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  1. Strike

    Home warranty

    I've had one twice, both that came with the purchase of a home. Mixed experience. First time I had some type of plumbing issue. Dude came out and fixed it. No charge and never had another issue with that plumbing. Second time a couple years ago, shortly after purchasing our current home. Issues with A/C on a really hot day. Dude came out when I wasn't home and my GF was. Basically told her we weren't changing the filter often enough. Unfortunately the problem didn't return (no more days that hot that year) but I'm not convinced he did much to determine if the system was working properly. Can't say for sure. Not sure if related but this year our A/C unit completely died and had to have it replaced. It's been a couple years since the HVAC guy was out so can't say if he could have prevented the thing from dying if he'd done a better job but I was underwhelmed by the experience. I did not renew either warranty after they expired. I suspect a large percentage of the initial sales of these warranties are for people selling their homes because they sound good on a listing, especially to a first time buyer.
  2. Strike

    Death pool update: ZZ Top's Dusty Hill

    Fock!!!! And we have tix to see them at the end of August. RIP Dusty.
  3. Strike

    I Got Banned At A Different Site

    I think I might still have an active account there. I used to get annual happy b-day e-mails from them.
  4. Strike

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    15 people hospitalized due to Covid out of a county of 718,000 people. Follow the science, right Tim Hack?
  5. Strike

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

  6. I know, right? He'd be the first person ever to score with Naomi, er Chronic Husker!!!
  7. Strike

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    Two off weeks because of the Wokelympics.
  8. Strike

    biggest bish in a movie?

    Myrna from D.C. Cab. I mean, you know she's a total b*tch if I'm remembering an obscure character from an obscure movie.
  9. Strike

    Sounds like Rodgers is retiring

    If true it's just his way of telling GB to trade him or get nothing for him.
  10. If I'm being serious.......It would probably be MIke so I could finally got a focking t-shirt.
  11. Strike

    Best Dessert Thread

    Well, the pun may have nothing to do with it.......
  12. Strike

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    So you're saying it has improved greatly since January 2021? Honestly, I don't know what you're trying to say here. I suspect what you wrote above is not what you were trying to say. But whatever. However, I never mentioned any specific time frame in my comments, did I? I certainly wasn't referencing January 2021 so not sure why you're trying to pin me to a date.
  13. Strike

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Are you disputing that our understanding of this disease and our treatment methods have improved greatly since January 2020?
  14. Strike

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Yes, there is a difference between being proven wrong and consistently ignoring that and acknowledging you were wrong and choosing not to engage in a specific conversation. Just like I don't engage in every thread on this board, I am not obligated to engage in every tangent you start in this thread. Sorry if you can't see the difference in these two situations. You've gone from acting retarded to acting childish. Good job.
  15. Strike

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I've wasted enough time on you already today. I'll pass.