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  1. Cloaca du jour

    George Floyd scholarship is discriminating.

    This guy is a complete joke
  2. Cloaca du jour

    Death Pool Update: Louis Gossett Jr at 87...

    Great movie!!
  3. Cloaca du jour

    Death Pool Update: Louis Gossett Jr at 87...

    Jaws 3 "Smother the b1tch"
  4. Cloaca du jour

    Conjoined twins..one head got married.

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.today.com/today/amp/rcna145275 Holy smokes....do you think she gives head? And if she does...does the other head help out? I have questions....do they both have orgasms? They share a body...wow.
  5. Sad thing is that the classics get played alot on tiktok and kids are becoming fans....who knew
  6. Minnesota's North Central University's George Floyd Memorial Scholarship for young Black students is being sued and accused of violating an anti-discrimination law. A legal complaint filed with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights on Monday says that the scholarship violates Title VI of the Civil Rights Act by exclusively qualifying for Black students. The law prohibits intentional discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin in any federally funded scholarships https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2024/03/28/george-floyd-university-scholarship-sued-discrimination/73138297007/?tbref=hp
  7. Cloaca du jour

    What One Book Have You Read The Most Times

    This...or salems lot.
  8. Cloaca du jour

    Has anyone ever dated a MAGA?

    I married into a whole family of Maga...its been amazing!!!
  9. Cloaca du jour

    Malik Nabers may be the first receiver taken.

    Well Golly!!!
  10. Cloaca du jour

    Illinois stabbing spree leaves 4 dead.

    Looks like an illegal..
  11. Cloaca du jour

    Illinois stabbing spree leaves 4 dead.

  12. It can be awkward if people approved
  13. Cant wait!!! Hope he is better than booger mcfarland. Not hearing the hype...I bet he sucks
  14. Cloaca du jour

    Look at these names

    Its funny Effnoored.
  15. Cloaca du jour

    Has Anyone Ever Dated A Liberal?

    No but my good friend is a lib. We rip on each other all the time. Fun guy. We arent dumb enough to let politics roon our friendship