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  1. Horseman

    protesters tear down barricades and storm US Capitol

    Twitter coming to their senses. Top notch video released by the president. Must watch. "Our incredible journey has just begun."
  2. Horseman

    Philthy Tanked it!

    I dont know why you are obsessed with the Giants. Who cares about the Giants? One this is for sure, the Eagle are F`d over paying a bunch of money to horrible athletes. Thay cant cut their way out of the cap, it's going to be a trainwreck for quite a few years.
  3. Horseman

    Philthy Tanked it!

    Says the guy whose team sold their sole to the devil for Carson Wentz. Carson Wentz, let that sink in. Bashing anything the Giants did doesnt diminish that colossal error. Get it yet?
  4. Horseman

    Philthy Tanked it!

    That might be the dumbest post ever. You draft a RB #2 and you're not supposed to get him 250 carries? Eagle mentality I guess.
  5. Horseman

    Philthy Tanked it!

    Lol. Hes only played 2 seasons and never sniffed 300 carries. In what fantasy world do you live?
  6. Horseman

    Philthy Tanked it!

    They're handcuffed paying a bunch of bad athletes.
  7. Horseman

    Philthy Tanked it!

    Doubt they make the mistake the eagles did and sign a giant contract hes not worth. And then make him untradible.
  8. Horseman

    Philthy Tanked it!

    6 instead of 9. But that doesnt matter, they could have picks 1 thru 6 and that's not going to save this franchise. Wentz was inactive because he was "resting". WTF does he need resting for? Wentz is now a has-been that got benched for a garbage rookie. They arent going to be able to trade him and he is going to cost 35 million and 17% of the cap next year. It's going to take a decade to recover from that garbage contract and you still dont have an answer at QB.
  9. Horseman

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    It's actually easy to start a list of wrongs we absolutely know already: 1 - Full of illegals by their sanctuary city declaration. Come on in boys, covid?, no problem. 2 - They promote and allow homeless populations to congregate without consequence. Covid?, no worries, you know what we need, more needles! 3 - They allow all kinds of peaceful protest gatherings. Cough, cough, that's ok, they are outside!
  10. Horseman

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Sorry, California - the largest state full of sheeple that believe this crap with toughest restrictions in the country totally getting destroyed by Covid right now isn't helping your argument. And who are all the rubes working from home? Go to work you lazy fuks.
  11. To your first paragraph, you can restate it that way, but it wouldnt be true as my examples demonstrate. Flying planes into buildings killing yourself and thousands of others is not Altruism. It was on the promise of everlasting life with 72 virgins and a kingdom in the paradise garden. Nothing else explains those acts. Religion is 100% responsible for suicide terrorists and undeniable religious malady. Most every other example of humans freely forfeiting thier lives has been Altruism, the vast majority having nothing to do with God. Altruism is just another thing, along with charity, that religion has stolen from humanity and purports as their own. 99% of human existence has been without religion. You're mistaken if you think we didnt thrive without it, let alone require it. Cheers.
  12. All organizations suffer from human maladies. Religious organization suffer from all the same human maladies plus religious maladies. You're conveniently assigning any malady caused or fostered by religion to it's people. That is incorrect. Let me try again with my two examples: Priest molestation - yes a percentage of humans have an illness that causes them to molest children. In the Catholic Church's case that was fostered, incentivized and magnified by the the religion itself. The rape was committed humans, however, it was the religion (belief) that priests must be celibate and in charge of children. A false belief directly contradictory to the biological needs of a man. Then it was the perceived power of the religion (god himself) that gave the power to the pope, cardinals and priests to keep these molestation covered up and the molestation to continue, for as long as they have. That doesn't happen in any other type of organization. 9/11 - I could write volumes on this one, but, I'll try to keep it short as it shouldn't take much to illustrate my point. There isn't any greater instinct natural selection has given us, or any of the other species, than the instinct for survival. Most every time individuals break that instinct it is because of Altruism. The only thing I've seen in my lifetime (unfortunately) or read about in history different is the false promise of everlasting life. I think your wide prism of several decades is shielded from the history of mankind. We've been able to survive quite well for 195,000 out of our 200,000 years without religion. And we will do quite well once we've evolved past the spandrel of religion. Our survival instincts protect the tribe and help our fellow men, including those hit by a tornado. Your response team of Christians will be replace by one with a different name, one where they take credit for themselves. I didn't mean that you were an arrogant person, I'm sure you're a great guy and would buy you a beer anytime, you are just suffering from a religious malady.
  13. The tornado (natural disaster) is always an interesting one. People like to give god credit when humanity steps in to help people who have been affected by natural disasters while ignoring the fact that God could have stopped the tornado altogether. The same god who used natural disasters on a whim to destroy thousand of people at a time in the bible. The god people say "did this for a reason" every time a natural disaster occurs. The idea that god should receive gratitude for life while not being held accountable for disasters is a transparently disingenuous double standard by Christians.
  14. That's not a red herring, it's an analogy that I backed up with real-life examples. If you want to count "behind-the-senses" then I will add in all the people who volunteer for all the secular organizations I listed, organizations already magnitudes larger than the biggest Christian humanitarian effort, before I go seek out all the other people in the world who help other people that are not Christian. (You could have banked yourself a lot of numbers had you said religious instead of Christian, a common mistake Christians make because they're so stuck on their one true god). The numbers aren't even close. But, I think we agree it's not a contest of numbers. It's boils down to two things, #2 of which you didn't address (and I don't blame you): 1 - You don't need religion to be charitable. 2 - The most charitable organizations in the world do not suffer the side effects of religion. (In fact, if you want to continue the discussion - they purposely are not religious to their benefit.) I also think you underestimate the people whom you've had experiences with. By saying "they do it because they have the heart of Christ" you seem to imply they wouldn't have done it had they not been Christian. Do you really think if it wasn't for that story they have been told that they would have left those harmed by the tornado to suffer? I don't. And quite frankly, speaking as a human being not a Christian, that's an arrogant position to take.
  15. Not true. There hasn't been the systematic cover-up to the extent the Catholic church has in any organization, not even close. It is literally a pedophile ring with coverups all the way to the pope. Several popes. Those other organizations you listed didn't require the children's supervisors to be celibate either. I mean they should have seen it coming.