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  1. Strike

    Ending Birthright Citizenship

    Wow. A few points regarding this post: 1) You'll have to quantify "most". If there are 16 million illegals and 8 million +1 are beneficial, I don't think we would take that ratio of beneficial to non beneficial. With regards to Muslims, if only 1 out of 100 is a suicidal terrorist that could be devastating to our country. I'll pass. 2) You need to distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. Most Asians who come here are legal. IOW, we've decided IN ADVANCE that they would be beneficial and allowed them in. 3) Your assertion that the Asians and the Latinos work their ass off suggests that Americans don't. I disagree with that inference. 4) Regarding illegal immigration, and mostly from south of the border, I ask: Assuming they're mostly good, at what cost to America do we let them in? A partial list of their detrimental effects that aren't spoken about: - We are seeing diseases come back in America that have been eradicated for decades. Why? Because legal immigrants have to show they aren't carrying dangerous, contagious diseases. Illegals are walking that crap across the border. - Our infrastructure can't keep up with the numbers coming across the border. They are a significant reason for all the traffic in large cities like LA, especially sanctuary cities. I've posted this story before. About 20 years ago, before I moved to Denver and still lived in LA, the illegals decided to show how much they mattered in our lives. They boycotted work for one day and called it "a day without illegals" or some such thing. They thought if our trash cans in the office didn't get emptied one day our lives would fall apart. What really happened was that the freeways were wide open. I was able to drive 65 MPH all the way to downtown LA where I worked instead of the normal 25. It was great. Needless to say, they haven't tried that stunt again because all it did was highlight that we really don't need them AT ALL. - They depress wages. Everyone talks about them taking "jobs Americans won't do" but they also take jobs that used to go to people who didn't graduate college like construction and other trades. Those wages are depressed directly as a result of illegals willing to do it for almost nothing. - The quality of education in places like Los Angeles is much lower than it used to be. This is largely due to students who don't speak decent English and the teacher's having to slow down for those students and teach to the lowest common denominator. - In large cities anyone complaining about how high their rent is can blame illegal immigration to an extent. Again goes to how quickly our infrastructure can keep up with the unanticipated additional growth illegal immigration FORCES on a city. - MS-13 was founded in the U.S.. Every family who has lost a loved one to MS-13 can blame illegal immigration. Tell one of those families the person who killed their family member is "beneficial." They might disagree. I could go on and on but I"ll leave it here. I think I've made my point. And won another thread.
  2. Strike

    Ending Birthright Citizenship

    I agree with this 100% for the most part. And I don't blame them. If I lived in a sh*thole country I'd do it too, especially the way we treat illegals with the red carpet. That's why it's imperative that us, as a country, disincentivize the action by all means possible. Secure the border, end birthright citizenship, go after employers, deport. EVERYTHING we can do to make it clear we won't tolerate people just waltzing across our borders to take advantage of our generosity.
  3. Strike

    Ending Birthright Citizenship

    It was never intended to be the case. The only reason it was added to the constitution was to ensure that any black people born here as slaves became citizens.
  4. Strike

    Ending Birthright Citizenship

    I know. It's the difference between looking to deflect and actually wanting to solve the problem.
  5. Strike

    Ending Birthright Citizenship

    Nothing prevents us from doing both. I doubt many here are opposed to going after businesses as well. Our gov't has completely failed us on this issue.
  6. Strike

    Ending Birthright Citizenship

    Never should have been allowed. Bastardized interpretation.
  7. Strike

    Kid Shot in the Back

    Don't act black
  8. Strike

    Kid Shot in the Back

    Did you read the story? The kid showed the cop his school ID. We don't live in Nazi Germany where you have to show the Gestapo papers when you're just walking down the street. As I've noted above I've never had a gun pointed at me because I adhere to my point #1. This kid surely could have acted differently so as not to escalate the situation. But he didn't NEED to. Not in America. If you think this kid is more than 1% responsible for how this ended up we'll just have to agree to disagree. I will note that the internal investigation found that the cop violated multiple department policies. I don't know the disposition of any civil cases the kid has filed but I'd be surprised if he doesn't walk away with a tidy sum.
  9. Strike

    Kid Shot in the Back

    Neither have I, because I adhere to my point #1. But a lot of people don't. Those people bear some responsibility for not adhering to rule #1 but it is the cops duty to appropriately assess the situation and act accordingly. I've posted numerous examples where they didn't, and those are the incidents we should be focusing on. Not whether they target blacks (for the most part they don't) or other things that distract from the real issues.
  10. Strike

    Kid Shot in the Back

    First of all I NEVER said they use excessive force "A LOT". I said they use it "way too often" which is a relative term. I already clarified this in my response to HT: We hear of way too many cases where cops pull their guns when it wasn't needed. You used the term "use of force situation". Well, I'd say cops like to use their guns as a "show of force". They like to pull their guns or be abusive with the least amount of provocation. It's probably because they're taught at the academy to always be in control of the situation. Here's another example: https://abcnews.go.com/US/colorado-police-officer-pulled-gun-black-man-picking/story?id=63079797 Watch the video. It's disgusting. Cop confronts black kid in Boulder CO who was picking up trash on HIS OWN PROPERTY. Ends up with multiple cops pointing guns at the kid, who didn't have a weapon. They used the excuse that the device he was using to pick up trash was a weapon. That's how they justified pointing guns at him. This is the type of situation that should NEVER have escalated to that point. I don't ever want a loaded gun pointed at me, especially from the people who are actually tasked with, you know, protecting me from that exact type of behavior.
  11. Strike

    Kid Shot in the Back

    I gave examples of when force was used when it was unnecessary. Are you disagreeing with me that force was unnecessary in both instances I cited? Do you need more? If not, what exactly are you asking? I label incidents as "unnecessary force" when it's clearly unnecessary as in those cases. You seem hung up on the term "use of force situation." It almost sounds like you want to allow cops to label any situation they want as a "use of force" situation, then shoot someone, and justify it because us laypeople can't tell when force is necessary and when it's not. So please clarify your stance and/or what you are asking. I think I've been clear.
  12. Strike

    Kid Shot in the Back

    Did you read up on the two cases I cited? There is no way in either of those cases you can say it WASN'T excessive force.
  13. Strike

    Kid Shot in the Back

    Not at all.
  14. Strike

    Kid Shot in the Back

    I never lose any arguments here. If Drob and I were on opposite ends of the spectrum there would be a problem but since we agree most of the time he can win threads despite my winning all the arguments.
  15. Strike

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Here's the thing. The cowboys haven't been relevant for about 20 years. They've finally built a team that should be really good. And they're letting all these contract issues and the Zeke situation create distractions. I hate Jerry Jones and I hope he focks this up as he has most things since letting Jimmy go.