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  1. Horseman

    ***Wagering thread***

    Hawaii? Not even the correct ocean bro. (I know, I called it The Island, but, I meant the island we always goto) I told myself a long time ago I'd never bet against Jiri. I'm betting a ton, but, dont do that because I tend to overvalue my favorites. It worked out with Strickland but my luck will run out someday. Like you said though, a percieved toss-up I'd take plus money on Jiri all day long. +105 I love to lean towards the wrestlers in a big boy Striker vs. Jujitsu matchup. That's my biggest secret betting mma. Sure Pavlovich can knock out Aspinall if foking Blaydes can. But Aspinall has been wrestling since he was a tiny boy shorter than Gutterboy. Has he learned from the Blaydes fight and can he wrestle early, instead of trying to trade punch for punch, and wear Pavlovich out and avoid the big damage? That's the idea. Aspinall -120 Dern by points +400. . It's only-170 to go under 2.5. That's a great number for the favorite to get the decision in a woman's matchup. Frevola +195. If there is a big upset on the main card, this is it. Godinez by points -110 Rebecki by TKo/Ko +165
  2. HFS Why would you even suggest those things are mutually exclusive? Holy fok, what a simpleton sheltered life it must be inside the metal helmet.
  3. Horseman

    ***Wagering thread***

    So close. 9-1.
  4. Horseman

    ***Wagering thread***

    Let's keep'r going. See if I can get to 10-0. I like your over. Burrow u26.5 Kincaid o39.5 Davis u3.5.
  5. Horseman

    ***Wagering thread***

  6. Horseman

    ***Wagering thread***

    Let's keep'r going DAL-PHI Hurts u254.5 Cooks u37.5 DSmith u4.5
  7. Horseman

    ***Wagering thread***

  8. Horseman

    ***Wagering thread***

    Man those 4 fighters in the octagon at the same time fights are awesome.
  9. Horseman

    ***Wagering thread***

    ***5 STAR MEGA BET TOUT *** My first tweet. J/k. I dont tweet.
  10. Horseman

    edsr will not be down for breakfast

    GB GB I ain't going out like that. I dont care if I'm not not hungry, I'm mixing in the hot sauce with the scrambled eggs and bacon and shoveling it down no matter what. Just like this morning.
  11. Horseman

    War in Israel

    All I've seen is the video evidence posted online not in the news.
  12. Horseman

    Most underrated sandwiches

    He's the village idiot.
  13. Horseman

    Most underrated sandwiches

    Jimmy johns is worse than Subway. They sell mayonnaise sandwiches. Mayo guys just like the familiarity of the feeling in their mouths.
  14. Horseman

    Most underrated sandwiches

    Is Boston north of Richmond, that might explain it.