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  1. Strike

    103rd running of the Indianapolis 500

    Watching that now. Well scheduled races today for sure.
  2. Strike

    103rd running of the Indianapolis 500

    Good race. Love the agility of an Indy car. Now on to the NASCAR race. Great day for auto racing.
  3. The original thread doesn't exist anymore. Was it RLLD's thread? Did he Peenie it?
  4. Strike

    Trump forwards doctored video of Pelosi

    What's really impressive is how she got rich doing it.
  5. Strike

    Little River Band

    Absolutely underrated. Good band.
  6. Strike

    The Amazing Race Thread

    My GF was so pissed that it was a non elimination leg. But we haven't had a true, epic, Rachel meltdown and I'm hoping we do before she gets eliminated from the show.
  7. Yup. It's not like you don't know how much it's going to cost before enrolling.
  8. You forgot: - From Oakland - Wants to be a "community organizer". I'm still trying to figure out exactly what "community organizers" do, and why you need a college degree to do it. If I ever meet Obummer I'll ask him.
  9. Strike

    Storage Units

    Why do I have the feeling that all of digby's trophies are of the participation type? Edit - DOH, HT beat me to it!!
  10. Strike

    Housing Collapse 2.0

  11. Strike

    McGregor says to Khabib "This war is not over"

    Didn't McPussy retire?
  12. How are Pelosi and Feinstein doing since joining Congress?
  13. Strike

    New All in the Family and Jefferson's tonight

    I'm sure it will be just as controversial as the originals.
  14. Strike

    Storage Units

    As Jerry noted there are reasons for them. I used one when I was between houses and staying with my Mom. That was for about 6 months. Can't imagine keeping one for more than a year though. Seems at some point the cost of the unit would be more than the value of the crap inside it.
  15. What "man" reads the "Dear Prudence" column???