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  1. Shooter McGavin

    What's your favorite candy bar? or any candy?

    You guys should do a candy draft
  2. Shooter McGavin

    A Subtle Reminder Of The Incompetence We're Dealing With

    I thought this was a thread about all the times Justin predicted civil war
  3. Shooter McGavin

    At what point do you think abortion should be illegal?

    Sluts should be forced to keep the child instead of getting the easy way out and murdering the kid. That will teach her
  4. Shooter McGavin

    nuclear war - doomsday⌛

    Justin, if Putin said he won't nuke if you suck his d, would you do that to save humanity?
  5. Shooter McGavin

    At what point do you think abortion should be illegal?

    Depends, how old is craftsman?
  6. Does this pig like hot Cheetos?
  7. Your wife oils herself up before going out? Is she a wrestler? Or just trying to squeeze through the door?
  8. Do you not understand that I copied and pasted that from your post? You can't be this dumb. I even linked your post. This has to be an act, right?
  9. Even at higher rates. It's almost always smart to hold a mortgage.
  10. No, horsesh1t has no idea what he's talking about. Holding a low rate mortgage is pretty much free money, plus deductible.
  11. And they started under Trump.
  12. Shooter McGavin

    leftist kills 18 year old for being republican (Biden's fault)

    What are we doing to stop it? Are there pole dance schools or mutilation centers I can firebomb this weekend? I want to help.
  13. Shooter McGavin

    New York AG going after Trump and three kids

    Horsesh1t owned