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  1. Hardcore troubadour

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Hunger crisis in Afghanistan. And there are still Americans trapped there.
  2. Hardcore troubadour

    Baby Formula Shortage...

    You’re the one that made the claim. It’s on you to prove it, that’s how it works. Now get to steppin ya Fockin hack
  3. Hardcore troubadour

    Any of you guys have a second home somewhere?

    My main home is my vacation home.
  4. Hardcore troubadour

    Baby Formula Shortage...

    You proved it’s no more than three pallets? Link?
  5. Hardcore troubadour

    Baby Formula Shortage...

    Oh, I won’t. I just know it’s more. I’m armed with common sense and experience. 3 pallets is laughable, unworthy of discussing. Hack knows this. But his hacking knows no end.
  6. Hardcore troubadour

    Dodds leaving FBG

    As I was putting my son in the car to go to T Ball tonight I said son, you have to take a shower when we get home, your fingernails are filthy. He said he took one last night. I said it’s ok to get dirty, you just have to clean up. Then he asked me if he could play in the dirt and make mud. I’m happy to know at 5 he won’t be one those. He’s all boy.
  7. Hardcore troubadour

    Baby Formula Shortage...

  8. Really? We were treated to how little some cared for four years of foot stomping and rattle shaking and one gigantic hoax night after night. And not one, but two BS impeachments.
  9. No he’s not. Not even close. You can start with Mao, and seeing as Mao was worse than Hitler…Also Stalin. And a bunch more. There is no need to over hype Putin to make the point. He’s a bad guy and needs to go. But the left in this country, as usual, has to hype up everything.
  10. You’re comparing Putin to Hitler. Might want to adjust your rankings.
  11. Hardcore troubadour

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    Men get get pregnant? Then we have a say on abortion. Thanks.
  12. Hardcore troubadour

    creepy joe's new press secretary

    How else would you do it?
  13. Hardcore troubadour

    The Bestest Live Covers

    Jimmy Buffett- Southern Cross
  14. Hardcore troubadour

    creepy joe's new press secretary

    Biden was bragging about it not so long ago. The guys a Fockin mush.
  15. Hardcore troubadour

    Anyone ever been arrested

    Can you stop saying adorable so much? It’s weird and ghey. Thanks