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  1. Strike

    The Observer - question

    There is only one Strike
  2. Strike

    Please stop feeding the Troll

    I was talking about GFIAFP
  3. Strike

    Please stop feeding the Troll

    Using ignore for GFIAFP was useless. Besides just trolling, as Newbie is doing, I would come here in the morning and find the entire front page covered with old threads he had bumped in order to just have conversations with himself overnight. The actual active threads were 1-2 pages back. It created a clusterfock to find the threads I was actually interested in.
  4. Strike

    Please stop feeding the Troll

    I've said this repeatedly. Just put him on ignore so we can have our bored back.
  5. Strike

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    I dunno. I guess you have to figure this one out on your own chief. Or go ask a math teacher and give them the EXACT question you gave us.
  6. Strike

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    Honcho's question is NOT the same as EITHER of the questions answered in that video. And those saying 33% are still wrong.
  7. Strike

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    It doesn't matter what baby he was talking about in the OP. And I didn't watch the video so not going to comment on it. But having a baby is completely independent of any other baby. The order doesn't matter. The probability of each baby is the same. We're being told that this probability is 1/2. Therefore, it's 1/2 for the first baby, the second baby, and the 1000th baby.
  8. Strike

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    Wow, I always knew reading comprehension was a challenge for you, but this seems pretty straightforward. Even Forrest Gump could understand it.
  9. Strike

    What has President Trump done in two years?

    You think Iran would really consider going to war with the U.S.? They don't even have Nukes yet. I could see it happening if they ever actually get Nukes because I don't think they really care if mutually assured destruction actually happens, but going to war with the U.S. didn't work out so well for Iraq. I hope Iran would have learned from that. They talk a big game but I"m pretty sure they'd piss their pants if war ever became a strong possibility.
  10. Strike

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    Multiple Events Independent and Dependent Events Suppose now we consider the probability of 2 events happening. For example, we might throw 2 dice and consider the probability that both are 6's. We call two events independent if the outcome of one of the events doesn't affect the outcome of another. For example, if we throw two dice, the probability of getting a 6 on the second die is the same, no matter what we get with the first one- it's still 1/6. On the other hand, suppose we have a bag containing 2 red and 2 blue balls. If we pick 2 balls out of the bag, the probability that the second is blue depends upon what the colour of the first ball picked was. If the first ball was blue, there will be 1 blue and 2 red balls in the bag when we pick the second ball. So the probability of getting a blue is 1/3. However, if the first ball was red, there will be 1 red and 2 blue balls left so the probability the second ball is blue is 2/3. When the probability of one event depends on another, the events are dependent. https://revisionmaths.com/gcse-maths-revision/statistics-handling-data/probability
  11. Guess what? Another one!!! https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/article231643868.html
  12. That's between him and the pizza place. They pay me to deliver pizza. They give me a pizza and an address and I'll try to deliver it. I"m not gonna let some drunk stranger in my car. I know a few people who tried the uber/lyft thing and they've all quit after some idiot threw up in their cars.
  13. No, and if I were a delivery driver I wouldn't give you a ride home anyways.
  14. Strike

    AOC polling terribly in her district...

    If AOC wants to get poled in her district I'm willing to take one for the team!