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  1. uwmalcolm

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Fock you to the Bucs. I have Jones and Godwin in a must win game and focking Barber gets all the TDs. I hate fantasy football.
  2. uwmalcolm

    Kamara - Bust

    It’s interesting because Kamara has had great tackle breaking stats from what I’ve seen this year. I consider it a result of his time missed due to injury, Brees’s time missed due to injury, bad luck/TD regression, and Sean Payton’s obsession with manufacturing cute TDs when in the red zone (I.e. Taysom Hill, random tight ends). Taking him over Elliot at #3 was a tough call and likely killed my season in one league. You can’t win em all but this one is a head scratcher.
  3. uwmalcolm

    Saints at Falcons: In-Game Discussion

    Fock Sean Payton really. His goal in life is to score in the cutest, non fantasy friendly way possible. Or with Lutz.
  4. uwmalcolm

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Fock me for drafting Kamara. Allergic to the end zone this year. In a win to make the playoffs game I started this freakin winner and Maher, while my opponent had Lutz. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate leagues with kickers. As the 2nd highest point scoring team in a league that has 6/10 teams make the playoffs, I am highly at risk of missing the postseason.
  5. uwmalcolm

    Saints at Falcons: In-Game Discussion

    Go Hawks!
  6. uwmalcolm

    Dropping Josh Allen after this week.

    Allen’s great game last week has me rethinking dropping him this week. My other option is Foles with Murray on bye. Foles vs Tenn is not exactly a cake matchup and Cousins took advantage of the Broncos through the air this week so maybe Allen can too? The question is whether the Broncos can score enough on Buffalo to push the Bills’ offense to match it like they forced Minn to? Early rankings I’ve seen have Allen around 10-11 and Foles around 15. This game is a must win for me to get into the playoffs despite being second in total points in this league. Another reminder to have at least 1 points based wild card spot in your leagues folks.
  7. uwmalcolm

    Where's the week 11 FU thread?

    FU to Boyd. 1 catch for 0 yards. I can’t believe I would ever say that I miss Dalton.
  8. uwmalcolm

    Jacob Hollister

    Picked him up. He can’t be worse than my TE for this week, Doyle. FU Doyle by the way. 0 targets is pretty impressive. Way to get open!
  9. uwmalcolm

    Where's the week 11 FU thread?

    Hill just had a GL TD called back due to a hold.
  10. uwmalcolm

    Where's the week 11 FU thread?

    Yeah FU to Hill for doing nothing at all. Started him over Michel so Michel will now have a 3 TD game.
  11. uwmalcolm

    I'm starting Brian Hill over ?

    Starting Hill and Jones over Michel
  12. uwmalcolm

    Dropping Josh Allen after this week.

    After this week, Winston’s schedule (ATL, JAC, IND, DET, HOU, ATL) looks pretty good actually. Indy in week 14 is the only matchup that is negative for QBs per the FF Today strength of schedule tool.
  13. uwmalcolm

    Dropping Josh Allen after this week.

    I’ve been rolling with Allen and Murray, but I picked up Foles as I plan to drop Allen after this week. Even that Balt matchup doesn’t seem like a good one if they have their full secondary healthy. I don’t trust him against good defenses since his floor is pretty low. Out of the options you listed, Wentz seems like the safer option if he can get some healthy receivers. You can make an argument for any of them though.
  14. uwmalcolm

    Ronald Jones II

    Looks like Arians is coming to his senses on Jones. Glad to see this as I have him in both of my leagues and almost dropped him in one due to bye weeks and injuries. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/12162/ronald-jones Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians said Ronald Jones has "earned the right to start" and "play more snaps." "He's been consistent," Arians said of Jones. "He's been more explosive. It's not that Peyton [Barber] did anything wrong." Jones had out-rushed Barber 314 to 262 on five fewer carries heading into Week 9 but it still took Arians until November to christen last year's No. 38 overall pick as the team's starter. Nonetheless Jones was in on a season-high 53 percent of Tampa Bay's offensive snaps against Seattle while Barber had his role diminished to season-lows in carries (4) and snaps (14%). Arizona's allowed the second-most fantasy points per game to opposing running backs, putting Jones in prime position to dominate as a RB2 in his second consecutive start.
  15. uwmalcolm

    Washington @ Buffalo Weather

    Try weather.com. To save you that extraordinary effort, the forecast is 42F and partly sunny. 18mph winds. I'm starting Allen fwiw.