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  1. Strike


    Good to know. Hopefully in addition to getting rid of that thread Mike also got rid of the trash that caused it's creation.
  2. Strike


    Old Maid pulled a Peenie????
  3. Some chick from Detroit named Carrie IIRC as well.
  4. Yeah, he was born in the U.S.: https://wgntv.com/2019/04/16/mall-of-america-suspect-is-chicago-native-charged-in-2014-incident-at-golden-nugget/ Can we change the title from Somali Muslim to another black Chicago thug loser who doesn't do well with girls. TIA.
  5. Old Maid made a video.
  6. Otherwise, she might have to get a real job or prostitute herself or something.
  7. Let's say you're dealing drugs. PI puts a GPS on your car and tails you to where you keep them. While you're inside he removes the GPS and anonymously calls the cops about the location being a drug warehouse. The cops now have probable cause to investigate. They get called to the stand. When asked how they knew about the stash they simply say "anonymous tip." They're telling the truth and did nothing wrong. And you're going to prison.
  8. There are pills that can help with that......
  9. Strike

    Another Columbine psycho dead

    Yup. They shut down most if not all the schools here today. 500 thousand students missed school due to this but job.
  10. Yeah. I'm 52 and haven't had one, and had diverticulitis 18 months ago. Got a physical scheduled for next month. Gonna talk to him about it.
  11. Strike

    Internet speed test

    I tried it and it said 2400 baud. Anyone know what that means?
  12. Strike

    I know what I want as my retirement job

    Can't watch it at work. Will try later. But when I retire I think I'm just gonna get a hand job.......
  13. That's all well and good. But if she posts something racist she gets called out on it. In the most recent post of hers that I called out she said EVERY post in the thread was calling black people bad things. So I asked her to back that up because I didn't see what she said was being posted. I'm sorry she doesn't like being asked to actually support her statements but I'm not going to stop.
  14. I made that comment probably 10-12 years ago, so like 9.5-11.5 years before you existed here. She was smoking at the time and still is for her age.
  15. Only a phag wouldn't. She is chocolate perfection.