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  1. Strike

    Anyone ever been arrested

    Who hasn't?
  2. Strike

    Sketchy dude shows up at my house

    Oh. I figured it was Jerry coming to punch you in the face in front of your wife and kids.
  3. Yeah, well kids are d*cks. So what? It's not sexual harassment and certainly not what title ix was intended for, if it's even accurate to say it violates title ix.
  4. Strike

    Car guys - track question

    The track you'd want to go to if you're out here is High Plains Raceway (HPR): https://www.highplainsraceway.com/ The track doesn't rent cars but I did a quick search and found this place that does: https://www.sarianmotorsports.com/about/ They're in the same area as the racetrack which I'm sure is not coincidental. That race track is about 60 miles east of Denver headed towards Kansas, right off I-70. Figure about an hour from Parker. During the warm months the race track has lapping days that they run themselves. They also rent out to certain groups/clubs. Check their calendar on the website. You'll get the most track time if you go to one of the lapping days run by HPR. They generally break down in to two run groups, fast and slow. Each run group goes for 30 minutes and then the other run group goes.
  5. Strike

    Chinese plane crash

    WTF are you talking about? I didn't jump down ANYONE's throat. And the post you quoted didn't quote you or mention you at all. In subsequent posts, I outlined other possible causes. And those are all STILL valid. The forensic analysis suggests this was intentional. Great. That doesn't invalidate what I said AT THE TIME. And that's why they do the analysis. You all should really watch the Air Disasters show I mentioned above. It's amazing what they can determine about plane crashes from a debris field.
  6. Strike

    Chinese plane crash

    First of all, if you're going to post a "gotcha" post at least support it with a link or something. Second, if your cack got anywhere near my mouth I'd bite that toothpick right off. From what Gloria says, you can't even hold a candle to T.J. Booker as far as cack size goes. Third, you're gloating because after two months and a forensic analysis of the crash, investigators have concluded it's LIKELY this crash was intentional after I said you can't make that conclusion simply from the fact that the plane went straight down? Yeah, they didn't come to their conclusion from that fact either. They came to their conclusion based upon the flight recorder data and possibly some physical evidence. After TWO months. You're a focking idiot.
  7. Strike

    Poster you would like to see banned

    They should have called it McDowells
  8. Strike

    Poster you would like to see banned

    Wow, you just described PimpRusty to a tee.
  9. More reason to vote for Trump if he runs again.
  10. Strike

    Winner Gets Nothing… But Something

    I banged your Mom and all I got was this stupid cast.
  11. Your posts don't demonstrate such superior knowledge.
  12. They won't admit it but I'm pretty sure the people I mentioned above do. Heck, I think 4chan has an alias where it's called the Sanctuary.
  13. It's funny, the only time I hear about things like 4chan, Qanon, and other extreme "right wing" things is when the lefties here post about them. The lefties here seem to be WAY more informed about these things than the rest of us. I think we have a bunch of closet racists here in Rusty, Honcho, Worms, and some others. I guess we know where they hang out when they aren't here........
  14. Strike

    Kamala Harris said what?

    We would have been better off if they'd picked Peenie. Just imagine her getting sworn in, on national TV, and holding up a GEEK CLUB sign.