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  1. Hardcore troubadour

    Barr opens investigation into spying

    They do go to jail for official misconduct though. Sure it's a catch all, but it can work.
  2. Hardcore troubadour

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    What does the left do for them once they are born? Send them to shitty schools they run and have been running for 50 years? Have them live in crime infested ghettos they have been running for 60 years? Have them live in run down public housing? Yeah, pro choicers certainly provide so much.
  3. Hardcore troubadour

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Damn if they didn't pull another late inning comeback. Gutty, gritty Yankees.
  4. Hardcore troubadour

    Heavy snow here

    "Whatever that holiday is". Scumbag.
  5. Hardcore troubadour

    Mayor Pete Nails Fox town hall

    Chris Wallace is a giant puzzy. Im sure he let Tinkerbell prance all over the place without pushing back. Glad you're impressed.
  6. Hardcore troubadour

    103rd running of the Indianapolis 500

    Yeah, but I still like a piece of puzzy once in a while. Ain't nothin like a piece of puzzy. Except maybe the Indy 500.
  7. Hardcore troubadour

    New Cowboys play: Zeke cuff 23

    After looking at this all I can say is that it's not going to end well for Zeke. Another Urban Myer special.
  8. Hardcore troubadour

    New Cowboys play: Zeke cuff 23

    That's true.
  9. Hardcore troubadour

    **Official MLB 2019**

    These Yankees are the epitome of next man up. Fun to watch.
  10. Hardcore troubadour

    How do you reconcile your views vs your actions?

  11. Hardcore troubadour

    New Cowboys play: Zeke cuff 23

    There's a seperate thread for Dallas Cowboy dysfunction.
  12. Hardcore troubadour

    So whats with all the hulabaloo about abortion?

    I DGAF what any of these people say. At 34 weeks that baby is feeling pain and fighting for it's life. Prove me wrong.
  13. Hardcore troubadour

    My new favorite saying at work

    Got an issue? Get a tissue.
  14. I wonder if Kelly watched the beginning of Saving Private Ryan?. Just another dumb twat dead set on ruining everything.
  15. Hardcore troubadour


    Iran is an Islamic state. In Islam, it is ok to lie to infidels. We are infidels. Therefore, you shouldn't make deals with them. Thanks Obama.