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  1. My 19 year old nephew got Covid a month ago. He still can't smell anything. Refrain from posting to me.
  2. The NFL is losing the Covid battle this weekend. They need to pause and acknowledge.
  3. It all takes a backseat during a pandemic where asymptomatic people spread virus. And that's okay. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the safety of the at risk population. This is one of those rare times. God Bless America.
  4. I don't agree with flat earthers either.
  5. This isn't a joking matter. That's not funny.
  6. You know what else causes Myocarditis? Covid.
  7. Myles Garrett may miss another game due to Covid.
  8. Buffalo Bills tight end Tommy Sweeney will miss the rest of the season after developing myocarditis following his bout with COVID-19last month, coach Sean McDermott announced on Monday.
  9. Kent

    Packers RB situation

    They don't start guys they are worried about. Very cautious team. If he's gonna play I'd call him a viable option.
  10. Kent

    Antonio Brown #58 ???

    Godwin has a cast on his hand still.
  11. Kent

    2 potential games cancelled for covid 19

    You need to move on from this narrative. It never ages well.
  12. Kent

    2 potential games cancelled for covid 19

    Like Ryquell Armstead's phony positive? Wave the white flag on this. You're not winning any hearts and minds with the BS.