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  1. Strike

    Trump Executive order/request/whatever

    So you haven't researched this at all. You're just spewing Pelosi's talking points. Guess we don't need to continue then.
  2. Strike

    Meanwhile in Chicago....

    Fox news is politicizing because they report on things that should be reported on?
  3. Strike

    Meanwhile, In Ludicrous News....

    Not in this case.
  4. Strike

    Meanwhile, In Ludicrous News....

    Well, if you'd stop posting it would go a long ways towards cleaning up the unnecessary crap.
  5. Me, for one. It's a horrible idea for a lot of reasons. But this is at least one positive that may come out of it.
  6. Strike

    Trump Executive order/request/whatever

    Don't really understand your point. Congress passed a law giving this power to the executive branch. What's the problem?
  7. Strike

    Joe Biden said what?

  8. Strike

    Meanwhile, In Ludicrous News....

    Funny how? Like a clown, we amuse you?
  9. Strike

    Meanwhile, In Ludicrous News....

    Not really but they do mention it on occasion. I've used the analogy before that these two sites are like Cheers and Gary's old town tavern from the show Cheers. It doesn't really matter much to me personally. I think it's fine if either site mentions the other. I don't know why Hawkeye has to be the Sho board police whenever FBG's is mentioned here but that's his thing.
  10. Strike

    Meanwhile, In Ludicrous News....

    Well, for one thing as I've pointed out before, you never post in their threads about this forum. Yet you always chastise people here if they start a thread about FBGheys.
  11. Strike

    Manage my divorce

    What about those who's parents got divorced? They should certainly be able to offer some advice, at least from the perspective of the kid I would think.
  12. Strike

    Manage my divorce

    This may be the worst advice I've ever read here!!!! Good job HT!!
  13. Strike

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Worst analogy ever.
  14. Strike

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    And you think common sense or logic indicates the following: