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  1. Horseman


    It's all he does. He creates a fake reality in his head about everything.
  2. Horseman

    Where does Gutterboy work ?

    He reinstalls windows on grandma's computer for a living.
  3. @bostonlager smoking, on fire! That Xhavier game was nuts. Its a good thing for the rest of us March madness only comes once a year. I was making hay on props, but, they seemed to have vanished. MMA let's go!
  4. I was in Key West late summer 2020. The locals told me how a significant population of the local service industry would all get sick at the same time each year (they had a name for it which I forget) and that's what they thought happened over Christmas and New Years 2019. Except the symptoms were different, high fever and cough this time, loss of taste and smell. Covid was spread to tourist travelers from all over in December.
  5. Horseman

    I Want To Fawk…

    Shows are 100% fake. Ran into guys from Swamp People in 2010 at Dad's Bar and Grill in Empire LA. They will tell you - gator is tired fighting the hook all night when you show up in the morning, shoot them in the head with a 22 and pull them in the boat. Absolutely zero drama about it in real life.
  6. Horseman

    Silicon Valley Bank

  7. Give that thing Tim's phone number. Problem solved.
  8. On my iphone it loads and takes bets relatively fast. On my samsung tablet it loads really slow and sometimes the bets timeout and don't go through so I have to keep checking to make sure.
  9. That makes sense and it must not have gone through as it doesn't show a bet on UCLA and your total now is 130.
  10. My experience has been that the totals sometimes temporarily add up wrong while bets are outstanding, but, eventually everything washes out and it corrects itself. The -46 was for a graded bet on A&M while a bet on Duke wasn't graded for a while. I've never had a problem scrolling to the bottom once everything loads, but yeah, why put the new bets at the bottom instead of at the top. I'm approaching 300 bets placed and it sucks having to scroll through all those every time.
  11. Horseman

    Rodgers to Jets

    Lazard signs with the Jets.
  12. Horseman

    Silicon Valley Bank

    It's pretty simple folks. SVB had a deposit to lend ratio of 42%. They had too much extra cash, got greedy and tied it up at a relatively low interest rate. BidenFlation happened and they couldn't pay the deposits back when people came asking for their money. Nothing else matters and nothing else could have stopped it.
  13. Horseman

    Silicon Valley Bank