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  1. Cloaca du jour

    Rook at me

    Should be Seclet Asian Man...not to picky
  2. Another baloon has been spotted in south/central america.
  3. Troll feeding and all that. Its like middle school...no one can stay on topic haha.
  4. Cloaca du jour

    Grammy awards feature transgender performers, diversity

    Dont feed the trolls...jesus. Im not taking any of u to see the animals at the zoo.
  5. Cloaca du jour

    Bota bags

    Bent Over Time and Again
  6. Ok..im In for 25 for a non sanctioned event.
  7. Just saw this...how many we got? How much and how quick can we draft?
  8. Cloaca du jour

    Grammy awards feature transgender performers, diversity

    How do you people keep falling for this guys stupid schtick? You all should know better. You all complain about it and then you get sucked back in every time this dude pops off. He does it on purpose.
  9. Cloaca du jour

    Favorite songs that tell a story

    No votes for W.A.P?? Buncha raccisss
  10. Cloaca du jour

    Breakfast / Chain Diner places

    Delucas in Pittsburgh has a seafood omlette with lobster and crab...shrimp..scallops lol...Hollandaise sauce...its a heart attack on a plate.
  11. Cloaca du jour

    Is It Me ? Pat Mahomes!

    No problems...he is a good guy and not have a huge stick in his arse like Brady. Just think of the marketing if Brady had a personality.
  12. Cloaca du jour

    Breakfast / Chain Diner places

    First watch is good..have several near me...near pittsburgh and Akron. Too yuppy for me.. I dont need whole grain pancakes and soy bacon...they have some wierd stuff. I loved that Bacon with the maple syrup/spicy pepper glaze. That was Brilliant. There is a place in Akron that has unlimited Mimosas...jesus..mybwifr loves that place.
  13. Cloaca du jour

    Students mercilessly assault 9-year-old girl on school bus

    Ill change my bame to Dasquarious Moshi Jackson.
  14. Cloaca du jour

    Breakfast / Chain Diner places

    Wiffleball likes the Waffle Bowls