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  1. Mike Hunt

    Have we talked about the Epstein Island list?

    Have a had time watching this in todays climate. Nobody can dispute that it is Very creepy to say the least
  2. Mike Hunt

    Biden's cognitive decline.

    The Associated Press reported it. Not me. Also, looked like Obama led him off stage.
  3. Mike Hunt

    Biden's cognitive decline.

    Biden freezes on stage at fundraiser before Obama comes to his rescue©AP President Joe Biden froze on stage after giving remarks at a star-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles on Saturday night before his old boss took him by the arm and pulled the president away. The incident captured on video is the latest in a series of episodes that have plagued 81-year-old Biden as he mounts a second bid for the White House.
  4. Mike Hunt

    Biden's cognitive decline.

    Dear Lord, watching his gait and frozen facial expressions is very concerning. Without a doubt something is wrong other than just being 82 years old.
  5. Mike Hunt

    Taylor Swift hot?

    Swift can look attractive when she is all made up. Nice long legs, cute face. Without her makeup artists not so much but that is pretty much all celebs.
  6. Mike Hunt

    Who here still supports the violence in Chicago?

    OK, but just stop shooting and stabbing each other!
  7. Mike Hunt

    Who here still supports the violence in Chicago?

    Sad truth is nobody cares when it is blacks killing blacks.
  8. Mike Hunt

    Caitlin Clark debut

    It reminds me of when tiger Woods hit the golf scene. All of sudden black people who never watched golf ever are now fans of Tiger Woods and golf. They enjoyed watching a half black player take on the golf world. Same with Clark. I never watched a women's college or WNBA game..still have not watched a WNBA game but I did watch a few games just to see all the hype about Clark, and she played great. Clark has drawn white fans to an almost all black, heavy lesbian league. So she is different. People want to watch.
  9. Mike Hunt

    Why would a black person vote for Trump

    Never seen such a disinterested crowd in a speech. Zero respect, A total humiliation for Biden. Biden keeps repeating the same things that are condescending to black people. They can`t relate to an 82 year old man who has made racist comments, put more black people behind bars with his crime bills, broke families and now is trying to repent and relate. Just does not work with that crowd.
  10. I can`t stand Trump but Biden in an odd old man too.
  11. Mike Hunt

    Dead worm found in JFK Jr.'s brain

    I don`t think anyone will say he is not in brain decline, he speech slurs and his mannerisms are frozen at times. Not sure what else to say, he is 82 and acts it. We just have to accept Kamala Harris will be POTUS sooner than later. No way Biden can make it another 4 years until he is 86.
  12. Mike Hunt

    Israel hits back at Iran

    Credit for what? Biden told Iran "Don`t" Biden told Israel "don`t" They both "Did"
  13. Mike Hunt

    How do you feel about immigration?

    Not a fan of the "Death to America" chants in Dearborn.
  14. Mike Hunt

    Guess which democrat run shızzhole this is?

    Animals should be charged with a"Hate crime"
  15. Dominos Pizza website all prices the same but states California prices will be different, call your California local franchise for their updated prices.