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  1. wiffleball

    Too many playoff teams

    I admit. I'm full-on clueless when it comes to the NBA "play in" concept.
  2. If I was on fire and SAS was holding a bucket of water, a fire extinguisher and a fire hose...
  3. wiffleball

    Marjorie Taylor Greene

    You know, there are plenty of dimwitted male Congress people. But from my experience, it seems like these stupid women are kept around by both sides as ammunition against each other. I know for a fact that the Republicans wouldn't go up against Sheila Jackson lee, because she was a vote and money making machine by everybody who couldn't stand her. Which is everybody. Then you look at dimwits like AOC and MTG and Sarah Palin, etc. It's almost like the guys at the gym letting the girls participate just because they know they're going to fall down and eat s***.
  4. wiffleball

    Good bands with short careers

    Gin Blossoms.
  5. wiffleball

    From the Heart of Trump Country

    We've got a guy with a jacked pickup truck. It has five full size flags in the bed. Most of them Trump. A Trump passenger sticker, and a litany of Brandon and whatnot stickers. .....and a full on train horn. - That's louder than the trains. Guy drives our tiny main drag, banging his horn , revving his Mopar, and being a general ass. Pretty sure the guy relishes that role. You know what they say about negative attention being better none at all. Still, Jeez dude, I haven't yet seen anything resembling that from the Biden crew.
  6. wiffleball

    Good bands with short careers

    CCR. Crazy amount of hits in a short time.
  7. wiffleball

    Shaving my inner, upper, thigh

    So, they put something in me called a watchman. It's a net of sorts that's supposed to catch most blood clots leading to stroke. I'm at a five times greater risk of stroke by having A-Fib. It's not unusual for my heart to stay in AFib for hours or days. (Note, I learned that above from Kareem Abdul Jabbar - no kidding) Because my internals (brain, throat,gut, etc) have a habit of bleeding internally, they're really leery of blood thinners (most common defense against stroke). They also did a TEE - which I guess is just a greater imaging of the thoracic region. What's bumming me out is: 1. They still put me on thinners (Plavix) because of this procedure. Turns out, right about now, post-surgery is the diciest time for stroke. A) So, the thing that's supposed to fix me can also kill me. And, the thing thats designed to preclude blood thinners? - Requires six months of intense thinners. :headslap: C) If I catch another brain (gut, throat, azz) bleed. The thinners will likely make sure I bleed out before can find and stop it. And on top of it all, the medicos & case workers just today started throwing around terms like, Assisted living, pacemaker, disability... Frankly, makes current events like this last procedure seem worthless. Though, I've been very clear I'd rather than end up like Commander Pike. Hopefully, this helps somebody. (Actually, it helped me to try to organize my thoughts a bit.) And, it'd been forever since I had CFS - especially for Breakfast! I'm sure the cardio guys wouldn't mind. 🩹
  8. wiffleball

    Shaving my inner, upper, thigh

    You'd think I'd be used to blackouts . But damn, they've got anesthesia dialed in. Fock me, I literally might remember about two minutes upfront. ....then waking up in recovery hours later. And, I had CFS and a cheese omelette this morning to celebrate my effed up heart! 🩹
  9. wiffleball

    Bad Day for Whitey

    That's Charlie Gasko to you mister!
  10. wiffleball

    Bad Day for Whitey

    ...Herzog. https://www.cnn.com/2024/04/16/sport/whitey-herzog-cardinals-dies/index.html Damn. Between the Dominicans and the Japs, we need every whitey we can get in mlb.
  11. wiffleball

    Gettysburg, a history by Donald Trump

    Gotta admit, that guy can talk outta his butt like crazy. Surprised he didn't include Frederick Douglas.
  12. wiffleball

    Trump fatigue

    Well, Trump and Frederick Douglas sure are tight. And Trump is the first Pres candidate to compare himself to Jesus and Nelson Mandela. Honestly, the guy just carpet bombs the airwaves with such vast and varied quantities of BS that even the red hats have tired of it all.
  13. wiffleball

    Trump fatigue

    Speaking of trump fatigue. I am seeing just clip after clip after clip of trump kind of literally having a stroke in the middle of speaking. That's not exaggeration or Trump hate. It's just a fact. It's happening a lot. And seems to be getting worse. I think there's something going on with him. And then there's Joe..
  14. I just googled FFT. Damn, these fantasy leagues are getting intense. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is an algorithm that computes the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) of a sequence, or its inverse (IDFT). Fourier analysis converts a signal from its original domain (often time or space) to a representation in the frequency domain and vice versa. The DFT is obtained by decomposing a sequence of values into components of different frequencies.[1] This operation is useful in many fields, but computing it directly from the definition is often too slow to be practical. An FFT rapidly computes such transformations by factorizing the DFT matrix into a product of sparse (mostly zero) factors.[2] As a result, it manages to reduce the complexity of computing the DFT from �(�2), which arises if one simply applies the definition of DFT, to �(�log⁡�), where n is the data size