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  1. Snuff

    Fear The Walking Dead

    I've watched every episode of both. TWD was strong for a good 4 or 5 seasons, then has gone downhill from there. I only watch now because I feel so invested in the show. Fear started out bad. Real bad. But it has gotten better IMO, and I think right now, is every bit as good if not better than TWD. I do feel more attached to certain characters in TWD, however.
  2. Snuff

    What a jerk

    Good to see your mental issues haven't ceased in the last decade tinkles.
  3. It still holds up well. Just a great, great game.
  4. Snuff

    Question more for older Geeks

    I drive slower now than I did when I was younger. But I still drive pretty fast, but am more safe. Don't take the chances like I used to. I have come to appreciate driving, and like to spend as much time in the car as I can. It's my only time I get alone time.
  5. Snuff

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    WTF man.
  6. Snuff

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    I did that this morning d i c k
  7. Snuff

    Get to know the Sanctuary guys

    I had to dig deep into my ass crack to find my login info for here. Sup.
  8. Snuff

    Any gamers here?

    Another vote for Last of Us. Simply amazing. I played through like 4 times, one right after the next. Haven't played for a while, might do it again.
  9. Snuff

    Messed up dream last night

    I have messy dreams all the time.
  10. Snuff

    Favorite Gunslinger Movie

    Open Range is up there.
  11. Milla Jovovich is and always has been my favorite.
  12. I always liked you, parrot.