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  1. Well that girl is going to be rich rich rich.....
  2. Of course it is. WW is wrong too. Using his example of a dream home, the fact that it's someone's dream home has a value associated with it. That value is the amount they're willing to pay above what someone else would. Whenever a house is sold there is one winning bidder. By definition they've driven up the value of that home. If they hadn't won then the next lower bid would have, assuming multiple bidders. It's the same thing. They valued that home more than the next highest bidder, therefore setting the value of that home. Again, it's a simple concept that you're having trouble comprehending.
  3. There is so much fail in this post I'm not going to waste my time picking it apart. Have you ever heard of a listing agent purposely listing a house below what they believe it's worth, in order to elicit more people to look at the house and thus starting a bidding war? Using your logic, despite the house being purposely listed below the expected sale value, the buyer overpaid for it. Your argument doesn't hold up to logical scrutiny and is in direct opposition to basic free market economy principles.
  4. None of this supports your assertion that homes weren't worth what people were paying for them. You ever buy a car below MSRP? It's the same principle that you just outlined. The dealer couldn't get MSRP so they lowered the price. At that point in time that vehicle wasn't worth MSRP. When I bought my Honda S2000 it was nearly impossible to get one for MSRP. It's value, at that point in time, was HIGHER than MSRP. The same thing happened with the housing market. That doesn't mean the homes weren't worth what they sold for a year ago. They were because that's what the people looking for homes were willing to pay AT THAT TIME. It's not a difficult concept but you seem to be having trouble comprehending it.
  5. You didn't. But you're using the same idiotic arguments RLLD did back during the housing bubble around 2007 where he accused me of committing fraud because I sold my house for what it was worth.
  6. Yeah, he literally just tore a page out of RLLD's book. Anyone who pays more than those guys think a house is worth is committing fraud. Yet no one is ever prosecuted for said Fraud. Maybe those two could take a class on free market economics and get back to us.
  7. Psssssstttttt.........The value of an item is whatever someone else is willing to pay for it. So no, people aren't paying well above the value of the home. The value of the home is exactly what someone was willing to pay for it.
  8. Strike

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    If this logic were prevalent 50 years ago you likely wouldn't be here today.
  9. Strike

    leftist kills 18 year old for being republican (Biden's fault)

    WTF are you talking about? I already posted a quote from a news article that clearly shows his mom was on her way to pick him up when he called her to tell him he was possibly being chased. As usual, you're delusional and doubling down on being wrong.
  10. Strike

    leftist kills 18 year old for being republican (Biden's fault)

    The suspect was drunk, really drunk. He was tested hours after the incident and still blew over .08. Sometimes, the simplest answer is the right one. A drunk guy gets in to an argument with a kid and runs him over. Doesn't need to be any more complicated than that. The suspect admitted he ran the kid over on purpose, and then left the scene. If more information comes out that suggests otherwise I'll revise my stance. That's the problem with people like you. In just about every case you're looking to make it more complicated than it is.
  11. Strike

    leftist kills 18 year old for being republican (Biden's fault)

    ROFLMAO. I really have to ask. Do you ever use common sense before posting?
  12. Strike

    leftist kills 18 year old for being republican (Biden's fault)

    No, when he called her she was already on her way to pick him up. Another fail for you.