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  1. Strike

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Hey retard. When is the vote? Isn't much else to do if it's all been admitted, is there?
  2. Strike

    Netflix: Inside Bill's Brain

    I'm talking way before the anti-trust issues. I'm talking about literally putting other companies out of business or stealing their technology. Again, you're an ignorant fool who never educates himself, even after he's been told something. But I work in I.T.. And have for 30+ years so I've watched Microsoft pull this over and over again. I'm going to give you ONE example, although there are literally dozens. Stac electronics was a company that came up with an ingenious answer to the problem of small hard drives, back when hard drives were extremely expensive. They became extremely successful with one little utility you could buy to double the space of your hard drive. Microsoft invited them up to Redmond to discuss licensing their tech. Microsoft signed an NDA and then got Stac to tell them exactly how their s/w worked. Then Stac never heard from Microsoft again and Microsoft included the exact same functionality as Stac's s/w in their next version of DOS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stac_Electronics Yeah, that's a great way to grow a business. I'm glad that's the kind of business acumen you respect. Retard.
  3. Strike

    Netflix: Inside Bill's Brain

    I am home, and I'm sober. And you're still an ignorant idiot.
  4. Strike

    Netflix: Inside Bill's Brain

    Really? Seems he ought to be the epitome of a guy you despise. Most of his accomplishments have come from illegally destroying other companies. And when he didn't do it illegally, he did it unethically. I guess if that's your idea of a successful business strategy have at it. I won't be taking you seriously when you talk about bad big corporations anymore, that's for sure.
  5. I'm gonna ask you a question I asked earlier this week. Were you born retarded or is it something you acquired? Did you even read that article? First of all, it's 8 months old, from BEFORE Tulsi even announced her candidacy. Secondly, the BEST reading of it is that some people in Russia are promoting Tulsi. Not that anyone is backing anyone. And, when we say Russians, we usually mean the government, not random websites. There is nothing that suggests she is working with those people that are promoting her. Now I know an idiot like you is going to pretend you weren't defending Hitlery caused you "only" said "there is evidence the Russians are backing Tulsi", but the way you worded it ("but supposedly") indicates you are giving Hitlery cover. She's an idiot for even suggesting it, and you're a bigger one for giving her cover.
  6. Strike

    Penny Dreadful

    We really enjoyed that show. Too bad they canceled it after season 3.
  7. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/oct/18/second-illegal-immigrant-tied-merciless-sanctuary-/ Sanctuary cities rule!!!!
  8. Strike

    Netflix: Inside Bill's Brain

    Yup. He reminds me of the dooshbag in Billy Madison who tried to steal the company away from Adam Sandler. Really smart dude until you ask him a question on "business ethics".
  9. Strike

    Geek Club Wonderlic - Spinoff

    Why don't we all just take the ACT?
  10. Strike

    Geek Club Wonderlic - Spinoff

    It"s ok man. I said we believe you. You don't have to try so hard.
  11. Strike

    Geek Club Wonderlic - Spinoff

    Sure......We believe you.
  12. Strike


    No one does. But since you're an admitted liar they like to give you sh*t. Maybe don't lie in the future?
  13. Strike


    Realistically it probably took you an extra couple of years to prepare so we're probably talking about your score after your 2nd year of junior college.
  14. Strike

    So. 49ers vs Patriots for the SB

    Bengals have not been mathematically eliminated