, a simple compliment. But, like many things in today's society, everyone ELSE is getting outraged FOR her. BTW, you look great
  12. Strike

    Cancel Terry Bradshaw ????

    I found this linked article more interesting: https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3351381/theres-a-glitch-in-the-matrix-in-1983-terry-bradshaw-checked-into-a-hospital-under-the-name-tom-brady
  13. Strike

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Did you guys know that Tim Hack works in a drive thru? Not really surprising though.
  14. Strike

    Peenie just trolled all of us.

    Peenie's such a poosey......
  15. Strike

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Here's another good one where he goes after Gupta for CNN saying Joe took horse dewormer: