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  1. Hardcore troubadour

    Bears at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    Looks like I'm taking a zero from Everett. The one week I really needed him after carrying him for weeks. And you can't cut him, he has two games vs Arizona left. I don't think McVey likes TE's, like Arians.
  2. Hardcore troubadour

    Here’s a CNN article about me

    Digby34 is so stupid he put airbags on his computer in case it crashed.
  3. Hardcore troubadour

    Melissa Villasenor of SNL

    You just bang them man, it's not a dinner thing. Same goes for Dominicans.
  4. Hardcore troubadour


    She supposedly used the worst word ever. To a bunch of people that say it 100 times before noon.
  5. Hardcore troubadour

    Here’s a CNN article about me

    Digby34 is so dumb he took his Bluetooth to the dentist to get it fixed.
  6. Hardcore troubadour

    Happy Football Day Week 11!

    See how the 49'rs covered? That's why I Quit.
  7. Hardcore troubadour

    Happy Football Day Week 11!

    Wentz- JAG. So is Ertz. Gets his numbers because of volume. Goedert is better.
  8. Hardcore troubadour


    Eh, this thread will be just like yours. But better.
  9. Hardcore troubadour


    Obviously. When was the last time anyone posted? And BFD.
  10. Hardcore troubadour


    You're a sad, sad man Posty. Not as sad as the mutants at Popeyes, but very sad nonetheless.
  11. Hardcore troubadour

    Happy Football Day Week 11!

    Wentz Edjr is very innacurate.
  12. Hardcore troubadour


  13. Hardcore troubadour

    So. 49ers vs Patriots for the SB

    Hell of a win
  14. Hardcore troubadour

    Brady's career..............................

    You're saying the Patriots just started running trick plays? Mike Vrabel had 5 receiving touchdowns. He was a linebacker and is the head coach of the Titans now. Hasn't played in years.
  15. Hardcore troubadour


    Shame on KFC for taking what once was a decent product and ruining it with cheapness. They let this crew come in and take their market. KFC is disgusting.