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  1. Snuff

    Steeler Desperation Move

    A 1st rounder last year who has proven himself already vs a first rounder next year who is unproven. Has quite a few years left on his contract. What's the big deal? They already drafted (who they really like) their QB for the future, who didn't have a bad 1st game at all, and already knows the system. Their secondary needs a lot of help, now and for the future. Draft picks for the most part are for the future. The Steelers made this move for the present AND the future.
  2. Snuff

    WTC tower 7

    I went to the Flight 93 Memorial this past weekend. They had some things smaller than a button, and Todd Beamer's paper ticket in a display case. All that, after most of the plane was found many feet beneath the top layer of ground.
  3. I can't, and won't, read anything that company puts out.
  4. Snuff

    Favorite Nintendo games

    And of course Ghost and Goblins.
  5. Snuff

    Favorite Nintendo games

    RC Pro-AM was pretty fun.
  6. Snuff

    Worst movie reboot

    Red Dawn.
  7. Snuff

    Fear The Walking Dead

    I've watched every episode of both. TWD was strong for a good 4 or 5 seasons, then has gone downhill from there. I only watch now because I feel so invested in the show. Fear started out bad. Real bad. But it has gotten better IMO, and I think right now, is every bit as good if not better than TWD. I do feel more attached to certain characters in TWD, however.
  8. Snuff

    What a jerk

    Good to see your mental issues haven't ceased in the last decade tinkles.
  9. It still holds up well. Just a great, great game.
  10. Snuff

    Question more for older Geeks

    I drive slower now than I did when I was younger. But I still drive pretty fast, but am more safe. Don't take the chances like I used to. I have come to appreciate driving, and like to spend as much time in the car as I can. It's my only time I get alone time.
  11. Snuff

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    WTF man.
  12. Snuff

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    I did that this morning d i c k
  13. Snuff

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    I had to dig deep into my ass crack to find my login info for here. Sup.
  14. Snuff

    Any gamers here?

    Another vote for Last of Us. Simply amazing. I played through like 4 times, one right after the next. Haven't played for a while, might do it again.