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Found 10 results

  1. Phil Simms 11

    Waiver with budget

    Never played in a league before with a budget assigned to waivers. What is the strategy difference with budget based waivers? If a key guy comes available early in the season do you blow most of your budget? I know it varies by league, just trying to get a feel for what reasonable bids would be and how people decide on bid as % of budget. I guess some articles or valuations come out weekly for waiver picks which estimate costs? Playing in yahoo w/300 budget
  2. Thinking about picking up M. Ball off waivers and dropping P. Thomas. Thoughts/opinions would be appreciated. Non PPR league. Starting line up is qb, 2 rbs, 2 wr, te, flex, def, and kicker. My team: A. Luck T. Romo G. Bernard L. McCoy S. Vereen B. Sankey P. Thomas (M.Ball just got dropped) A. Brown E. Sanders K. Benjamin V. Jackson J. Gordon J. Graham J. Reed Patriots def A. Vinateri Thanks.
  3. JBSteinle

    Bye week problems

    Is there any word yet on his injury? I need to pick up a RB this week or i'm going to have to play an empty slot due to bye week problems. Would you guys pickup Stacy and start him even with the injury? Joesph Randle, Brandon Bolden and Green-Ellis are other RB's that are available. Should I pickup one of those RB's instead?
  4. JBSteinle

    Who would you pickup?

    In my league we start WR/TE's. Due to bye week/injury problems there are a few big name WR/TE's available. If you can only pick up one, would you pick up Torrey Smith, Antonio Gates or Marvin Jones?
  5. JBSteinle

    RB Help!

    My team really needs some help at RB. Right now I have Charles, Sproles and MJD. I need more production from my RB2. Jacquizz Rodgers and Mike James are both available in my league. Should I drop MJD for either Rodgers or James? Will Rodgers still have value once Stephen Jackson comes back?
  6. JBSteinle


    Would you guys drop MJD to pickup Willis McGahee?
  7. JBSteinle

    Alshon Jeffrey

    Alshon Jeffrey is still available in my league. Would you guys drop Steve Smith to pick up Jeffrey? Also if I do pickup Jeffrey would you start him next week over Fitzgerald(vs SF)??
  8. JBSteinle

    Stevan Ridley

    So a team in my league actually dropped Stevan Ridley this morning. Should I drop Ben Tate to pickup Ridley?
  9. Great week to have waiver priority and pick up a RB to help you through the season. Who do we like best out of these dudes for the rest of the season? Le'Veon Bell Montae Ball Bilal Powell
  10. Windycityaliens

    James Starks

    Ok so I have E Lacy and I was thinking about picking up Starks to hand cuff to him for the rest of the season but my only option to drop is either Cecil shorts or Greg Olsen. It's a ppr league 1 point per reception 10 yards per point rushing and receiving 20 yards per point returning 7 points for TD's, start 2rb 2wr 1flex and 1te my other RB's are A Foster and A Morris and B Tate and of course Lacy, my other WR's are B Marshall, D Jackson, T Austin, and D Hopkins. My TE's are Olsen and J Cameron. I don't want to drop Lacy, Hopkins, or Austin cause they are my keepers and I want to keep Tate handcuffed to Foster. What do you think?