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  1. I keep flopping back and forth. I want to trust Gurley but its hard to seeing as its a late game. My lineup locks at Noon central so I have to make the decision before he is officially active or not. With that said... Non ppr. My choices are Gurley - just plug in trust and hope for the best Michel - on my roster but don't see going here Ingram - same as above Jamaal Williams - can pick him up and play it safe Elijah McGuire - same as above Alfred Blue - Forman is active so how much will he get Opponent has Kamara & McCaffery not to mention Mahomes and Thielen so its not gonna be easy to win either way.
  2. Here it is. The Championship Game. My opponent is my Undefeated 14 yr old Son in his first year in our league. He beat me earlier in the year giving me 1 of my 2 losses. His Rbs are Kamara & McCaffery and his QB is Mahomes so you can see I need all i can get. My Rbs are Gurley, Damien Williams, Spencer Ware, Sony Michel & Mark Ingram. As you all know.. There is nothing clear here. Normally I would have Gurley in and then hope for the best between one of the others. But now nothing is for certain. To make things worse, our league lineups lock on Sunday Noon (central time) so decisions have to be made and cant be switched out in the late games. So I cant just wait and see who is active and who isn't in the late games. If Gurley is ruled out I could grab Kelly or pick up Jamaal Williams and or Elijah McGuire if needed. But I have to know for sure whos out. I really need Ware to sit again. My sons lineup will probably be Mahomes, Kamara, McCaffrey, Thielen, A. Robinson, Cook, Butker, Vikings D vs MIne Watson, RB, RB, M. Thomas, Hilton (if he goes), Ebron, Zeurlein, Rams D With all that said... what do yall think?
  3. Hilton is now active. He had the shoulder and ankle last week. No practice this week. The Cowboys D has been tough as well. With that said... roll with the stud as usual or go safer with Sterling Shepard - OBJ out Josh Reynolds - I already have Gurley, Zeurlein and Rams D so... to much Curtis Samuel - How's Cam but could be a shoot out Monday Night. Others that could go with that's not so great Pettis - was questionable also Pretty much any of the Jags, Bills or Dolphins
  4. drmidd

    RB help for tonight

    Id go with Gordon if he plays or Jackson if he sits seeing as how the KC Def isn't as stout as the Bears
  5. Standard non ppr . With Ware doubtful, Need 1, I have Sony Michel & Mark Ingram on my roster. Can drop Malcolm Brown ( edit...yes i know Brown is on IR. I used him to back up Gurley, and knowing that he is out is why he is my choice to drop to pick up whoever I need We have a 4 man bench,I don't have a backup WR or QB either) and pick up Damien Williams, Elijah McGuire or even Kenneth Dixon. Michel- looked like he was gonna be awesome, but as the Pats always do, have to screw it all up by mixing in Burkhead on top of White and now are giving Devlin the scores vs Pittsburgh Ingram - You never know when hes gonna go off and when hes not gonna be a factor. vs Panthers Damien - has been scoring but what about the other Williams and West? vs Chargers McGuire - questionable himself and is Crowell gonna be out? vs Texans Dixon - who knows whats gonna happen here but vs Bucs
  6. drmidd

    Decisions Decisions

    Ingram or Michel Njoku or Ebron I have Watson on bye, QB wire stinks. Choices are Dak, Alex Smith or Mullens. Others but these are the 3 im mainly considering
  7. drmidd

    RB position took a hit

    Well... I just lost Lynch to IR. And Michel also was hurt and his time table hasn't been set. They say its not as serious as first thought. I have Gurley as my main guy and I also have Ingram. We only start 2 RBs and no flex. If Ingram had done half as well as he did the first game back, I wouldn't have much of a second thought. The Free agents out there to get are: Doug Martin/Richard Dion Lewis Chris Thompson Barber/Jones III A. Jones Actually there are several others that are in 2 or 3 RB backfields, but those are the main ones. We only have a 4 man bench. And im gonna need to pick up another QB for Week 10. Take one of these guys or just roll with Gurley & Ingram for now?
  8. drmidd

    Offered OBJ for Ingram

    Ive been offered OBJ for Ingram. OBJ was a consensus late 1st-2nd rd pick. But he hasn't has that type of performance. He is actually rated #37 in our non-ppr scoring. As you know Ingram is coming back this week but what should I expect from him? We start 2 Rb & Wrs No flex. I start Gurley & Thomas as my #1 Rb and WR. My #2s are Lynch or Michel at RB and I have Hilton, Fuller & Baldwin at WR. Both Hilton & Fuller have hammy problems and Baldwin isn't 100% either. As for Rb, Michel did good tonight, but he is a Patriot Rb and we all know how things can just turn bad. And can Lynch sustain what hes been doing? Anyway... Id appreciate some opinions. Thanks
  9. drmidd

    Which WR should I start?

    I would go Ridley. They haven't been able to stop him the past couple of weeks
  10. drmidd

    Lynch , Michel or Ingram

    Start 1 out of these 3 to pair with Gurley Lynch vs Chargers Michel vs Colts Ingram vs Redskins (first game back, how big of a role?)
  11. drmidd

    Trade Ingram?

    We only start 2 Rbs & 2 Wrs. No flex. I have Hilton & Fuller with Hammy problems. My other 2 are Thomas & Baldwin. Should I just plug Baldwin in, drop Baldwin for another or should I make a trade? I dangled Ingram, Michel & Lynch out as trade bait. The owner I play this week asked if I would be interested in OBJ. Hes not officially offering, just sending out a feeler. Im nervous about Michel because of Patriot reasons and wondering if Lynch can sustain. Ive been waiting on Ingram because I know he can be a beast. But will he do as good this year with the way Kamara has been playing? Is it worth getting OBJ for maybe a 1 week fix? All my Wrs besides Baldwin, who has been hurt, have done better than OBJ. If he was a top WR it would be easy. But right now hes only the #37 Wr in the league. We only have a 4 man bench so sooner or later Im going to have to drop someone to plug in for bye weeks on a couple of positions.So far I haven't been able to do a 2-1 to upgrade one spot and open up another. I also know how hard it is to get RBs so that's another concern if something happens with one of them. Its not as hard to find another WR in this league. Opinions please?
  12. drmidd

    Cooks or Gordon? Chiefs or Steelers?

    I think I would go Cooks. Offers more insurance going against Brady in a way.
  13. drmidd

    Pick 1 RB

    Gillislee has the TD upside with Burkhead out. Perine is active so that hurts Bibbs unless Perine gets re-injured. Kerwin is a little banged up himself I think. No easy call here but you wouldn't be asking if it was right.
  14. I have Mixon vs Lions but could pick up CJ Anderson vs Skins. Have the Eagles D vs Raiders but could take the Steelers vs Texans. We only get points for turnovers and sacks and of course Tds and safeties. Worth it? Over coaching or should I make a move? I started out with a 0 from Rudolph last night. Thielen only scored 2 so luckily I'm not further behind. I'm up against: A. Smith Gurley, Kamara Thielen (2pts), Fitzgerald Kelce Cards D Prater Thanks.
  15. drmidd

    Always something!

    Here I am in the Championship game. But I seem to be limping in. My team is QB Cam Newton (Rodgers on IR) RB Leveon Bell, Mixon (how much of his job will he get back, how much will Bernard factor in and the Concussion , Eckler (injured also), WR M. Thomas (who is now questionable) , D. Baldwin, Jordy Nelson (wasn't going here vs Vikings) TE Rudolph K Lutz DF Eagles My questions are to go with Mixon or pick up CJ Anderson who was dropped last week or Powell. Bell is in of course WR I was going Baldwin & Thomas. but Algoholor, Dede Westbrook, Keelan Cole, Ginn, Cupp, Charger Wrs besides Allen are a low options I could consider. There are others but figured these may be the best ones I'm going against A. Smith Gurley, Kamara Fitgerald, Thielen Kelce Prater Cardinals So you can see I have no room for mistakes. Thanks