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  1. Strike

    GC Fantasy Nascar - NEW SITE IS READY

    Have fun in prison Shrub: https://sports.yahoo.com/nascar-driver-kyle-busch-arrested-in-mexico-in-january-for-handgun-possession-223151346.html
  2. Strike

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Joe, this is not reassuring:
  3. Strike

    Favorite Gene Hackman Movie ?

    I just remembered he was in Bonnie And Clyde. Not sure it's his "best" but I thought he was good in that movie in a supporting role.
  4. @edjr Just took 5 more squares for the GF. Paypal'ed you another $25.
  5. Yeah, if he did it would put him on a level playing field with you. @The Real timschochet Defending Pedos since 2016!!!
  6. Stuff it, greybeard!!!! Uh-oh, am I in trouble now?
  7. Rusty is accusing HT of the egregious act of posting his three wives' hair colors somewhere on this board. He refuses to post a link to confirm it. HT disputes the allegation. No one else has seen the post(s). So, the issue itself is at a standstill. Volty decided to blindly believe Rusty which got HT's ire and they've been going at it for most of the morning.
  8. They should have taken a poll. For the first day of Black History Month, would you rather have: 1) Chicken and Waffles or 2) The sh*t Michelle Obama has been feeding you the last 10 years Chicken and Waffles it is.
  9. Maybe if you learned to act civilized you wouldn't get suspended constantly.
  10. Maybe if you apologized to Mike he'd unsuspend your account so you don't have to use an alias for breaking his rules.
  11. Yes, but I'd be a bigger idiot than I already am if I told you which one(s), because you'd just go in and purposely ruin them.
  12. You'd be better served going in to the threads that HAVEN'T gone full retard and noting that.
  13. ROFLMAO. Conveniently avoiding the fact that you're misrepresenting what he said.