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  1. Strike

    Losing has Pats fans on tilt.

    Damn, sounds like Philly.
  2. I post frequently when you make racist posts. I do it at the time. I don't go looking for it weeks/months later. I've proven you're a racist time after time.
  3. Because I'm not here to try to convince you that you're racist. You don't think you are and nothing I say is going to convince you otherwise.
  4. The examples of your racism are many and well documented throughout this site. And that's just in the threads you couldn't Peenie. The thing about racism is, when you demonstrate it and people see it, just because you deny it doesn't make you not a racist.
  5. Strike

    Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry Thread

    Why would he change strategies? Now they're not even impeaching him for "quid pro quo"/"Bribery". They're just using vague terms that could apply to any President they don't like. Pretty focking disgusting.
  6. Strike

    Roxette singer dead at 61

    No, but if you're not interested you don't have to post in this thread. You can try not being a d*ck for once.
  7. Strike

    Roxette singer dead at 61

    Really sad. Was always a Roxette fan. They had way more than one hit btw Big Guy. I knew she had been treated previously but thought she was in remission. Didn't know it had returned. RIP.
  8. Not a race baiter necessarily. Just a racist.
  9. Hollywood folk need to be more like Anthony Hopkins: https://www.dailywire.com/news/anthony-hopkins-avoids-talking-politics-actors-are-pretty-stupid
  10. Strike

    will the 2019 patriots go undefeated?

    Sure. And just COINCIDENTALLY who are the Patriots playing next week?
  11. Strike

    will the 2019 patriots go undefeated?

    So now the Patriots are back to their cheating, videotaping other team's ways?
  12. I lean this way as well. Autopilot isn't perfect but it's pretty good and at this point it isn't gonna run in to a police cruiser. Does this guy know that Tesla logs this stuff? Will be interesting to see what really happened after they do a log review.
  13. Strike

    Cranberry Juice

    I like certain variations of cranberry juice, like Cran Cherry, that mix it with some other flavor. So I voted yes.
  14. Strike

    No Chiefs/Pats thread?

    Take it to the "Patriots will go undefeated|" thread!!!