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  1. lowspark

    Am I giving too much...2-for-1 deal on offer

    Just think it is still a lot to give for KJ...Maybe if it was an RB a couple notches up. I have been burned by Detroit's inconsistent running game in the past though.
  2. lowspark

    Sit Ty Hill?

    I'd play Ty...don't trust the SF offense and Breida's a tad risky with the injury. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=481110
  3. lowspark

    Who do I drop? Or do I?

    Have a bit of a dilemma... I am playing one of the worst teams in my league and my team is pretty solid. Chicago D is on Bye this week...trying to pick up a D and keep chicago but having trouble determining who to drop... Tried to make some trades...2 for 1 deals, trade for an IR guy to open up a spot, etc...w/no luck Looks like I have a couple choices... 1) Drop a player and pick up a D (probably going to be Denver) Who would you drop? (have waiver priority 8, btw...) 2) Run without a kicker this week 3) Run w/out a Defense this week Let me know your thoughts. Here's my team Starters QB: Drew Brees RB: Gurley RB: McCaffery WR: Davante Adams WR: Tyler Boyd TE: Kyle Rudolph Flex: C Hyde K: Harrison Butker D: <EMPTY> Bench WR's D Thomas M Jones J Brown A. Cooper Rb's Dion lewis Breida QB: Cousins My opponent C Wentz L McCoy Saquon B. L. Fitz Keenan Allen Jordan Reed Isiah Crowell Eagles D. S Gotskowski I will help with yours if you send a link.
  4. lowspark

    Andre Brown or Boykins

    No question, Brown is your man. Points for your player doesn't necessarily turn to defensive points. Brown will get the rock. Boykin may never see it all day. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=429509
  5. It's round 2 of the playoffs and I want my A-Team in... RB1, Lesean McCoy is a no brainer start I need to pick one of these three for my RB2 Steven Jackson vs Was Le'Veon Bell vs Cin MJD vs Buffalo I can almost justify any of these guys in that spot. Give me the guy who is going to take me to the promised land. Send me yours.
  6. lowspark

    Stevie Johnson vs Amendola

    Looking to fill my WR3 spot. Comes down to Stevie Johnson vs Amendola. Whatcha think? Send me yours?
  7. lowspark

    Flex help please

    No question in my mind...you have to play Bell out of those 3 options.
  8. I am pretty loaded at RB and looking to improve at WR and TE Owner has offerred...AJ Green and Gates for TRich & Bell. Is it worth it? My roster is below. Will need to drop one player for a TE this weekend if I don't trade...most likely will be Heath Miller and drop Jacobs. Matthew Stafford Det - QB Andre Johnson Hou - WR Jordy Nelson GB - WR LeSean McCoy Phi - RB Trent Richardson Ind - RB Alshon Jeffery Chi - WR Steve Smith Car - WR Stevie Johnson Buf - WR Danny Amendola NE - WR Maurice Jones-Drew Jax - RB Le'Veon Bell Pit - RB Danny Woodhead SD - RB Brandon Jacobs NYG - RB Send me yours.
  9. lowspark

    Bell, Ball or Powell..Best Waiver Wire pickup

    I took a chance, figuring Bilal would be the pickup this week on waivers....which he was I did not put in a request. I waited until Free agency and still was able to grab Bell (and drop Ivory) first thing this morning and kept my waiver priority. Pleased with the result. RB's are now Leshean Mccoy Trent Richardson MJD Law Firm Le'Veon Bell Now to figure out what the hell to do with all of these bye week and broken receivers.
  10. Great week to have waiver priority and pick up a RB to help you through the season. Who do we like best out of these dudes for the rest of the season? Le'Veon Bell Montae Ball Bilal Powell
  11. lowspark

    Who to start week 3

    Agreed...Olsen and Austin.
  12. I am thinking Wilson although any of these guys could be an option. I just feel it is all risk/reward in this case with no sure bets and Wilson looks to be the greatest reward potential.
  13. lowspark

    Need some RB help

    While excited about the Trent Richardson trade, it presents a dilemma this week for me Who to play? MJD vs Seattle Trent Richardson vs SF Benjarvus Green Ellis vs GB Chris Ivory vs Buffalo Send me yours...
  14. lowspark

    Lineup help

    I'd say RG III & Torry.
  15. lowspark

    WR Help - Need 3

    Fitzgerald vs Seattle Bowe vs Cleveland Britt vs Indy Blackmon vs NyJ Crabtree vs Miami Need 3 Send me yours.