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  1. uwmalcolm

    What do you give your toilet bowl winner

    I like these rules. Choice of draft pick is much better than automatically getting #1. Buying dinner contains shades of NFL rookie hazing.
  2. uwmalcolm

    MNF Discussion: Chargers at Colts

    Yeah I was surprised that it wasn’t challenged but could be hard to overturn. I have Allen and going against Williams so that TD would’ve been huge. Almost tied up going into the 2nd half now.
  3. uwmalcolm

    Packers at Dolphins: Christmas

    Get back in the game Watson (hip)…rub some dirt on it!
  4. uwmalcolm

    The Official Week 16 FU Thread

    Fock Swift and the Lions. They deserve to lose. What a worthless year overall for Swift.
  5. uwmalcolm

    Week 14 FU

    FU Tua - your pathetic play is going to cost me a bye
  6. This is what my leagues have done for years. Best approach in my opinion.
  7. uwmalcolm

    Curtis Samuel

    Yup. Without Wentz he is a low ceiling, medium floor option. Gets a few rushing yards but not a lot of targets. If you’re looking for a safe play he is a decent option but low upside sadly. I’m keeping him in my 1/2 PPR over Toney just because my WRs are shakey and may need a reliable, albeit not-so-exciting option. Washington’s schedule looks favorable for WRs but Samuel is a unique player so it’s hard to be sure where he will do well.
  8. uwmalcolm

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    Focking hamstrings made out of paper mache.
  9. uwmalcolm

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    F me too for that one
  10. uwmalcolm

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    Good point, but neither of my squads is dominant so I need to get into the playoffs first.
  11. uwmalcolm

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    I never doubted you, Pollard!
  12. uwmalcolm

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    Fock me for starting Pollard over Zeke in both my leagues. Of course Pollard gets stoned twice at the goal line and Zeke walks in.
  13. uwmalcolm

    Your worst draft pick ?

    I took Allen Robinson and Michael Thomas in both of my leagues
  14. uwmalcolm

    Mike Williams who will benefit?

    Allen is once again proving he is made out of the finest China in all the land.
  15. uwmalcolm

    ACL injury likely for Breece Hall

    Doesn’t matter so much now for Carter with the trade for Robinson.