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  1. I am just excited because I will be there on Wednesday. If you havent played in any of the events, you should go just for the cool experience. Even if you play some small satellites and try to get into a big event, it is a site to see.
  2. Gabe Kaplan is leading the first event. Go Mr. Kotter!
  3. Strumey

    Rate this rack - scale 1-10

    The way I look at boobs like that is
  4. Pirates HARRRRRRRR!!!
  5. Strumey

    Captive Panda released and dies in wild

    Black people cant fock without a major international effort? Wow, I am way behind on my current events. I gots ta watch cnn more!
  6. Panda So what would you define as failure? What is the WWF doing with pandas? Are they wrestling these animals now?
  7. Strumey

    Now this is ridiculous

    I change my vote then. I would tell them where he was for the stealing cars part. Thieves suck
  8. Strumey

    Now this is ridiculous

    If I knew where the guy was, I wouldnt tell the police. Theives suck.
  9. Strumey

    New Rambo Trailer

    Best movie quote “When you're pushed… Killing's as easy as breathing."
  10. Strumey

    Racism Vs Ginormous Hooters

    where is the post of the vid of the ginormous hooters? I cant find it. Otherwise I would go there.
  11. Strumey

    Time Waster

    one key is that you can hold the shift key and keep placing things. If I read directions, I would have figured that out a long time ago.
  12. Strumey

    Ass Paradise

    It is a major pron site that takes over your computer. We actually went ahead and wiped the hard drive. I strongly recommend not going to ass paradise unless you do it from someone else's computer you dont like very much.
  13. Strumey

    Ass Paradise

  14. Strumey

    Ass Paradise

    We have a couple of machines at our office that somehow got infested with ass paradise. Now, when you try to go to most websites, ie. google, yahoo, msn, it instead sends you to some pron website. The weird thing is, it still has the address you tried to go to in the title bar. It isnt like a redirect, it is more like it fools the machine into thinking that it really is going to google, but you have pictures of what appear to be nice girls on the surface, but they seem to get a little crazy behind closed doors. anyone know how to get rid of ass paradise? I know it sounds like a place you wouldnt want to leave, but it isnt.