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  1. Cloaca du jour

    Do not call out the enemy

    hope she has a new job by the end of next week
  2. Cloaca du jour

    Peaceful transfer of power

    Jesus the libs are lying awake at night scaring themselves. He wont agree to a peaceful transfer!!! Omg hes going to take over and we are gonna lose all that money!! The libs are balls out crazy
  3. Cloaca du jour


    One of the set lights is out
  4. Cloaca du jour

    Ufc tonight..

    I looked it up...7pm early prelim...8 prelim...10 main card
  5. Cloaca du jour

    Ufc tonight..

    8 pm prelims
  6. Cloaca du jour

    How was this on TV? Nsfw

    How did I not see this comedy gold??
  7. Kids are to lazy to fight lol
  8. Cloaca du jour

    Joe Biden teleprompter fail

    During a live interview....hahahaa...dog and pony show!
  9. Cloaca du jour

    Breona taylor decision

    I havent blamed anyone for her death other than who got the address wrong. That person got her killed. A truly unfortunate fock up.
  10. Cloaca du jour

    Breona taylor decision

    My favorites are the black phds on the news who talk about black oppression...how did u get yo phd nigah with all that oppressiob?
  11. Cloaca du jour

    where SJW came from

    Stuff we knew..just really well articulated
  12. Cloaca du jour

    Homemade pasta

    Bucatini...is spaghetti with the hole??
  13. Cloaca du jour

    Officer shot in Louisville.

  14. Cloaca du jour

    Masked Singer premiere tonight

    look between the corns legs
  15. Cloaca du jour

    Masked Singer premiere tonight

    Grumpy MFers round here...