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  1. There actually was another one here a year or two ago. I think it was created to mock him. I thought this was another spoof account. Unfortunately, I was wrong
  2. Strike

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    No. This is an old press release but it's the where next weeks race is going to be and notes that it's an oval: https://wwtraceway.com/nascar-cup-series-coming-to-world-wide-technology-raceway-in-2022/
  3. I don't particularly care for the guy but why should he be banned?
  4. Example 50202099 of why I said when you got here that you would bring nothing of value and slowly destroy what's left of this forum, as you did at FBG's. This is an excerpt of your first reply in this thread: The assertion in the 2nd sentence is provably wrong, as you acknowledged when I posted another example from the article. So, you made a provably wrong assertion because you literally didn't read the source material. I mean, it's one thing for you to be completely ignorant on topics when someone makes an assertion in a thread without supporting evidence. That's stupid too because you should do your own research. But in this case, I gave you a link to a story I thought was worth discussing. You read two paragraphs and decided that was enough that you could make an assertion that was easily proven wrong by the very article you REFUSED to read. So, you're either a focking idiot or a retard. Take your pick. I don't care.
  5. Yeah, I figured. What a focking idiot.
  6. Who cares what you like? If your job is to judge a debate you don't get to interject your personal preferences in to it. I notice you don't even address the judge who used the N word in her synopsis and said black people don't have to share their evidence with non-black people but non-black people DO have to share with black people. To refresh your memory even though you supposedly read the entire article, here is what I'm talking about: No racism there since only non-blacks can be racist, right middle of the road Timmy? Why do I have the feeling you just read the first couple paragraphs and didn't even see this example?
  7. https://www.thefp.com/p/judges-ruin-high-school-debate-tournaments What a shame.
  8. What were you expecting as a reply? Something like......... WOOD?
  9. Strike

    Battlebots Season 7

    Oh man, those were some great fights tonight. Excellent season.
  10. Strike

    Survivor is back - 44th season

    Oh come on. Last season IIRC a 55 year old hetero male doctor won. But I was not a Yam Yam fan. A bit disappointing end. But we all know the most deserving contestant rarely wins so it is what it is. Australian Survivor is so much better than U.S. Survivor nowadays.
  11. Strike

    Cancel Target

    Fonzie used to go to the grocery store and ram a shopping cart in to the cart of the chick he wanted.
  12. Strike

    Cancel Target

    So what. If you want to address a single person send a PM. How long have you been a member of this forum? FFS.
  13. Strike

    Cancel Target

    You're the one who asked about it.
  14. Strike

    Cancel Target

    Anytime we engage with you we win. It's a pretty low bar to overcome.
  15. Strike

    Cancel Target

    Not that the distinction matters, but this is on the tag in the store. Apparently you don't read the links people provide for your benefit.