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  1. Horseman

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Should be pretty obvious. Joe is going to end up with the worst approval rating ever, worse than Trump ever was. The mid terms are going to be a bloodbath for the Dems and Biden is already a lame duck president.
  2. Youngest will be an infant. Under 1 yo. If the numbers fall short I'll just start including abortions!
  3. Just noticed this thread completely rip van winkled through 2021. Need an over/under update!
  4. Going to make it this year. 101 with a 26% clip rate. 26/101 is my guess.
  5. Horseman

    Last time you splooged?

    I think last night driving home. Can't remember for sure, I was blackout drunk.
  6. I came here to post the same thing.
  7. It finally makes sense, I couldn't figure out why the comparisons to 9/11. Turns out Trump tried to mission impossible the rudder of Airforce 1 and make it crash into the Whitehouse. I was told he was outside the plane and on the tail before they drug him back in.
  8. Nailed it. @catturd2·4h Breaking ... Cassidy Hutchinson to testy that Trump stole an alien aircraft from Area 51 and took it for a spin around Uranus. Update ... 99.9% of Democrat voters say they believe her.
  9. Horseman

    Anyone without a pool…

    It's probably plaster then, which is good. Trying to match pebbles would be a PIA, depending on the age you might never get it just right. A pic would help. I thought about the clean rock idea too. You wouldn't want to damage your existing finish and cleaning might become a problem.
  10. Horseman

    Anyone without a pool…

    Concrete good, pebble bad for this repair. Would you want the pebbles to go back on the floor in the area it is raised?
  11. Horseman

    Anyone without a pool…

    Let me help you out with the structural engineering - no rebar needed, you are just raising the deepest level of the floor, it's entirely in compression which is what the grout is designed for. And you can finish the self leveling grout to match whatever whatever finish you have. Like I already said, the biggest cost is in the labor for surface prep (that means removal of the existing finish plaster/tile/stone for people without a clue). It would cost several thousand unless you did it yourself which would be super easy to do. Probably impossible for you, but for someone with knowledge on how to use the materials, easy peasy. @jerryskids Send me the dimensions of the pool, including the limits that you want to made shallower and I will work you up an estimate. I'll show you how much it would cost for a contractor to do it and how much you can save by doing it yourself. Include how it's lined (fiberglass, concrete, poly-composite) and how it's finished (plaster, tile, stone, other) and I will work up an estimate for you, for free. Whatever you do don't just fill it with dirt because that would be dumb and would clog up your filter and ruin your pump!
  12. Horseman

    Anyone without a pool…

    Gunite is a concrete blend of sand, cement, and water that's applied through a high-pressure hose. We call it shotcrete, but if I said "shotcrete" or gunite" Jerry wouldn't have known what I was talking about. You're out of your league here, you might just want to back away.
  13. Horseman

    Anyone without a pool…

    Just fill it with dirt!
  14. Horseman

    Anyone without a pool…

    @jerryskids I assumed your pool was lined with concrete. Is it fiberglass, concrete or some sort of polymer vinyl?