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  1. wiffleball

    Happy Easter!

    Is Easterbation a thing? ...or, just me ...
  2. wiffleball

    Future serial killer

    That's the way you do it. You train them early. Bet that b**** won't be mouthing off when she's 22.
  3. wiffleball

    NBA playoff ratings down big...

  4. wiffleball

    Muslims spreading love in sir Lanka

    Nyuck nyuck, but but 57 states!!!
  5. wiffleball

    Bible games, did Judas hang himself today?

    One synagogue finally gets shot up - average age 80+, and it's OI GUVALT! JEWS ARE UNDER ATTACK! meanwhile, there have been 50+Christian Church shootings and ...
  6. wiffleball

    Really overdue for an earthquake

    Just saying...
  7. wiffleball

    An LGBTQ agenda for FFToday geeks

    Am I just this old, or does anybody else remember when gay was an umbrella term for homosexual men and women? Then suddenly, one day it wasn't. You can still have gay men, but gay women were then known as lesbian. Unless it was a lesbian saying it, in which case it was okay if she said that she was gay. Jesus, these people should come with some sort of a f****** rulebook. Also, it's my understanding that queer is the equivalent of nagger. They can say it, but... So basically, the right is the party of the 1% and the left anymore is the party of the point 1%. Meanwhile 98.9 pct of the country dgaf.
  8. wiffleball

    NBA playoff ratings down big...

    I don't follow, but honestly isn't it that it's been really damn predictable the last several years in a row? Basically, nobody bus ass until the playoffs. But even then, they pretty much know who's going to make it to the finals before the season even starts. At least that's been my impression. With the players forming their own super- teams, the idea of parity kind of flew out the window. Somebody feel free to check me on that.
  9. wiffleball

    Bible games, did Judas hang himself today?

  10. wiffleball

    This is sad, smart girl though

    As maddening and frustrating as the wimmens make me, I see something like this or the girl who got abducted by her Uber driver or the girl who got killed in Iowa or whatever just for jogging by some random stranger and it makes me pump the brakes a bit. For all the breaks they get, I'm still not sure it's a bargain - living pretty much all the time in fear.
  11. wiffleball

    Bible games, did Judas hang himself today?

    Zombie Jeesus approves.
  12. wiffleball

    Surprised No Thread on Turpin 13

    The Dad was like '...if I've caused an harm, I'm sorry .." IF?????? Jeez I hope they beat him on a daily basis. Chained their kids. One shower a Year? Maybe one meal a day? I mean, fock. He'll have it better In prison than his kids ever did https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/house-horrors-case-turpin-parents-sentenced-life-prison-torturing-children-n996326
  13. wiffleball

    Remember when Republicans HAD to change French fries

    Ladies and germs, is exactly how Donald Trump got elected. Even when the White House admitted that there were no wmds over and over and over and over again. Even 10 years later after there have been literally dozens if not hundreds of investigations, there are still the guys running over there Dixie Chicks CDs swearing to God that there were wmds! And if you don't like it you can get the heck out of Amurica! God, a nation of f****** morons more interested in the results of The amazing race than wars that results in the deaths and wounding of over 50000 Americans. F****** astounding. You know why Donald Trump's president? Because we deserve it.