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  1. wiffleball

    Nuke Katrina

    Donald Trump suggested firing nuclear weapons into hurricanes to prevent them hitting the US, reports in Washington claim. The president is said to have raised the idea of bombing hurricanes with senior Homeland Security and national security officials on numerous occasions, dating back as far as 2017.
  2. More kids are killed by blech people than peanuts. And we ban peanuts
  3. wiffleball

    Skittles vs Starburst

    They both have multiple flavor combos btw. Both are pretty good mixing w vodka. Docking HATE skittlespox commercial. I want to punch everyone involved in that commercial in the nards.
  4. New York Jews suck. An entirely diff breed.
  5. wiffleball

    Ending Birthright Citizenship

    Some of you might want to remind Trump and you guys about the huge number of Asians taking advantage of this. It's a huge industry. But, since they're not brown and on the border, somehow birthright citizenship is just fine for them.
  6. Im trying find out where Chicanos and Mongoloids went. I mean, now that the raiders are leaving.
  7. No prob w boycott. Such a Jew double standard. We did the same with Apartheid and other stuff. Like it or not isn't racist.
  8. wiffleball

    In and out Burger tips

    Ask for your burger tartare
  9. That's got to be the easiest part of it. Hotter water, hotter air creates more energy. More energy create stronger storms. What makes everything hotter is the part that's up for debate. Meme? I think it's just way to get people to move to the Midwest.
  10. wiffleball

    Special housing unit for Vets in jail.

    Though, I'm getting pretty sick the fact that people forget that some of these guys were boneheaded social misfits long before they ever enlisted. It's the guys who didn't have much going for them before they enlisted and don't have much going for them now that they're out that seem to constantly fly their colors. Dude, it was a job, thanks for your service, but it's been 20 years and you were a Load Masters assistant. Move on. Coming from the Korean conflict, my dad had no time for those losers. You expected to use the GI bill, go to college, get a job and never talk about it again. Not exactly healthy either, but not everybody saw horrific combat either. Maybe you were just freaking nuts in the first place. It just blend it in better in the military.
  11. wiffleball

    Special housing unit for Vets in jail.

    Well beyond that, I've counseled guys who don't even know they're shirt measurements. when I ask them what size dress shirt they need for a job interview, they'll say something like I don't know, 2X? Even the most boneheaded interview questions are completely foreign to them.
  12. wiffleball

    Sign Language Interpreters

    All it takes is one deaf person to justify an interpreter at a concert. now, explain to me why the first three or four f****** around those of every movie theater parking lot Is filled with handicap spots. Then get to work explaining the Braille on the drive-through ATM.
  13. wiffleball


    They also serve as lubrication when eating steak. Don't like in spag sauce. Or most chinese.
  14. wiffleball

    Former RB Cedric Benson dead at 36

    Buddy of mine had a great life: Partner in firn, tail for days, rich Hit an uneven lane change at 25-30mph, haid hit curb. Gone.