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  1. Strike

    Remember when Republicans HAD to change French fries

    Can someone rename this the "member berries" thread. TIA.
  2. Your first response said the title is where you would get that they settled for 700k. But the title doesn't say that at all. Hence, your reading comprehension skills are lacking. Therefore, you should consider a remedial reading class. HTH. LOL.
  3. Do you really think this comment somehow reflects better on your reading comprehension skills than your previous one?
  4. You and he should go take the same remedial reading class. Probably get a group discount.
  5. Where do you see that they settled for 700k?
  6. Strike

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    I can't believe how focking shallow you are!!!! Please let Wentworth make it back from extinction........
  7. Strike

    Stick~ Red Light Cameras Removed in Texas

    The city I live in had red light cameras, including one at the nearest major intersection to where I live. When the contract came up with the contractor the city decided to get rid of them. They felt that they caused as many accidents as they supposedly helped avoid. Unfortunately it seems like Denver proper keeps adding more though.
  8. Strike


    Good to know. Hopefully in addition to getting rid of that thread Mike also got rid of the trash that caused it's creation.
  9. Strike


    Old Maid pulled a Peenie????
  10. Some chick from Detroit named Carrie IIRC as well.
  11. Yeah, he was born in the U.S.: https://wgntv.com/2019/04/16/mall-of-america-suspect-is-chicago-native-charged-in-2014-incident-at-golden-nugget/ Can we change the title from Somali Muslim to another black Chicago thug loser who doesn't do well with girls. TIA.
  12. Otherwise, she might have to get a real job or prostitute herself or something.
  13. Let's say you're dealing drugs. PI puts a GPS on your car and tails you to where you keep them. While you're inside he removes the GPS and anonymously calls the cops about the location being a drug warehouse. The cops now have probable cause to investigate. They get called to the stand. When asked how they knew about the stash they simply say "anonymous tip." They're telling the truth and did nothing wrong. And you're going to prison.
  14. There are pills that can help with that......